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  • Tanmay

and prashant..
have u used the wifi on ur device????
please comment on its performance....

i had once used wifi to brouse the web on an htc touch and had found it to be pathetic....
hope these devices work well...

  • Tanmay

hello people....
will be really greatful if someone could comment on the Phone's Wifi performance....
is it as good as the nokia n-series devices, and has anyone used skype on this fone????

  • nakul

Prashant, 06 Jul 2008Hi JB, I don't own a P320, but a similar spec model, the P527. I... morehey prashant...
can yu giv me ur yahoo id or something...planning ta but p320...jus wanna hav a closer look...

  • Aman

I am currently using HTC Touch and am having problems with it. Can anyone let me know if P320 is managaeable without stylus? What all is included in the Sales package. And how fast it is comparable to HTC Touch though they are powered by same processer.

  • tallang

just bought this p320 3 days ago, and this is my 1st pda phone. everything seems awesome. applications runnning smooth, without any obvious lag. clear sounds for both media and phonecalls. autofocus 2mp camera provides good image (comparable to my previous w880i, but dont expect too much on the camera.
office apps run smoothly. connection to wifi, and my motorola s9 BT headset paired easily, A2DP.
i still need time to familiarize with all the functions. switching from walkman phone to PDA, now i know the possibilities are endless.

  • JB

Prashant, 06 Jul 2008Hi JB, I don't own a P320, but a similar spec model, the P527. I... moreHi Prashant. Thanks for the brief review on the performance of the device. That has thrown some light on the doubts i had. Thanks again :)

  • Prashant

JB, 06 Jul 2008That was really quick. Thanks Prashant. Do you own a p320, if ... moreHi JB, I don't own a P320, but a similar spec model, the P527. I have used a P320 though, and found the experience to be almost identical to my P527, with the only difference coming from the P320 having a new Home Screen plugin, and having WM6.1 compared to the P527's WM6.

As for Nokia, I have long been a fan of their phones, and have been a regular user of the 9500 Communicator for a couple of years now! I only moved to the WinMo platform for a better experience with the Office & Outlook applications, because of a recent change in my work profile.

In terms of UI response times, Nokia would probably be a little faster than most WinMo based phones out there (unless the phone has a much faster processor). For phones using the popular TI OMAP 850 processor (like the HTC Touch & and many of the ASUS phones, including P320 & P527), you can start to notice a slight delay in response time once you have a bunch of heavy applications running in the background.

I hope that doesn't sound too discouraging - I don't mean any kind of applications, but only the CPU-intensive ones! Examples of such apps are using the GPS, or using TCPMP to watch DivX movies. WinMo by default doesn't close apps, it only minimizes them. HTC uses a great Task Manager to overcome this issue, but ASUS's Auto Cleaner falls short of its goal. I am using a lightweight 3rd-party app called pBar, and it does a great job!

  • JB

Prashant, 06 Jul 2008You can see the main differences between WM5 & WM6 here: http://... moreThat was really quick. Thanks Prashant.
Do you own a p320, if so is the UI response time better than N series phones like N73 or N70?

  • Prashant

JB, 05 Jul 2008Could someone mention me the major advantage of WM 6.1 over WM5.... moreYou can see the main differences between WM5 & WM6 here:­-6-comparison - and you can see the further advantages of WM6.2 here:­lt.mspx - you may be able to upgrade your P3400 ROM to WM6.1 unofficially, but search around on the web to confirm that.

As for the phones themselves, they are pretty similar in specs, except for the GPS and WiFi capabilities of the P320, which I think is a major shortcoming in the P3400, but then, you should buy based on what features you think you will really use. Honestly speaking, unless there is a very strong reason to buy the HTC P3400, like a big price difference, you probably should go with the newer model, which is the P320 in this case.

  • JB

Could someone mention me the major advantage of WM 6.1 over WM5. Coz i am confused between this phone and HTC p3400. I wont be using the wifi and gps much if at all.

