Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe ZE551ML

Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe ZE551ML

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  • son goku

lenovo vibe x3 vs asus zenfone 2 deluxe which is better coz I wanna buy one between these but can't choose the best one
pls help thanks ..

  • Guy

edy, 20 Feb 2016Hows last the battery lasts means do it last for a single day wh... moreWell an iphone 6s battery is 1810 mah So probably alot longer depending on how much battery life the ram/videocard use and the game/videos your watching so lets say a 1 hour video takes up 10% battery life on a iphone it would take only 4% on the asus

  • edy

Hows last the battery lasts means do it last for a single day while playing games and watching videos.

  • AnonD-501381

Good day , i was very confused by Asus Zenfone 2 Delux
i just wanna confirm on Platform specifications..
i see there is 3 CPU .. is it all 3 CPU / Processors working in 1 Asus Zenfone 2 Delux only ?

or is it an Optional ? for the costumers choice..

  • Mo

Use xperia z1, lg g3 before, this is the best so far. Battery long life. Screen bright and pretty. Fast and less mind lack or ram as this have 4gb ram.

  • jouseph

From the pictures I love it its great but I'm from Morocco and I want to buy that best phone where I can take it pleas replay me thanks guys for your work

  • Anonymous

Lenovo vibe x3 vs asus zenfone delux which is better

  • AnonD-497982

ArRel, 26 Jan 2016I saw positive repond from you about this phone. Did you buy the... moreThis phone performs great the 4 gb processer makes it perform as good as the flagship phones. My phone works great on att network, fast downloads, fast Internet, games and streaming work wonderfully too

  • AnonD-497982

AnonD-486646, 10 Jan 2016Does the Deluxe version of Asus Zenfone 2 have NFC. ThanksYes it does it also has transfer software for you to transfer information from your old phone to the new one, it's a power house. Contains quite a bit of bloat ware.

  • Dorryx

Best buy ever! Offers you good camera quality, performance and cool launcher. Also smart gesture to easily open the phone feature like double tap for unlocking, etc. But the dual sim makes the battery not so long. Overall high quality phone at super affordable price!

  • jagoan neon

Ruki, 06 Sep 2015I see this phone spec same with zenfone 2 original, so whats mak... moreit scores 61k in antutu

  • johny

phone switches off when battery comes to 50%

  • Anonymous

phone is switching off when battery reach 50%.

  • AnonD-47952

Damn liars... I thought internal memory in Special Edition would be real 256 GB, not 128+128 in SDHC... They should be more clear about this...

Anyway, it's a pretty good space.

  • AnonD-493618

Great phone, decent specs, so far other than the normal heat any processor gives when heavily used, not a complaint. It stores everything and thensome more with free 100 gbs for two years in google drive, and 5gb on asus drive. It doesn't get stuck with any app. Brilliant device at a brilliant price.

  • ArRel

AnonD-481122, 27 Dec 2015Have this phone for a week already. Very satisfied. Performance ... moreI saw positive repond from you about this phone. Did you buy the 128GB? Is everything goes smooth include the 4G?

  • AnonD-446767

why the cardboard camera didn't work in zenfone 2 deluxe??
when will it have marshmallow 6.0 update?

  • 0

Asus philippines just launch ZENFONE 2 ZE551ML ROG SPECIAL EDITION. The specs are intel atom z3590(2.5ghz) 4 gig ram,128 gig storage plus free 128 gig sd card(but not sure if in the box) and extra ROG back cover right in the box. Its about 22k PHP or in USD should be 525.

  • 0

Guys, I saw a zenfone ROG(republic of gamers) special edition in philippines,I believe this zenfone has 4 gig of ram, 128 gig of storage and it has Z3590 processor( 2.5 ghz ) higher than z3580

  • Vhaneyx

I used asus brand and its pretty good very affordable unlike others its too expensive but low performances.. i've heard some other brand they have now releasing a 6gb ram all i know is asus is the best android for ram and very smooth to used.. the problem is asus are too slow when you turn it on unlike others it takes a long minutes before you touch it. i hope asus can fix it and i expect for asus for the next model have a higher ram. I love asus ty and god bless.