Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra

Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra

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  • R3I
  • 17 Mar 2024

Anonim, 16 Mar 2024Asus need new designerThe design is one of the features I mostly like about this phone

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    • setro
    • 8j2
    • 17 Mar 2024

    No eSIM? dead on arrival.

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      • pathetic
      • MuU
      • 16 Mar 2024

      No charger no buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        • Anonim
        • u7V
        • 16 Mar 2024

        Asus need new designer

          Anonymous, 16 Mar 2024ultra poor specs!The battery is ultra here, not the UW camera. No Ultra phone having a 5500 mAh of battery, right?

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            • Y}u
            • 16 Mar 2024

            purportex, 16 Mar 202413 MP Camera, how can you call it "Ultra"???ultra poor specs!

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              • loko
              • ehw
              • 16 Mar 2024

              two years of major software updates and four years of security updates

              Oh man this is disappointing. Behind of oneplus and others, very short.

                YUKI93, 16 Mar 2024Because they are both still relevant and never gone out of date.Maybe it wouldn't be for other camera/sound devices. But for phones they sure are.

                  13 MP Camera, how can you call it "Ultra"???

                    Super Android 22, 04 Mar 2024People forget the type C ports on phone do atleast 5gbps da... moreDongles can wear out the USB port faster. Had several experience with it before until I can't charge my phone and had the USB port replaced, but no such problem with the headphone jack.

                    Also, that "huge" speed is no guarantee to be achievable if you don't have compatible hardware component to begin with. There's also the matter of hardware brands artifically slows down the speed.

                      justasmile, 05 Mar 2024Yeah, but they'll still refuse to move on from the past.Because they are both still relevant and never gone out of date.

                        Anonymous, 14 Mar 2024While it's refreshing to see headphone jack, LTPO and ... moreSony phones has always been notoriously durable in long term. A friend of mine still keep his functioning Xperia Z2 and Xperia 10 Plus as secondary backup phones despite already moving to his current Xperia 1.

                          non gaming version of rog phone

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                            • AnonD-1147675
                            • 03P
                            • 15 Mar 2024

                            Anonymous, 14 Mar 2024While it's refreshing to see headphone jack, LTPO and ... more" Zenfone 9 has poor microphone during phonecalls and Asus didn't fix it."

                            Is this true? My Zenfone 9 doesn't seem to have such a problem, I did a few calls in a row to make sure. Does it affect only certain units, or certain variants?

                              Today I went to take out the garbage and unfortunately I went through some full garbage bins, but they were still better looking than this phone. Also had better hardware inside.

                                Mickey, 15 Mar 2024Asus known as hardware king exchange of Software brickYou're talking about the midrange camera sensor and 388ppi screen? Possibly the low midrange Xiaomi design?

                                  zen11: can i copy your homework?

                                  phone 8 pro: yeah but don't make it obvious

                                  the result...

                                    If they installed camera vertically, and pushed the camera down, and add more black line to side and write asus, it could be beautiful design

                                      It looks like the designer was very sleepy, and accidentally pushed phones camera upwards. but anyway nice try, at least the designer tried to make different phone ;)))

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                                        • Lucas
                                        • x86
                                        • 15 Mar 2024

                                        I love my zenfone 8 because of the small size. We have too many giant phone options already.