Asus Fonepad Note FHD6

Asus Fonepad Note FHD6

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  • AnonD-8908

It's waaaaay too big, the bezel is too wide. No NFC, no Glonass. Sorry Asus, it isn't a Note killer yet. We'll wait to see what Sony and HTC come up with.

  • Anonymous

With the atom chip set, it is not that bad

  • abc

disappointed without NFC

  • AnonD-99490

Better buy a 7 inch quadcore tablet

  • mpho lehomo

specs sucks

  • AnonD-103898

good job , hope to be at a reasonable price .

  • AnonD-50321

wow... it will be my next phone, nice specs...

  • Anonymous

no led flash R U kidding me....... :-\

Nice.With Intel dual core procesor... But... Note3 will be there fast too! Asus phonepads are usually to expensive.

  • AnonD-107707

I hate asus.... i just bought my asus fonepad >_

  • JonasEzekiel

Bring it to SA great specs and dimentions, I was able to pocket the ZTE V9

  • AnonD-88489

no LED light!! why?!

  • Young_MC

Camera recording video only in 720p? Come on Asus!

  • AnonD-90736

Poor camera specs and poor video codec support, not good enough.

  • AnonD-151978

Samsung will file a case hahahaha
like Apple do. hahahahaha

  • AnonD-151969

competitor for note 3 ... only 6inch phablet with 360 plus pixels....