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Asus Fonepad Note FHD6

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still have this phone...
released on 2013, bought 2 years after...
bought this for front firing "loud" speaker and stylus...
when i got it, never expected that it has nice display - sharp and the colors are not that saturated...

  • alan sykes

Just to update. even thought that this smart phone has pro's & con's.
additional pro's i want to update:
- compatible with Slim-port cable, can do wired casting via hdmi to any flat screen tv.
- has O-T-G / USB Host function. the specs did not states.

  • dennis

fine phablet and quality camera but the battery is poor and becomes more weak after 1,5 year of use...

  • alan sykes

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2016i update my asus fonepad 6 to, there is crash aft... moreI upgrade my fonepad note 6 to kitkat. after upgrading, i notice the miracast no longer function the smart cropping/screenshot using the stylus no longer working. i went to the authorize agent to have it downgrade to the factory OS: jellybean 4.2. After downgrading, everything when back to normal. My advise, DO NOT UPGRADE TO KITKAT!!!

  • Anonymous

i update my asus fonepad 6 to, there is crash after miss call = "unfortunately, contacts stop working". but the solution is update contacs aplication, messaging, and asus calling screen.

  • AnonD-587568

leah 45, 12 May 2015my asus KOOG fone pad screen cracked and lost sensitivity.w... moreOriginal New Quality for Asus FonePad Note 6 FHD ME560 ME560CG Lcd Display Screen with Digitizer
(from AliExpress Android)

  • AnonD-568142

AnonD-8908, 06 Jun 2013It's waaaaay too big, the bezel is too wide. No NFC, no Glo... moreit is a phablet thats why its so big - read more about phablets instead of bitching about the size

  • Ash

alan sykes, 19 Jul 2016what happen if i install the update. example: my phone is W... moreNo it will not work, you have to install same code from region where you bought the item.. if item is from Japan JP code, Taiwan TW etc...

  • alan sykes

Barney, 11 Jul 2015I am using the phone with Kit Kat to write this, I will upl... morewhat happen if i install the update. example: my phone is WW. but i install instead the JP or TW version. will it install?

  • alan sykes

man70, 11 Apr 2016Good morning .... Have someone updated this beautiful Fone... morei recently upgrade from jellybean 4.2.2 to kitkat 4.4.2. the UI is great. clean ZenUI version 1.
- Miracast on Jellybean 4.2.2 was working perfectly, after the upgrade, it change to PlayTo. I tried to connect to my miracast dongle which previously was working flawlessly. now it is flawed. unable to connect at all.
- Zen music app EQ won't open and if you tried to open it, it will force close the app.

i have contacted asus support since i found the flaws (16.07.2016) till now no solution nor updates has been done.

  • NexT

Hey guys, I want to update my phone to kitkat but i have a question: Can i update with WW_fonepad- when i have WW_fonepad - ?

  • man70

Good morning ....
Have someone updated this beautiful Fonepad to WW- version ??
Thank you for replay

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2016Guys, I just updated to the latest WW_V10. but ge... moreI did that too. so far it hasn't popped up ever again, even after a reboot.

  • Anonymous

Guys, I just updated to the latest WW_V10.
but getting this android.process.acore error keep on popping up
any idea what this is? found a guy in youtube giving a quick fix to force stop the contact storage app (see it under application manager --> all) and clear data.
wondering what really is going on and whether this will haunt me for the rest of its service days...

  • AnonD-458909

My FN6 finally died last week.

Micro usb port cannot charge problem, and seems that spare parts for this model is scarce or hard to find.

Extremely satisfied while it lasts.

Thank you for your service.

  • Mehrdad

Fonepad note 6FHD update lollipop, please asus

  • Majid

My note 6 battery, drains very fast. In standby it drains 3-4% an hour and the device is becoming a bit slow. Reset factory did not solve the problem, anybody can help?

  • Barney

AnonD-352067, 14 Jan 2015Can anyone share step by step how to update manually ? my d... moreI am using the phone with Kit Kat to write this, I will upload the Asus link to download the zip file later (can't be bothered finding it on a, download the zip file. Go into software information (navigate to about phone,then go into software information), make sure the e.g.WW or TW or JP on the zip file you downloaded matches the e.g. WW mentioned in the build number section. Copy the zipped file as it is, DON'T unzip it, copy it into the phone just as you downloaded it. It may help to turn on unknown sources just incase (I had it on just incase, someone correct me if I am wrong). Unplug the phone, you will see something pop-up in the notification bar, click on it click yes and so on until your phone automatically reboots and does the rest for you, you will be greeted by a stunning theme. Straight away connect your WiFi up, or mobile data (if you have lots of MB), navigate to about again as done earlier and press search for updates, there were a few OTA updates I had to install, it may or may not be the case for you but check anyway. I will rewrite it on the pc with better grammar later. Thanks and hope it helps

  • AnonD-407440

please Help me . how to update my phone ?

Asus FonePad 6
Model: K00G (ME560CG)
Build Number: JDQ39.TW_fonepad- - 20131230000059_201307310000

  • leah 45

my asus KOOG fone pad screen cracked and lost sensitivity.where can i get a screen replacement. in uganda we dont have it .i will appreciate if some one gave me anyone authentic dealer.