Asus ROG Phone II ZS660KL

Asus ROG Phone II ZS660KL

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  • nuz

Melwis, 20 Oct 2019Man my brain is telling me to go for the ROG 2 even though it co... morei like notchless display, no curve edges, loud surround sound stereo speakers, don't mind spending extra buck for those

Melwis, 20 Oct 2019Man my brain is telling me to go for the ROG 2 even though it co... moreHey, I can give a few reasons which might justify buying it.

For one, the front-facing stereo speakers are awesome. I've been watching plenty of videos and a few series after getting the phone. The sound quality is crisp and clean. To top it off they even pack a bit of bass.

Secondly, ROG Phone II might be a good choice if you are not planning to upgrade for a while. 12 gigs of RAM is simply overkill at the moment, no two ways about it. In a few years time however, it might come in handy. Same goes for 512 gigs of internal memory, unless you do a fair bit of emulating. 6000 mah battery is likely to survive a fair bit of abuse too. Just don't drop it in the toilet. The phone isn't even splash-proof due to the opening in the back.

Man my brain is telling me to go for the ROG 2 even though it costs $1000 USD where I'm located but I just recently noticed phones like the Oppo Reno Ace and Realme X2 Pro are just around the corner and they are making it very hard to justify spending so much money seeing as they will go for around $400-$500 once they are released in Europe... However I am not at all fond of the waterdrop notch display even though I realize it is a trivial issue... Does it seem dumb to buy such a phone only to use the "hide notch" option for when you are watching videos, playing games etc?

There is also the Nubia Red Magic 3S which has been released globally and is available for around $550 on their website... I realize it isn't quite as good as the ROG 2 overall but you basically get the same features and just as powerful of a gaming phone for almost half the price!

Then there is the Nubia Z20 which is also quite tempting with a price point around $550... It lacks the higher refresh rate display and I don't like the curved screen for practical use but overall it feels like very good value and it even has the gaming "trigger" feature with the second screen for when you are gaming!

Can anyone give me some good reasons / justification to go for the ROG 2 512 GB which sets me back $1000 or does this price point basically mean it is a stupid purchase compared to what you can get for more or less half that price?

  • Anonymous

Phoneman, 26 Sep 2019Which phone should I buy - Mate 20 X or ROG Phone 2?? I love... moreFrom Malaysia? Buy OnePlus 7T pro also not bad

  • Kabi

Joker, 14 Oct 2019This probably be the best phone for 2019 if you don't mind live ... moreRog get update like 0neplus??

  • yosef019

what i bought phone from B&H North American version
And VoWifi VoLte is blocked from asus
Not working

  • CanadianRam3Tank

6000mAh is missing 200mAh a different and Real 5800mAh Li-Po battery.

  • nuz

sonicpower, 15 Oct 2019I bought this phone after taking in consideration OnePlus 7T, Re... morehey, how you turn on dts x for youtube? and iz it better than note 10 plus dolby atmos i wonder..?

sopheak45, 16 Oct 2019M using op6 and not playing any game and not addicted with photo... moreI was in a similar position and upgraded to ROG Phone II.

Before anything else, consider Realme X2 Pro. It is eerily similar to OP7t. It has a few key differences though: a headphone jack and more storage and RAM. Of course, it does not ship with OxygenOS but the top variant costs only 500 euroes.

True flagship killer. Thank you Asus.

rog II have global version ?

  • sopheak45

M using op6 and not playing any game and not addicted with photo but like using strange phone. Should I change to rog2?

  • sonicpower

I bought this phone after taking in consideration OnePlus 7T, Redmi K20 Pro(right? Yeah spec wise) was a tough call as 855+ is marginally better than 855. Consideration factors - screen(120hz refresh rate, 1MS screen response time, 240/s touch sensitivity refresh rate), battery(once fully charged can go upto 2 days without charge), dual stereo speakers(front firing) gets really loud without much distortion, headphone jack with DTS :X ultra amp built-in, studio quality experience, gamer's delight - Air Triggers ( can be mapped as per requirement), X mode (kinda over-clock mode like on PCs, keeps processor to run on higher frequency), Fancy system lighting (if you are into it and want something which stands out from the crowd)

Now my usage review :
Loving the battery life, screen ultra-responsive, no stutter whatsoever in games(PUBG, COD, Real Racing 3 etc.) Games which support 120hz refresh rate looks amazing!

Camera : Main 48mpx sensor is good like other phones with the same sensor, wide -angle sensor is good enough in day time. Considerable degradation in quality when in average illumination or indoors or artificial light.

Vibration : It has got zonal vibration motors which are like a xbox/sony controller which vibrates on diffrent inputs/output/feedback in games. General vibration is good enough.

Call quality : It has 4 microphones surrounding the phone which creates atmospheric effect cutting out background noise effectively.

Signal reception : Asus as done so much in this that it has created multiple reception zones for WiFi and cellular which helps in getting ultimate reception. I have my old phone with same service provider and 4G enabled that shows 3 bars and ROG shows full signal reception. To check, i even did a speed test on network on both phones and there was a clear difference.

Usability : This is a heavy phone, you need to use it with care. Big screen like a OnePlus 7 Pro. Bezels at top and bottom.

  • Smash253

Melwis, 15 Oct 2019Should I go for this phone the 512 GB model and spend $1000 or b... moreWhat can i advice you is to go with ,, what do you do with a phone ? " I don,t have an expensive phone ( Samsung A50 ), because i use JUST social media ( Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger ). No games. It's enough for me. If you are a video producer ( or photot ), there are many chances to observe Hz differences. You can invest in a lot of things with 450$. Just be zen with what should you buy and which app you would use.
P.S: Sorry if i have gramatically mistakes, english is not my native language

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2019Fortnite machine ? Asphalt 9 Legends machine ? Super Mario Run... moreRog phone 2 for more battery life and gaming accessories.

I would say "oneplus 7t pro" because 12GB ram and good price.

IPhone 11 pro I don't like the IOS in general and spend more money for nothing!

Abhishek16, 13 Oct 2019Is it a good choice to shift from oneplus 6t to rog phone 2 ?If rich yes, if not no!

Should I go for this phone the 512 GB model and spend $1000 or better to go for more value phone I am also thinking about the newly released Nubia Z20 for $550 and if not that and I go with a "gaming" phone with higher refresh rate the Red Magic 3S is launching globally tomorrow and will be around $500..? Is it worth spending double the amount for Rog 2 if you have the money? I like Z20 only thing is it lacks higher refresh rate which everyone says great things about and curved screen looks good but not so practical... Is amoled burn-in a real problem? If I buy Rog 2 and spend $1000 I think I will be satisfied for many years but can you safely rely on amoled screen to last for 3+ years if you are careful and take precautions?

  • Atkinson

Playing game with this phone is a sweet experience

  • Musa Rakib

That 📱 have built in call recoder?

  • Nightwing

How much storage is available from 128gb out of the box in indian variant??