Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL

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  • Anonymous

which one is best camera
Asus zenfone,
Honor 4x,
Lenovo k3 note.
Tel me friends,i want to buy clarity images without any noise.

  • AnonD-448100

Suport OTG CABEL in asus Zenfone 2 laser????

  • Anonymous

There are two good camera phones at this Price segment. Under 15k. One is asus zenfone ze550kl priced at and the other is mi4i.

  • Anonymous

Ricky, 28 Dec 2015Does this model support 4GAbsolutely

  • Anonymous

AnonD-481687, 28 Dec 2015I bought zenfone 2 laser 550KL 7 days ago. I'm facing a problem ... moreUpdate your phone and get it checked out from where you bought it

  • Kam

Dipti Raval, 28 Dec 2015Plz give me a solution for call setting When I call background... moreIf u protect your screen guard like tempered glass please remove and check am also having the same problem once i removed the tempered glass its working fine.

  • AnonD-481687

I bought zenfone 2 laser 550KL 7 days ago. I'm facing a problem sometime during in a call. My voice is too low in opposite site during i'm talking. Pls give me a solution.

  • sahil

Dipti Raval, 28 Dec 2015Plz give me a solution for call setting When I call background... moreDo you have any glass guard or screen guard applied on your phone? if yes then remove it. It is blocking the proximity sensor rays. Use glass guard of its actual size and shape

  • Dipti Raval

Plz give me a solution for call setting
When I call background is off and its become very difficult to disconnect the call

  • Anonymous

I have downlaoded full system update now plzz tell me how to install it.....

  • Frost

aswang, 28 Dec 2015your not looking a cellphone...... just buy motolite battery n... moreHe is looking for a phone base on what he want. You don't have to be rude. And I guess you are looking for a phone just for games aren't you? Get a life sir!

  • aswang

Krishh, 27 Dec 2015Battery is my priority Camera is next your not looking a cellphone...... just buy motolite battery next buy canon slr camera. ok?

  • Anonymous

Ahmed, 23 Dec 2015Hi. My phone is getting restart again & again. i reset it ... moreDoes your phone have micro sd card inserted? if so, please remove it and see if it will restart again. If this solve the issue then your sd card is defective and need to be replaced.

  • nikita

Benjamin, 27 Dec 2015Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL This phone is really awesome. Bi... moreNet connectivity is not good in my ZenFone.. what are yu using- 2g or 3g ?

  • naveen01

AnonD-480980, 27 Dec 2015Mr.naveen after 1.16 update how was the mobile,especially batter... morecamera in my opinion get noisy images again and also the video quality
"FOR ME" battery is not draining that fast because I optimized mine from the very beginning after flip-kart handover the device
this morning i charged my phone up-to 100% completed at 9 am or 10am i hardly remember by the time of 6:16 pm in the evening it is showing 97% because i don't used so much
i have some doubt about the asus updates "is the same doubt revolving in your minds?"
my doubt is:why asus updates doesn't fix all the issues once for all?so many people have no data plans in their phones even WiFi too wasting the data and money from our pockets even after purchasing phone? sorry for exhibiting my middle class mentality.i hope you guys answer me with good reasons........

  • Ricky

Does this model support 4G

  • MIS

naveen01, 26 Dec 2015Yes Mr.MIS you can download this update: the signal reception is... moreThank you Mr. Naveen.
Whether updating at service centre is more helpful than that of update through air downloaded. Because other brand service centre people have same opinion. I have also seen the volume of the update is more than GB whereas in air its around 350 MBs.

  • Ppeh

This is the great phone(2GB RAM)... all features are great..battery life,performances, display, design and etc.. only have one con, it doesn't support quick charge.. but that's seems pretty okay with me.. thanks ASUS....
No regret...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-481110, 27 Dec 2015Hi I have 3gb version of this phone...but the 3gb memory is no... moreGo to settings>about phone

  • Cesar Jay-Ar

Hello guys!!! Can you Pleaseeeeeeeeeee halp me on my zenfone 2 laser???? i Cant seem to make or take calls using my phone... whenever there is a call i CANT SWIPE to accept calls... and when i try to make calls i will just hear one beep sound... Please anyone can help me? Please do email me
i would i appreciate it alot...