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Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro

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Kevin, 22 Feb 2024Your money, your decision. I'd rather buy from officia... moreThank you sir. Same goes. I respect your opinion too. Im not an advocate of global rom flashed phones. But from history, China,HK,Taiwan tech phones tend to have the superior version and releases a watered down, inferior global versions. My posts in gsmarena are mostly on huawei mate 20x (yes the opinions are still very much alive for a phone released in 2018) i am typing on my mate 20x 8gb ram 256gb rom (CN flashed global rom) sold my vanilla 6gb ram 128gb global version because the chinese seems to be given the more "maxed" out version per say. And been using that 7.2" behemoth up till now. No problems with motherboard.

I bought an oppo find x 6 pro (released in china only) and sure as hell live up to its reputation of being top 5 in dxomark. Oh and theres my global version asus rog phone 5s pro, that global version, the air triggers and motherboard failed within months of purchase. Thank goodness i was able to sell it off to someone willing to repair that junk. So story short. Ive got not issues with CN version or CN set global rom flashed. Lucky? Maybe, 3 phones so far and none gave me headaches and are cheaper while being superior. And ive never bought phones from Aliexpress. Wouldnt know how theyd turn out. Got mine from reputable online company dealing with phones only. Personally requestes them to flash global rom for my rog 8 pro purchase. Just my 2 cents =)

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    • Kevin
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    • 22 Feb 2024

    Fallenhero, 21 Feb 2024Yippie yay!! Thank you "Chinese Scam" This is unf... moreYour money, your decision. I'd rather buy from official sources than from Aliexpress. No OTA, no some network bands, no warranty, but if it's good for you, fine. Until motherboard fails.

      Samsung should start putting 512GB default on their Ultra (and maybe Plus) models next year, especially with the amount of money you're paying for.

        Kevin, 21 Feb 2024Unfortunately you participated in the Chinese scam. Tencent... moreYippie yay!! Thank you "Chinese Scam" This is unfortunate indeed. Usually people got scammed of their money but i got scammed to save more money instead =D

        before purchasing i knew what a "china mainland only" phone feels like. Oppo find x 6 pro for example, only meant for china mainland use, other than chinese bloatwares (which can be easily deleted), firmware updates are as easy as 1,2,3 done manually and works like a charm. Much better than the "Global" version phones out there (dont be easily swayed by media, western ones especially)

        Got my phone's airway bill. Started off from china, then transited in taiwan (Asus is Taiwan based). Was told the guys in taiwan will have to open the box to flash the global rom and repacked to send to my country. Chinese scam or taiwanese scam?

        Anyways dont worry bout me, i saved additional USD400 in my pockets, the phone rocks like the global version (my friend has a global one cant tell the difference except for the logo at the back). Manual updates are easy to do. Lack of network bands are almost zero to none in my country. Repair shops here are more than ready to assist as most of them do flashing of roms too. Was even able to register asus warranty in the website. So all corners covered on my end and usd400 to buy another phone. Hehehe =P

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          • Kevin
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          • 21 Feb 2024

          Fallenhero, 12 Feb 2024Ive received my 512GB CN set Global Rom flashed which comes... moreUnfortunately you participated in the Chinese scam. Tencent versions of ROG Phone 8 are limited and intended for China mainland only. They lack some network bands and OTA software upgrade. There will be also problem with repairing in service - some workshops refuse to repair Chinese origin phones.

            AimeDuSable, 19 Feb 2024Avoid trying to remove the buttons with a razor blade and y... moreThank you for the advice but it's more of a principle of the matter, if anything. There have been situations where buttons on phones can fall out by accident (whether it be dropped or something else), and that's not really a problem since you can usually put them back in and not have to worry about it. Not with this particular phone though, if the buttons fall out (which doesn't seem that hard to do), you can't even put them back in properly. It's toast.

            That shows a real and genuine design flaw that I honestly couldn't believe they messed up with, but it's true, they really did mess up that badly on the design of the buttons. I don't think I've ever come across any other phone that has this stupid design flaw, the ROG 8 Pro is by in and by far the first one I've seen.