  • PrinceCaspien

KLlee22, 01 Jul 2008Terrible PDA phone, bought it at Malaysia Plaza Low Yat on 28/06... moreI think this is the user capabilty to use WM6.1 PDA phone, so far i have no issue like you have, bought in Bukit Tinggi Klang, there are people who come back to buy 2nd unit for their family member.......

  • pear-i

To everyone who has this phone -- do you guys have the english rom? I'm thinking of getting it, but place where I'm buying it only has the chinese version, please let me know thanks!

  • Prashant

VJ, 04 Jul 2008Thanks Prashant for your feedback. The p320 has a real cool a... moreI also tried using the Auto Cleaner utility, but it wasn't up to the mark. So, I disabled it, and now I'm using a very lightweight utility called pBar - give it a try - their latest is version 1.5 and it also works as a application switcher.

As for the GPS, well, the answer is a mixed Yes! It does work perfectly well in terms of locating you on the map. The SatGuide software which came with the P527 has really clear and updated road maps for the NCR area, including a ton of POI's (Points of Interest). There are a total of 30 city areas included in the package, but I've only had a chance of testing the NCR maps.

But, there is indeed one important factor which restricts the use of these maps for complete navigation. It does not have region or colony names for most of the places (at least in the NCR area), but instead relies on street names for most of the navigation.

For example, I had to go to Ghaziabad last week, and the software had no idea where this particular area in the city was when I tried to get the directions. But, I still kept the GPS unit on, and I could see exactly which streets were coming up throughout the way. So, the software obviously knew where it was.

On the way back home, however, the unit gave me excellent driving directions, since I have my home (in Noida) saved as one of the favorites. If you can locate an area on the map, you can easily get directions to that area, where in lies the limitation of the SatGuide software. I also tried Google Maps, Windows Live maps, a timed version of the MapMyIndia navigation software, but they were also a mixed bag in terms of driving directions. So, the GPS chip works really well in doing its job, but the software packages fall short as of now.

  • Anonymous

kingfisher, 30 Jun 2008sounds like a complete package - it has great specs (if you igno... moreasus is making phones and giving to sony ericson, samsung and others since long. only now they are selling under own brand. just as htc asus is now known brand. so the phones are all the same under the covers.
p320 is entry level smartphone and for its price and features it is too good. but dont expect it to be like top end phones thats all

  • VJ

Prashant, 04 Jul 2008Don't worry too much about the processor - I have the P527 which... moreThanks Prashant for your feedback.

The p320 has a real cool app called Auto Cleaner - which allows you to close all background applications - this frees up processor power and memory for the app that you want to run, rather than keep everything minimized but running in the background (like WM does). hopefully this will do the trick.

one question about the GPS - do you really use it much, and does it really work well? i mean does it really help in navigation, or is it a cool novelty thing that you try? i am asking because some of my friends have been using in-car dedicated GPS units, which don't work well enough to guide in unfamiliar territory, so was wondering how effective GPS in smartphones will be really.

  • Prashant

VJ, 03 Jul 2008two things about the p320 make me nervous 1) the 201 MHz TI OMAP... moreDon't worry too much about the processor - I have the P527 which has the same TI 201 MHz processor and similar specs, and it is working pretty well. I can easily run a few programs at the same time, but do get a Task Manager for your device, because Windows Mobile by doesn't close applications, it only minimizes them.

As for the GPS, the P320 has the same chipset as the P527, but the latter comes with a free copy of SatGuide navigation software. It has been working really well for me until now. If you guys have already bought this phone, try downloading Google Maps, since it is now GPS enables, and can show you a lot of things.

  • max

It only provides GPS function. Users are required to purchase their own softwares for GPS.

  • VJ

two things about the p320 make me nervous 1) the 201 MHz TI OMAP processor, it is so underpowered and outdated, and has not worked very well on the htc Touch. 2) GPS - does it really work well for it to be a USP?

  • Anonymous

201MHz is kinda low, right? i wonder if this thing would get too slow running 3-5 programs at the same time.

  • vali

Enyone try the GPS function with an Igo ?? It works becouse the procesors are 200 Mhz and it is to small for the program or not ?