Asus ROG Phone II ZS660KL

Asus ROG Phone II ZS660KL

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  • Anonymous

SsAlam, 23 hours agoHi how can I order one with all accessories. Please can any one ... moreI don't think you can. As far as i know the briefcases (with attachments) were only for the reviewers.

  • Anonymous

120 Hzzzzzzz
Man! and its Amoled

  • Anonymous

3.5mm Jack??? Sold!!!! I can give an exception with the SD Card as I can just get either 512/1TB version.

  • SsAlam

Hi how can I order one with all accessories. Please can any one help me. I want with briefcase and all Accessories comes in it. Please.

  • Danny

Is king, 18 Sep 2019i hope be this phone price 40000Minimum it will cost around 65k Bro...

  • Saitama

my next phone for sure

  • Is king

i hope be this phone price 40000

  • Anonymous

where is 360° view of rog 2 gsmA team ?

Be wary though, 240G is very heavy for a phone

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever launched. No compromise smartphone, with additional perks and features you won't find elsewhere. My dream phone.. I wish I had enough money to buy this..

  • Anonymous

Finally a phone with a big battery and dual sim that supports verizon and att or tmobile. And if you turn down the hz refresh rate just to 90hz or 60 hz you can get a massive savings. i actually might buy this phone. 1080p display great for battery life. quad hd is overkill in my opinion. it's great on paper and it's great to have but we can go just fine without it. and since we have 4k or 1080p content. quad hd is a waste and super battery hungry even with a big battery. And if you want good gaming fps 1080p is still the better option. it still looks great. we just want the highest quality everything when most of us don't need it. i'm happy with a 720p display. Everyone will have different opinions. I'm just gonna say im not spoiled. i'm a person that doesn't need much. except a big battery and ability to use Verizon and Att or tmobile at the same time

spec is good but the screen resolution is not good enough

What are SAR values???

  • Harnak

I am planning on upgrading to this phone but there are a few downsides that are important to consider for anyone thinking about picking it up (for United States customers)

1. Cellular bands. Right now Asus doesn't have a good record with utilizing most of the common cellular bands in the United States (as seen with Asus' ZenFone). Definitely pay attention to this when the phone becomes available to purchase online.

2. The Camera. It is totally fine for most users, but if the camera is extremely important to you I would look elsewhere. I personally don't take a ton of pictures, but I know it matters to most people, your milage may vary.

3. PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOU BUY THIS PHONE. I would wait until Asus has links from their website before you consider purchasing one. There are too many Tencent versions of the phone from china floating around. While it has all the specs, the cellular bands supported do not match up nicely with the US. Wait for a US release

  • Harry

They managed to fit all those specs in there with a big battery AND a headphone jack?? Might consider upgrading this phone.

  • Ammar212

the 128GB 8GB Ram is only $600 at ebay

good they reduce price to cover Zenphone 6 lost of revenue due to lack of support and a lot of issue and dead with in very short time of usage..

but still with this price will wait for feedback from users.

I dont see GSM arena but the 128GB 8GB RAM in the list

  • Dave

I'll definitely spend my money on this than any other apple brands! Apple sucks btw!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2019shame on you no 5G for this great phone i wouldn't say it's a "shame on you" kinda thing. 5G is still pretty niche

  • Anonymous

Add tencen editionss price also

  • Anonymous

shame on you no 5G for this great phone