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              • Anonymous
              • bxd
              • 20 Feb 2024

              Durzo, 08 Feb 2024The Red magic 8 & 9 both have IR blaster's aswell ... moreThis dude cant accept that this phone is better than his phone and trying so hard to cope. "Only dust and water resistant"? How about the camera? The software? This phone is a lot better in those aspects than that whatever redmagic thing you have

                Macbeth, 16 Feb 2024Okay, I can excuse this phone for having removable buttons,... moreAvoid trying to remove the buttons with a razor blade and you should be fine

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                  • JG5
                  • 17 Feb 2024

                  Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra costs the same but it has only 12gb of ram with same spechs or less, for phone in 2024 year it feels like a big downgrade and it costs a lot.

                    Macbeth, 16 Feb 2024Okay, I can excuse this phone for having removable buttons,... moreOkay but you're not using a knife to purposely take the buttons out. Who the hell does that on a 1,5k phone

                      Okay, I can excuse this phone for having removable buttons, many others do. But the fact that with this particular phone, if the buttons fall out, you can't even put them back in properly??!!! That is a very huge dealbreaker and is what's ruined this phone for me completely. Seriously.

                        Anonymous, 13 Feb 2024Most I am willing to pay for this phone at max spec is $900... moreI agree. That and it's way too pricey, although with the extra USB slots there must be a peripheral that adds SD card storage.

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                          • kDk
                          • 13 Feb 2024

                          Most I am willing to pay for this phone at max spec is $900. Am I out of touch? Wouldn't mind less storage if it had a micro sd slot.

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                            • kDk
                            • 13 Feb 2024

                            Durzo, 08 Feb 2024The Red magic 8 & 9 both have IR blaster's aswell ... moreRog 8 also has USA bands. Love paying half a thousand more for that feature.

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                              • Garmarna
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                              • 12 Feb 2024

                              Durzo, 08 Feb 2024The Red magic 8 & 9 both have IR blaster's aswell ... moreAnd partially translated software with chinese characters in system. Bad speakers and noisy fan. Nope, thanks.

                                Ive received my 512GB CN set Global Rom flashed which comes with aero cooler x for USD900. And oh boy. I felt like i hit a home run. Where im from, the Global version cost USD1200 and the cooler x an additional USD110. I literally saved USD400 by taking the risk of purchasing the global rom flashed set. Works like a charm, the only downside, theres no OTA firmware updates. But its so easy to download the firmware manually from the official website. Win win for me. Coming from rog 5s pro, id say i made a good upgrade.

                                  I have this phone now. I ordered it from Amazon. It was rather expensive. I love it though. Beautiful sreen. Great size. Light. Battery is great. Charging is super quick. Its One Plus snappy when using.

                                  Pictures though are horrible if the lightning is not perfect or not in the day very dark. Videos look the same. Coming from a Pixel 8 Pro it is tough to go from it to this. Pictures are that bad. I don't know if the picture quality is going to make me return it.

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                                    • 43Y
                                    • 10 Feb 2024

                                    Anonymous, 06 Feb 2024Was looking forward to upgrade from my ROG 5. But Asus t... moreYou should look into a 7 series then since its the next best thing and keeps the beautiful design I loved so much about these phones

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                                      • Durzo
                                      • XMd
                                      • 08 Feb 2024

                                      RD, 02 Feb 2024Perfect phone but lacks couple of must have hardware featur... moreThe Red magic 8 & 9 both have IR blaster's aswell as no hole punch,
                                      Also the screen reads your fingers at 960hz (touch response)
                                      Compared to the asus ROG 720hz (still good but nothing ground breaking.
                                      And RM 9 easily beats the ROG 8 in AnTuTu benchmarks and for less then half the price... Only reason to get ROG 8 is dust and water resistance.
                                      ROGs are still great phones but after having 3 of them and then trying the red magic I'll stick with them.
                                      Also all my USB c docks and hubs that didn't work on my ROG 5s and ROG 6 pro work on my red magic 9...

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                                        • 06 Feb 2024

                                        Was looking forward to upgrade from my ROG 5.

                                        But Asus took everything i liked about the 5 - the no holepunch screen, the excellent front facing dual speakers, even the top and bottom symmetrical bezels which prevented accidental touch during gaming, and just threw them in the gutter and went the generic "mainstream" look for this one.

                                        I think they forgot that this was a gaming phone in trying to cater to a wider audience. Now I dont see any point in buying this over other flagships as the price is nearly the same or even more (maybe except for the 3.5mm jack) .

                                        Why not keep the ROG series for the gaming enthusiasts and diversify the Zenfone lineup instead for the general consumers?