Asus Fonepad 7 FE171CG

Asus Fonepad 7 FE171CG

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  • Pouya

I'm using it since2015 till right now in September 2021. Finally I decided to buy a new tablet and I bought a Samsung; but it still works properly. Just it was/is a great tablet!

  • AnonD-697005

my tablet doesn't read USB. what is its problem?

  • Anonymous

I use since 2014 desember, its still good. 2 days ayo my screen White blank.. So iam change fleksibel lcd to main board only 3$.... After change its,now my tab going flicker screen & if Hot become blank. I love Asus. Iam electrician very help on field service. Good signal, durable,easy to use

  • carl

harvey, 15 Dec 2016tapping on its own. displaying yellowish on the screen. i a... moreHave you fixed your tablet? How much it cost?


I bought this Fonepad in June 2015 with high hope since the camera is 8 mp (you don't find other tab with this price range with such high camera resolution). It look nice, the screen is clear. I am really excited to have it. But it doesn't last long. After a month and a half, problem start emerging. the screen has ghost touch, but only occasionally. It become worse after I accidentally dropped it. the back case is so easy to open. I am shocked at the quality. Ghost touch become the main problem. After Update, it lag more often and every other problem emerge. Now, there are not even one shop that sell this tablet. I think this is just a trial for them, that why the quality is not their main concern.

  • harvey

tapping on its own. displaying yellowish on the screen. i asked for a replacement, the same thing happen.

  • AnonD-599931

AnonD-584670, 14 Sep 2016My Asus phonepad's screen spontaneously cracked TWICE, ON I... moreyou found a solution I think we have the same problem

  • AnonD-584670

My Asus phonepad's screen spontaneously cracked TWICE, ON IT'S OWN!!!!

I probably sound crazy, trust me, I thought I was crazy too. So I bought this Asus tab right around October 2015, and it worked perfectly until June 2016 when I found a small crack on it, from nowhere!!, mind you, I have never dropped it, stepped on it, lie on it and I was living alone. I placed it carefully on my shelf and didn't touch it for two days, only to find a crack on it, and half the screen kept freezing, it bothered me for a while because I thought maybe somehow I must have mishandled it and caused the crack. Fast forward to September 2016, I was now mostly using the tab to hotspot because it had become almost useless because of the half dead side. One day as I was hotspoting, I picked it up to turn off the hotspot to my surprise there was an even bigger crack on the screen and the touchpad had become completely useless, what the hell?? Again, I did not drop it, sat on it or do anything that would cause the screen to crack, and, it turns out I'm I'm not crazy because I've seen similar complains about their tabs mysteriously cracking.

  • Anonymous

My Fonepad is 1 year and 2 months now. I don't have any problem with its glass and without screen protector, it looks brand new till now. The camera is good and clear. Themes and icons are nice. OS upgraded from Kitkat to Lollipop. The problem I am experiencing since I had it is that it's too laggy when playing COC. I uninstalled the game and change to the old Farmville and still very laggy. There is also issue with automatic shutdown even my battery is 95%. The speaker became weak and today I hear nothing except when I use earphones. I also experienced automatic clicking when I put on flip case with keyboard so I preferred using my Fonepad with no case at all. Automatic clicking was gone and can use the keypad very well. I thought Asus is nicer 'coz of its brand name but Kata i1 is better 'coz it lasted for four years and still looks brand new without screen protector. Only the battery became the problem. No available new batteries in their store because they phased out the model.

  • Gadget1

Disappointed, tablet is lag. Hope have the option to downgrade back to old os since lollipop not cpmpatible with this unit. Desfroys memory cards so better not use high capacity ones.will never buy asus brands now.

  • lea

move2win, 29 Apr 2016Very disappointed gadget. First problem in first month shu... moresame mine. ghost touch.

  • Hi

hanie, 18 Jan 2016me too Me too

  • AnonD-544632

My LCD display broke down just after 5 months. It is noteworthy to mention that without any accident occurred with the TAB Asus Fonepad 7 FE171CG , its display got break down which is very costly to replace ie 8000 as per service centre estimatation. Its cost is even 10999 at the time of purchasing in june 2015. Kindly help me out if any solution to replace the display with less price ( can we use any duplicate display??).


  • deedee

the LCD screen
is not cracks immediately after being dropped accidentally,and it's much more expensive to repair.The battery also runs down quickly.

  • move2win

Very disappointed gadget.
First problem in first month shutdown suddenly although still 70%, plus ghost touch

I am bring to service center for a month, they replace the LCD.

And the problem is coming again ( ghost touch ), it's been 29 days in service center and still waiting for.a good news.

Summary : bye bye asus, I am use apple and there is no problem until now.

Thx from me in Indonesia

  • John

The lcd screen is not durable. I experienced ghost touch and yellowish colors. The LCD is made of glass which easily breaks and cracks when you accidentally drop the Fonepad. Spare parts for the lcd replacement is as expensive as the brand-new Fonepad itself.

  • ja

Basha, 20 Dec 2015Same problem mine too is autoshutting down when im playing ... moreIm experiencing automatic shutdown even if its full battery. I upgraded it to lollipop. What should I do? Please help.

  • han

prasad, 18 Mar 2015is it up-gradable to Lollipop‎ Os????Yes it is

  • Anonymous

NADA, 25 May 2015For those who have touch issues, their latest firmware upda... moreHow to update?

  • Anonymous

Basha, 20 Dec 2015Same problem mine too is autoshutting down when im playing ... moreme touch keys even not using!!