Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra

Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra

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  • Terence
  • gns
  • 11 hours ago

Terence, 18 Apr 2024Came to me last Tuesday. 16GB/512GB makes me smile, no proc... moreme again. I must say the wide-angle camera on z11u is bad in comparison to Z9. Photos of sheets of paper are unsharp and difficult to read. Main & Tele-camera are great.

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    • 0xU
    • 22 hours ago

    Knowing Asus i'm not surprised this foesn't have removable storage.

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      • loko
      • ehw
      • 19 Apr 2024

      Terence, 18 Apr 2024Came to me last Tuesday. 16GB/512GB makes me smile, no proc... moreits a nice phone all around, but updates policy is lacking behind competition.

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        • Terence
        • gns
        • 18 Apr 2024

        Came to me last Tuesday. 16GB/512GB makes me smile, no process never been killed. Photos are greater than on Zenfone9 especially on low light, focus is (feeled) faster. Display, batterylife is better than Z9. No Bloatware. This Phone will be ok for me the very next years.

          you have to suffer, 17 Apr 2024amoled and UFS aren't exactly a gimmick. but yeah, clo... moreIt exactly an gimmick.

          Like 2000/6000 nitt, billion of colors, LTPO, huge fps and other gimmick it only burden to oled itself. The tech behind it come from an micro reflector on each pixel to increase intensity of light, it only bring harm to oled since it will increase the heat itself on long term. Billion of color is just pointless since oled base is oversatured color, and they still have issues for blue pixel component, degraded still the issue here even they adding quantom dot as color matrix, the issue still exist. They should stick to old version of oled or just jump to mini led, or stick with lcd forever. LG or sony implementation for oled is more better than samsung btw.

          Those marketing become ridiculous to see how many phones with green line, green screen only just updating their phone.

          And they already stop marketing it as more efficient, since black pixel only is power efficient, white pixel is more worse than lcd. Even they trying reduce the quality output at software level to make oled is more power efficient. Those optimization getting worse when the software is misscalculate, and greenline appears.

          Oled display is good at oversaturated color (is not accurate, vivid color for everyone claim), power efficient when at dark mode only, hrd10, flexible, and thin.

          I more prefer lcd than amoled/oled, since my samsung phone with amoled already degraded (even the phone itself trying reducing the brightness more at newer update software), when comparing with 3 year poco x3 nfc.

          I've already avoiding smartphone without an microsd on it, oled display or without jackport is still fair for me but prefer lcd or mini/micro led more.

          One more thing, we should abandone usb 2.0, is already 3 decades, still many middle-high segments still used it and no one calling it as relic? Since the marketing didnt say it as relic. 👀

            They need to bring back the flip camera or just give up. Every one of the specs on this phone is underwhelming compared to eg. Pixel, Xiaomi even Samsung...

            My mother still rocking the last Zenfone Flip and that thing really crushing it, even years later. This... this is barely even an upgrade wtf...

              andibad, 15 Apr 2024Offcource you are an hopeless marketing fanboy. Hahaha. ... moreamoled and UFS aren't exactly a gimmick. but yeah, cloud storage should not be needed on phones. they could've kept sd card and 3.5mm jack on android phones. unfortunately they seem to be hypnotized by apple and follow suit. 🤭🤭
              hence there are barely any difference between flagship androids and iphones.

                you have to suffer, 30 Mar 2024to encourage customers to stream music than listening to fm radioMay as well remove local MP3 playback too because I can just download music onto my phone

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 4BT
                  • 16 Apr 2024

                  ThatOneWeabo, 16 Apr 2024i cannot believe people like you still exist.join the club

                    andibad, 15 Apr 2024Offcource you are an hopeless marketing fanboy. Hahaha. ... morei cannot believe people like you still exist.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • tDI
                      • 15 Apr 2024

                      Stratospheric, 25 Mar 2024What's with all the manufacturers removing the cheap b... moreexactly like how smartphone oems removed the audio jack from phones.
                      imagine yourself getting stuck in the middle of natural disaster/war which cut your phone off internet access and whilst you're looking for both audio jack dongle and earphone in hopes you can try finding safe shelter/any sort of aid by tuning into local radio broadcast but nah you can't.

                        It's a shame that the Selfie camera doesn't support 4K, even though that's the main thing nowadays

                          andibad, 15 Apr 2024Offcource you are an hopeless marketing fanboy. Hahaha. ... moreIts so hilarious to see you being a keyboard warrior calling AMOLED a 'gimmick', 'full of lies' and many more.

                          Why not you take a look at your own lies first.

                            justasmile, 16 Mar 2024Maybe it wouldn't be for other camera/sound devices. B... moreOffcource you are an hopeless marketing fanboy. Hahaha.

                            Kept telling amoled, ufs, cloud, and another gimmick bs from marketing, are the future of innovation tech, which we should obliterated the old tech like lcd panel, microsd, fm radio, jack port, or whatever bs reason to backup those claim.

                            Kept claiming cloud are fast, secure, resilience etc, but in reality is not, is just big lie behind an TOS. The connection itself are not reliable, and anytime getting throttling which is already in their TOS. People like you always yelling microsd is slow, not secure with whatever reason, but why suggesting to use cloud which is more not stable, reliable, less secure, your file is bind to third party which anytime able to used your data for advertising and training data for their AI without your consent.

                            Is so hilarious to see you trying arguing to people who want microsd and ips panel back.

                            Professional equipment camera like blackmagic still used jackport, lan cable for transfering file, and wireless connection is only for controlling camera movements only. And hey, they still provide an cf card on it. Is funny big claim from you by saying we didnt need an microsd, jackport or even usb c 3.0 on mobile phone.

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                              • naaasi
                              • aqq
                              • 13 Apr 2024

                              SpyroticGoose697, 12 Apr 2024Ugly camera bump, No charger in the box, 2 years of OS. Thi... moreAnd no unlockable bootloader :))))

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                                • SpyroticGoose697
                                • a0r
                                • 12 Apr 2024

                                Ugly camera bump, No charger in the box, 2 years of OS. This just might be the WORST flagship of 2024!

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                                  • lostiljon
                                  • gE7
                                  • 11 Apr 2024

                                  I would literally order it now, but without the charger in the box, it's a deal breaker. Sucks for you ASUS

                                    Anonymous, 06 Apr 2024legit curious to see how sales go here because back then, t... moreThey still have a headphone jack tho

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                                      • gray
                                      • 841
                                      • 10 Apr 2024

                                      exegamiing, 28 Mar 2024Copied almost everything from the rog 8 series lolits basically is the Rog 8... same size, same weight, same soc, same camera, only the screen has a slightly higher refresh rate on the rog and the rog has more output options.

                                      there is no point for the 11...

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                                        • big display Fan
                                        • M4S
                                        • 09 Apr 2024

                                        price already down with 100 euro from original price