Apple-Samsung court meeting fails to get an agreement

24 May, 2012

In an unsurprising turn of events, the meeting between the CEOs of Apple and Samsung at the request of the court failed to achieve its desired purpose, as the two companies couldn't come to an agreement.

The meeting was attended by Apple's CEO Tim Cook and Samsung's CEO Choi Gee-sung and head of the mobile division, Shin Jong-kyun and lasted for nine hours on Monday and seven hours on Tuesday. It was presided by Judge Joseph C. Spero and took place at the request of U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh last month.

Apple is currently suing Samsung for copying their designs and to get Samsung's products off the market whereas Samsung is suing Apple for using their wireless technology patents and asking Apple to pay royalties. This meeting was held in the hopes of the two companies forming an agreement but that did not happen.

We hope you haven't got tired of these court battles because they aren't going to stop any time soon.


Reader comments

  • Jackskellington6sic6

Actually the Iphone copied off a Samsung phone. Also many other phones already had way more functions. And if it was not for all other companies like Samsung, Nokia, Sony, LG, and so forth suppling parts to Apple and then them steeling the rest of...

  • XPLAY user

im on apples side. because 1st iphone emerged,what samsoooong phones look like in that time? im sure you all dont like samsoooong phones in that time. homescreen UI?samsung copied it from apple. techs?1st iphone vs same-time samsooong phone,w...

  • Anonymous

This is ridiculous, Apple are acting like a bunch of children over something as miniscule as design. As far as I can tell it ain't that hard to tell the difference between and iPhone and a Samsung phone. Apple, stop acting like spoilt brats and get o...

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