Asus Pegasus 2 Plus

Asus Pegasus 2 Plus

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  • taeyeon

AnonD-619282, 10 Dec 2016This phone is awsome ! Dont know where to start...........ram,d... moreHi, can i ask how long do you have it? Are there any major problems? Is it really that good 😏

  • AnonD-619282

This phone is awsome !
Dont know where to start...........ram,display,cpu,look.........
Every thing is great.Smooth and easy.
Web browsing,video playback,heavy gaming,multi tasking....all.
The only minus is that there is no minuses .... :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2016Anyone ever found for this model?aliexpress

  • mudi

looking nice

  • Anymouse

How to Mute Camera Sutter sound??

  • Anonymous

Anyone ever found for this model?

  • CJ

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2016when it will be available in India? and how can i get that?You can buy one of these from Everbuying or Gearbest.

  • Anonymous

when it will be available in India? and how can i get that?

  • AnonD-340016

Does anyone know how to mute the incoming calls?(other way than the volume button) and how to mute the camera shutter sound?

  • Anonymous

what is the sar level? thanks!

  • Anonymous

what is the sar level? thanks!

  • Karthick

Any knows whether screen mirroring option is available or not ?

  • M Teuber

Really great phone... y have it from january and it´s really great... the only problem is that still are not covers and other stuff...

  • AnonD-521882

can i get,, this item in Indonesia ??

  • Anonymous

Soo confused about its availability.eager to have there any way to get notified about its releasing date or availability ???

  • Anonymous

when will it come ?????????????????


When it will become available in PH market?
Please make it possible. As per this page it will become available last Dec. 2015 but its already March 2016 and still its not in the market. Please give us real information. Thank you.

  • Lauw

jil, 20 Feb 2016i am eagerly waiting this phone.......yeah me too.
when will it become available in europe...
has there been a release date yet?
according to this page it should be in stores already though cant find it anywhere.
It`s not even on asus`s website.


  • Anonymous

ANIR , 02 Mar 2016Is it OTG Suported ?YES

  • ANIR

Is it OTG Suported ?