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Asus PadFone mini

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  • AlB80

Small, light, stylish for price. Balanced specs except phone accumulator capacity (pad can work as a power bank).

1. All outgoing calls become calls to "-1" after 5-10 secs. Solution: Depends on operator. Operator change can help.
2. Can not turn on phone while charging. Solution: Wait 5-10 mins for minimum charge, unplug, turn on, plug into.
3. All sounds can disappear if use original charger. Solution: Throw away charger. Reboot cures and PC USB has no problem.
4. Turned off GPS consumes charge. Solution: turn off GPS, reboot and do not turn on.
... and more small or rare issues.

  • AnonD-692942

where can i find battery replacement for asus padfone mini ? it1s really difficult for me to find and buy it...what kind of battery must i buy for it

  • AnonD-692942

where can i find battery replacement for asus padfone mini ? it1s really difficult for me to find and buy it...what kind of battery must i buy for it

  • dixie

Love my mini padfone. Has few issues, shuts off but easy fix. Wont go back to regular cell phone. Like having a little computor with me always. And nice screen to watch a show on.

  • tom

Can't figure out why the tablet keeps shutting off when in use. It's fully charged but keeps cutting off.Has to take phone out and in several times before use

  • Concerned user

the worst phone i had, in less than a year, the paint on the edges severely fade, padstation became constantly unresponsive even a sensitive touch, firmware updated for many times do not solve the already unstable padstation unresponsive issue. been browsing around the internet and victims of unresponsive issue never have proper solutions. poor hardware configurations and quality.

  • nikki

Melissa, 08 Dec 2014My charging port broke easy. 26 years of having a phone and... moreI have the same exact problem only my phone will not work in the tablet at all and I also had to buy a battery pack from batteries plus annoying having to take the battery out to charge it.

  • AnonD-426866

I just bought this phone/Pad at Wal-Mart on clearance and I love this device. I have tried to buy the original Folio Bundle 2 Pack for this to protect the phone and the tablet but Asus is out of them and so is anyone else that carried them. Asus told me they were not sure if or when they would get more in, which really infuriates me as the aftermarket things I purchased to protect are not right and youu still have to take the device out if you want to take a picture or record video. can't find a phone case to ft the phone the one I bought was too big. Its a pain in the a** when you cannot get the manufacturer to carry a cover for a very popular phone/tablet that is selling or sold well. Thumbs down to Asus for this.

  • Dejan

Pretty good. My kids were banging the thing on the floor and still working. Good screen, not so good sound (but, who cares, right?), responsive. I don't like the charging of pieces, apparently tablet must be charged separately once it runs out of power; couldn't charge it with the phone inserted, but maybe it is just me...

  • AnonD-413926

Guys! I'm planing to buy this phone, will you suggest me to buy this phone or should i go with xolo black?

  • Bryan 86

my asus padfone mini can't use OTG?
i have try alot of kind of OTG still can't function

  • ooo

hello . i have been using asus pad fone for six months and now a pink screen.appears on da screen of the pad fone station n hence the screen on the padfone station doesnt even work wen in pad mode.i have never dropped it before but i dnt know y its acting like this.i am really sad at this latest development n hence the station cannot be used .ani help as to wat i should do cuz i have show it to a repairer n he said der is natin wrong wid the pad fone station screen.

  • kk asthana

customer support is horrible!! very much customer unfriendly.
speakers/ audio system of my phone is creating trouble within a month.
they took one month to fix the problem due non availability of spares in India.problem of audio system is still not solved.
I do not expect that it will be solved !!

  • bigrandy

Peace of junk. I had first run and battery lasted 2 hrs. Software all screwed up. Tablet broke after 3 months . The male connecter inside tablet broke. 90 days after I sent it to Texas for repair they tell me my tablet wasn't in the package I sent. So who's lying post office or asus?

  • TR

ASUS PADFONE MINI...had to replace phone twice in 4 months for blown out broken speakers!...only had phone for 4 months...ASUS warranty no good!!...had other issues too, too much to tell you, just get an iphone6, that's what I should have done, for what I paid for the ASUS (twice),I could have gotten an iPhone not buy this phone...or you will be stuck with 2 broken phones,like me!

  • Anonymous

i've had the phone for 3 months. works like new. there is a special dead zone which i used to test reception - this phone passed with flying colors (2 phones of about 80). other phones will either drop the call or crash the phone - even newer, faster models.

it's very light. it's half the weight of most other phones. if you travel a lot, this is probably one of the best. if you're visiting another country, this phone is much better than all other phones. not only is it the lightest if you're camping or mountain climbing, it's also one of the fastest. download google translate and it'll find words as fast as any other phone. with gps, you can turn a business trip into an adventure easily.

its light weight is also good for racers. for distance running, cross country biking, etc, this phone will help maintain an ultralight pack that can go anywhere and do anything.

the tablet works great. excellent clarity for e books. great for gps in a new city - you can see the entire city and all points of interest. download half priced text book pdfs to make up the cost of the phone in 2 purchases.

best possible phone for a musician. the phone is a great lightweight tuner. download sheet music on the train to practice. plug it into the tablet for group practice sessions.

great for taking notes - the camera is high enough res to simply take a picture of homework assignments, reviews, etc.

similarly amazing for academics. download full text pdfs while you work. review them over lunch or coffee. as good as retina display. keep track of other prjs for references. or students - take a picture of a friend's notes for classes you missed. review it on the tablet to get all the details. take high res videos of class demonstrations. it's small enough to take to demonstrations outside the classroom. but won't be awkward if you have other responsibilities because it's small enough to be operated with one hand.

if you don't plan to play football with this phone, nothing should break. girlfriend has had it for a few months also, works like new. removable battery for hard resets and improving battery life. micro sd if you need to take many, many photos. of phones with those 2 features, it's the fastest by a large margin. doesn't work well as a hockey puck. if you need a hockey resistant phone, maybe buy a case.

  • broken & sad

I loved this phone...for a month & a half. Broken speaker. Red tape. Bla bla blah. Help me Mr. Wizard!

  • VKK

I am very disappointed with warranty service for the ASUS pad/fone mini x that I acquired new in Dec from AT&T. I had the larger Pad/Fone from July to Dec which also had charging issues. On this mini pad/fone. the pad stopped charging on 3/15. I visited AT&T on 3/16--told to contact ASUS. I did so--told to contact AT&T for further testing. Did so--learned that AT&T does not warrant the pad only the phone. I called ASUS to learn that I must return the pad and its power cables at my cost, wait 5-7 days + shipping (which ASUS will pay for) for repair/replacement. All this even though I have AT&T "insurance". I will stay clear of ASUS pad/fones and AT&T in the future. ASUS does NOT include a label with the RMA instructions which would be incredibly easy and is expected from a technology provider.

  • Bugg=)

Me and my fiancee bought the Asus PadFone mini and a month later both of our speakers are busted. I had to take my fire one back and get another because the pad's speaker wasn't working at all!!!! This phone should not be sold to America!!!!!

  • AnonD-370412

AnonD-145843, 18 Jan 2015A shame about Padfone. Wonderful concept but such bad quali... moreThis is so true. i had it for a while. spent 2800. sooo over priced when i bought it. the keyboard always lagged. connecting to station would always lag a bit. it would destroy itself so many times. i sent it for repair like 4 times. one time it fell from my hands and the screen stopped working. how weak is it...they should give some kind or rebate. even the android asus support was horrible. what la asus!