ASUS confirms the ROG Ally X is coming on June 2

Prasad, 10 May 2024

ASUS has revealed that it will be announcing the next iteration of its ROG Ally handheld gaming PC on June 2.

The company revealed a handful of details regarding the device through its ROG Pulse stream with hosts Jake Kulinski and Whitson Gordon. Gordon revealed that the device will be named ROG Ally X and that it will be offering extra features over the current generation ROG Ally for the more demanding user.

Whitman stressed that the Ally X is neither a minor spec bump nor a completely new generation of the Ally, but somewhere between the two. This means it will share the same Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip and the 120Hz VRR display with the standard ROG Ally 2023.

However, the company is promising several improvements with the Ally X. The biggest change will be the inclusion of a much larger battery. Speaking to The Verge, ASUS Senior Vice President Shawn Yen said that the battery will be a lot more than just a mere 30-40% improvement without getting into specifics. Yen also suggested that the Ally X will be able to more than double the current worst case battery scenario of the Ally 2023.

ROG Ally 2023 ROG Ally 2023

Whitson Gordon also announced other changes on the stream, which include increased system memory from the current 16GB as well as more storage. The M.2 2230 slot will also be swapped for a more common M.2 2280 slot for easier upgradability. There was also mention of upgraded ports; considering the Ally 2023 had a single USB-C port, it's possible the Ally X has two. ASUS has also moved the ill-positioned microSD slot so your cards won't die from the exhaust heat.

Among other hinted improvements are changes to the controls, with easier interchangeability for the joysticks. Finally, it seems the Ally X will come in an all-black color option, although the design seems unchanged otherwise.

ASUS confirms the ROG Ally X is coming on June 2

ASUS will also be upgrading the company's Armoury Crate SE software to version 1.5, which features an improved design that makes it easier to use and more attractive. This updated version will also be coming to the existing ROG Ally 2023 in the future, which will continue to be supported by the company.

ASUS confirms the ROG Ally X is coming on June 2

The ROG Ally X will be officially launched on June 2 and will likely feature prominently in the company's Computex 2024 lineup in Taiwan. Pricing is said to be higher than the current Ally 2023, which would continue to be on sale alongside the new model.

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I disagree. It had a slow start, but if it was truly a "massive failure" then why did Valve pursue an OLED edition? The number of preorders should state how many people really, really, REALLY wanted this thing. Overall, I think the Ste...

  • Anonymous
  • 15 May 2024
  • X@8

Compared to AMD powered handheld console, Intel powered Claw still needs to catch up

  • Anonymous
  • 14 May 2024
  • 6cA

And guess what, they're doing it again as a revenge plot. Dishonorable act for scamming $200 out of a "broken" ROG Ally 1...

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