Asus Pegasus 2 Plus

Asus Pegasus 2 Plus

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  • maset

Worst phone ever 1 year in now i can't even turn it on

  • AnonD-663311

AnonD-663311, 21 Apr 2017I've solved the overheating issue. The method I used is be... moreMy previous post on fixing the overheating issue did appear to work for a short period of time but the phone cooked itself.

  • AnonD-663311

Maset, 21 Apr 2017Overheats like you can't believe. Might actually blister y... moreI've solved the overheating issue. The method I used is below. Use it as a guideline only! Customize it according to your needs. It is an excellent phone that is fast and responsive when it's tweaked.

Please be aware that the main cause of a smartphone heating up is because apps are running in the background. Maximum brightness can drain your battery as well.

1. Make sure your phone is charged or plugged in
2. Backup your data and contacts
3. Turn off phone
4. Remove sim card and sdcard
5. Turn on phone
6. In settings, find backup and reset
7. Do a factory reset, select erase apps and user data.
8. Erase everything and continue.

* After the phone boots up, do the setup but don't turn on WiFi or mobile data. Skip these steps.

9. In the settings, tap on apps (app manager)
10. Uninstall all apps in the downloaded section (first screen)
11. Swipe from right to left and scroll to "All Apps" section

12. Force stop and Disable the following apps

Asus zenui services
Calendar local account
Calendar storage
Exchange services
Google backup transport (only disable if you know how to manually backup your data/contacts)
Google calendar sync
Google contacts sync (only disable if you know how to backup/restore contacts manually)
Google partner setup
Home screen tips
IT factory test
Market feedback agent
Music visualization wallpapers
One time init

13. Go into settings
14. Tap on display
15. Manually adjust brightness to your liking, as long as it's not at maximum.
16. Change any other settings in this section that meets your needs.

17. Go back into settings and go through everything to configure your phone to your liking. Turn off statistic submission, automatic system updates, and ads. (Make sure nothing is checked in the startup manager).

18. If you see the google settings app, open it and turn off ads and statistics reporting

19. Reboot your phone
20. Turn on WiFi and connect to the internet
21. Go into the google play store and setup your gmail account
22. Update all apps
23. Install gboard (Google keyboard)
24. Make this your default keyboard
25. Disable Asus keyboard in the apps manager
26. Configure Google keyboard in the language and input settings

* Install VLC for Android from the Google play store as a replacement for the default music and video players.

* Install a light weight email client from the Google play store, like, if you need one.

27. Turn off phone
28. Insert your sim card and sdcard
29. Turn on phone

Now play with it.

  • Maset

Overheats like you can't believe. Might actually blister you.
Laggy despite octa-core processor and 3gb ram, I guess the gpu is almost non-existent.
16 Gb internal memory despite the advertisements.
Absolutely no support whatsoever, not even getting a marshmallow update.
Worst camera ever, with flash produces yellowed pictures without you get blurry pics
4g on sim 2 for some reason.
the phone is pretty though and i can usually go a full day and most of the night before charging again so that's a plus
My advice... don't buy this!!!

  • AnonD-659107

phone gets heated like a furnace. serves me to make butter toasts and omlettes easily by using the phone.stopped using gas oven

  • AnonD-44372

AnonD-649227, 02 Mar 2017Dont Buy it! When i brought this mobile my objective has pl... moreThis phone has bad audio volume, overheating 2000 mah battery, 16gb internal memory and no marshmallow updates even though it has good camera, screen, ram and sensors.

  • AnonD-649227

Dont Buy it! When i brought this mobile my objective has play games, specially Pokemon Go, BUT, Its Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon 615 seems a joke! The mobile overheat more than 60° Celsius in 2 minutes. When get 67° it shutdown, off course. Each overheat episode create a little line on screen. Facebook, YouTube, NetFlix have the great heat too. Maybe one day the root process runs to finally decrease the resolution screen and to save resources. Lenovo NEVER MIND!

  • AnonD-44372

Is there android marshmallow for this phone?

  • AnonD-44372

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2017How to MUTE my Pegasus 2 plus?you have to first root the phone using kingo root then navigate to system folder then media then audio and rename the camera audio files

  • kaymorah

I have being using this phone for some day now, but I observed that each time I browse the phone it becomes hot from the upper part of the phone pls is it normal or maybe the phone have issues or factory fault...pls I need your reply..

  • Anonymous

How to MUTE my Pegasus 2 plus?

  • Anonymous

Ynz, 02 Feb 2017Hi Bro Can you help to verify the actual storage capacity ... moreIt's 16gb

  • Ynz

Hi Bro
Can you help to verify the actual storage capacity 16GB or 32GB. Many thanks for yours valueable informations.

  • Siwaka5

Help me with firmware site coz it keeps updating everytime

  • AnonD-619282

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2016it so amazing when you try it you will know how cool it is.:)the phone is without otg, as far as i know.

  • AnonD-619282

AnonD-624249, 24 Dec 2016Can i use otg ?a had it for a month,pretty good fone,for that money,sometimes laggy,i suppose that is for two cpu-s ,and they changing priorities,but i like heavy gaming about 2 gb per game .

  • raza

Plz helpe me anybody I do not call by my cell ASUS Pegasus x550

  • raza

plz help me anybody sand me offcial link for update marshmallow or lolipop for asus x550

  • Anonymous

it so amazing when you try it you will know how cool it is.:)

  • AnonD-624249

Can i use otg ?