Asus Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders

Asus Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders

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  • Wereweeb

If a smartphone wore a clown nose and shoes, this would be it.

  • Anonymous

was for google

a phone by asus for Qualcom Snapdragon

  • BlaBlaBla

if this phone is gonna sale on global market i would really want to try it out for user experience but that price is not logic if they really want others to try it out. If the price is drop a little rather than 1500 i be glad to buy and try it out for daily user experience for SD.

Victor Sol, 08 Jul 20211. This phone brightness is going to destroy my eyes sight ... moreThis is still romured and these are not offiall specs plus
1. Screen brightness can be changed unless u still live under a rock.
2. Capacitive fps is faster than optical ud fps. A guy called demongornot he explained many times. Side mounted would have been better but its ok for many ppl.
3. Bruh no textures back? Srsly are u focusing on design or specs
4. Just like told u this is romours only an dnot official it could be 5k mah battery so shut up
5. If ur complaing about bezels then... Many ppl still reallyyyy hate notches and punch hole and like bezels. It's prob thinner bezels in real life tho

  • addxnn

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2021I Dont want my phone to have this strange namejust Snapdragon only

Only insider could afford this

1270 EUR 😳😳😳😳 it cost my phone + my computer + my tablet πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  • Anonymous

It should be in display finger print

  • Anonymous

Somebody , 08 Jul 2021Only 375 ppi on pixel ?! 9.6 mm bold ?! Over of 1200 euro ?... moreIts a phone by snapdragon. Like how google approached LG,huwaie and Samsung for nexus line-up. Same way they approached Asus for manufacturing but brand remains Snapdragon.

  • Anonymous

I Dont want my phone to have this strange name

  • Anyone

Somebody , 08 Jul 2021Only 375 ppi on pixel ?! 9.6 mm bold ?! Over of 1200 euro ?... moreYou should have a look on the network capabilities and you will understand, why it is so expensive. Sub6 and me some alternatives!

  • linavergianasukaanal

for whoever rants about this phone, this is not for you! this is for us snapdragon insiders.
you aren't gonna buy this phone anyway, go whine somewhere else. lol 🀣

Girlfriend Gearest, 08 Jul 2021Snapdragon Sound Technology sounds interesting. it's a... moreYeah, It looks the future power master!

Wow cool

  • Anonymous

Somebody , 08 Jul 2021Only 375 ppi on pixel ?! 9.6 mm bold ?! Over of 1200 euro ?... more395 isn’t even that bad.

I like the design, symmetrical, even the two front speakers look symmetrical unlike the xperia phones... Looking forward to this, probably my next after rog phone 3.

  • Anonymous

Somebody , 08 Jul 2021Only 375 ppi on pixel ?! 9.6 mm bold ?! Over of 1200 euro ?... moreCan't even understand what happened huh? This is Qualcomm Custom Phone that happens to be Asus made.

YUKI93, 08 Jul 2021I'd rather take bezel instead of notch and punch hole.... moreSince we can hide the punch hole on most phones, it creates a bezel on the top, but it won't be as symmetrical as the ROG Phone 5 on the chin side. Then by hiding it we also lose screen space, but at least there is no hole while watching videos and playing games.

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2021Over pricedBruh it's obvious from the title that this phone isn't meant for consumers.

Alpha8900, 08 Jul 2021The phone looks like a 2017 smartphone. The bezels really m... moreHave you not seen the ROG Phone 5?