Asus Google Nexus 7

Asus Google Nexus 7

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  • jimmy

NARAYAN MASURKAR, 29 Jun 20123g data cards is supported for data usage or not?3G data cards not supported

  • AnonD-61102

[deleted post]hey thanks guys nice gamessssssssss what a garphcs

  • AnonD-61102

nice one

  • AnonD-53323

300$ cheaper than iPad! I am getting one :-)

Actual size comparison with iPad:­i-Asus-Google-Nexus-7-g/208

  • Anonymous

dony buy it as it dosent have flash support

  • AnonD-1434

I dont understand the logic of this tablet. It does not have 3g connection nor expandable micro sd slot. How can they make such tabs. Compare this with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100 the only point where it stands over P3100 is the quad core instead of dual core. ICS versus Jelly bean may not be a very big issue though JB will be better than ICS that i agree.

But i think that P3100 is a much better trade off. Time will tell.

  • Phoenix

Ricky Wong, 28 Jun 2012Just don't understand why they love to omit Micro SD expansion s... moreit's a policy by manufacturers to keep buyers unsatisfied with their products, so that if a new model is released they will be able to sell it.

  • akshay

the tablet sounds good
but when it is coming in india

  • Mahbub

camea 1.2 MP its very poor

  • sherin

No 3G,Edge,GPRS... only option is Wifi. What we can do with this tablet? how can we expect this will be connected always?

  • AnonD-61060

I would buy this, but it doesnt have 3G memory card slot nor second camera. I have galaxy tab 7 and it seems better to me.

  • John

Really great tablet Google. Now please add Radio+RDS support, make the screen something between 9 - 10.1 inches and add a stylus (G-Stylus, G stand for Google) with special features like Samsung Galaxy Note. Set the price to 250 (8GB model) 300 (16GB model) and i'll be the first standing in line to get one. Thank you

  • Anonymous

A real shame about the lack of memory expansion. Otherwise this would have been perfect for me.

  • sanket

almost 70% people who like to have nexus tablet would like to pay extra 30 to40$ for sim card and micro sd slot, and with that nvidia tegra3 chip inside and jelly bean android os, it would capture the tablet throne for atleast 2 to3 years to come, so google, please release another version of nexus tablet with 3g and micro sd..... (waiting with hope)

  • AnonD-58198

Prakash K, 29 Jun 2012No card slot, no front camera can be serious short comings in In... morethe primery here means the front facing camera

  • Edward

Anyone knows if this tablet will support USB on the go? Cheers

  • JC

no flashh support, not going to buy it!

  • AnonD-58198

AnonD-60994, 29 Jun 2012:\ is there any hope we see 3g version ?? no . but you can go to archos website and buy the g9 3g stic or just plug in your 3g stic and it will connect

  • Adam

riefanto, 28 Jun 2012for 199 usd its very cheap, eventhough it's 8gb and wifi only bu... moreI olso expect it.

  • AnonD-61039

I'm willing to pay extra $10 for a memory slot. In fact, It only cost me $3 for a China card reader. So confusing of google.