Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL

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  • AnonD-572242

Hiren Surati, 20 Aug 2016Same here anyone found any solution???I replace the mobile with the new one...still same problem...what variant u have?? 3gb one??

  • Karan

Kulu, 21 Aug 2016I luv my ZenFone laser2 bt I have a voice problem, my voice nt c... moreSame problem is mine so what to do

  • Issa

I bought my new Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5s yesterday and so far, the unit is okay as well as the specs. But I have issues when it comes to the status bar, it can't be locked. I'm trying to figure it out, but can't find "lock status bar" on the settings. I can only see the status bar (battery, signal, time, etc. icons) when I am on a certain app eg. FB. But when I'm on the home screen, its invisible unless I scroll down the screen, that's the only time I can view the status bar and for a short time only. I need help please, thank you so much in advance!

  • fantush jha

kindly help me friends..............
my asus zenfone 2 is not yet starting after it got automatically updated and installed to software update........when i am switching on the phone it is not working...the mobile is still now on the asus logo after that it is not moving.........kindly help me

  • Matt

dred007, 21 Aug 2016I bought a brand new zenfone2 laser 5.5 yesterday...the battery ... moreIt depends on how you use the phone. If the phone keeps on being on standby mode(screen on) it will drain fast.

  • dred007

I bought a brand new zenfone2 laser 5.5 yesterday...the battery drains it normal for the phones like this or is there some problems from my cp and its battery?..

  • Kulu

I luv my ZenFone laser2 bt I have a voice problem, my voice nt clear other people plj help me?

  • anonymous

Hiren Surati, 20 Aug 2016Same here anyone found any solution???I think we have to wait until they sort out what the heck is going on after 6.0 update.coz people's facing different problems.

  • