Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro

Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro

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  • Anonymous
  • 4NG
  • 26 Jan 2024

The ROG Phone 8 Pro is just too expensive for what they are offering. You can get the RM9 Pro or OnePlus 12 for half the price of the ROG Phone 8 Pro. Even if the Asus phone is a little better overall, you're paying double the price. Just buy the OnePlus 12 today and then buy the OnePlus 14 in two years time and have a better phone for same total money.

    Anonymous, 26 Jan 2024It's ridiculous to compare gaming phone cameras to top... more"It's ridiculous to compare gaming phone cameras to top camera phones."

    It would be, if this phone was still unique, but it's not. It's just a regular flagship now, with a gaming design on it's back. Any flagship can game perfectly, the cooling might be better on some than on others, but certainly not on this phone, when it get's hotter than the rest.

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      • Anonymous
      • nDN
      • 26 Jan 2024

      DarlingYext, 19 Jan 2024Yeah, it's cameras are clearly not even better than a ... moreIt's ridiculous to compare gaming phone cameras to top camera phones. Then compare their gaming performances to see the difference as well. Gaming phones don't focus on cameras obviously. If you want a camera phone, you can buy Samsung.

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        • Arasu
        • KZ8
        • 25 Jan 2024

        Where is 4k Selfie Camera? Asus please give us this in your next year ROG9

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          • gLL
          • 23 Jan 2024

          In your review you write that the smartphone supports hdr10+, but you didn’t mention it in the specifications

            What do I need 24gb Ram for in an Android phone unnecessary upgrades should have upgrade the battery then.

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              • Miles
              • 01a
              • 23 Jan 2024

              Can't even buy it. Like it's predecessors they are very often out of stock, it's really hard to get a hold of one even willing to pay full price.

                DarlingYext, 19 Jan 2024Yeah, it's cameras are clearly not even better than a ... moreDamn right

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                  • smashly
                  • v6x
                  • 22 Jan 2024

                  This is definitely close to perfect all rounder on the market ATM.
                  The only let downs for me is:
                  1080 x 2400 res @ 388 ppi screen.
                  65w fast charge.
                  Made by ASUS (Dislike their support in PC gear, I boycott all Asus products since 2008, no matter how dream spec'd their products get)

                  Apart from my personal dislike of anything ASUS, I really like what they have offered in the ROG 8 Pro 24GB/1TB.
                  But not enough to pay what they want as I can not in good faith trust Asus support ever again no matter what the say, do or offer.

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                    • kjkj
                    • gDx
                    • 22 Jan 2024

                    Why is there no reference to how the sound works through headphones?
                    After all, the cell phone has quality elements on paper!
                    32-bit/384kHz Hi-Res & Hi-Res wireless audio
                    aptX HD, aptX Adaptive, aptX Lossless

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                      • uCj
                      • 22 Jan 2024

                      Look like ROG phone end at 7... If ZenFone can't fight just end it don't merge with Rog department... ZenFone is use to be affordable phone now is just overpriced... tbh ZenFone might be the smaller group of people buying it smaller than ROG IMO... A gaming phone without gaming features is just BS I blame those none gamers kept bashing on Rog phone which they'll never buy in the 1st place...

                        The only phone i currently really like and want

                          I am buying this phone in three weeks time. The Pro version. I have the K50G. With a punch hole. The punch hole is not at all an issue as usually you thumb covers that area. Especially when needing to move a charactor around on screen. And the way you hold a gaming phone is by far superior than a standard flagship. It's so much more comfortable. As for the speakers. My K50G has 4x side speakers. They sound beautiful. They can almost bend the sound. Saying that. I had a Red magic device before the K50G. And the top front facing speaker was unbalanced compared to the bottom speaker. The punch hole is not at all am issue. Honestly. When playing pubg you spend a lot of time focusing on the middle of the screen. I have never noticed my punch hole due to my thumb blocking that area as it needs to reach the left of the screen to move my charactor. If people a making a fuss over the punch hole. Then they are not proper gamers. And possibly don't own a gaming phone. Also the K50G has very slim bezels. So for me. The new Asus rog phone 8 pro. Will be a beast version of a Redmi K50G. My cameras are pretty good on the K50G too. And with the improved cameras on the 8. I am delighted and excited to buy it. Can't wait! At the moment there is an embargo on the phone. As it is not allowed to be sold until the 11th of Feb right now. Even though I went to the shop to buy it two days after the launch. Literally counting down the days...

                            FrostyTechLover, 19 Jan 2024Li lion, mostly every phone uses li-ion these dayshope next generation rog phone will be support esim, like samsung have e-sim.

                              Hopicus, 19 Jan 2024What is the battery type of this phone li-ion or li-po?Li lion, mostly every phone uses li-ion these days

                                justasmile, 19 Jan 2024Well, based on camera tests, it clearly isn't.Yeah, it's cameras are clearly not even better than a 2 generation old iPhone, which is why I was and still am saying it's overpriced. They upgraded the worst and least important part of the Rog Phone 7 series, the cameras, but they are still not up to par on a phone that costs over 1000 usd, but now the display isn't uninterrupted anymore. With that being said, according to performance tests, this phone is the hottest around without the OPTIONAL AeroActive Cooler X, according to camera tests, it's not the best around, but the battery tests show, that while it's worse than the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate, it's much better than the Red Magic 9 Pro, even with it's 6500mAh battery. So, it's a battery champion, but not as much as last year's model, it's not the best gaming phone, and also not the best camera phone around.

                                  DarlingYext, 12 Jan 2024"’s do better picture like my 13 pro max.." ... moreWell, based on camera tests, it clearly isn't.

                                    Carsten B, 19 Jan 2024The 8 is much better than the 3. It's a great phone actuallyBro is just trolling.

                                      What is the battery type of this phone li-ion or li-po?

                                        mehmed , 17 Jan 2024Asus phone is garbage I own the 3 best hardware 0 softwa... moreThe 8 is much better than the 3. It's a great phone actually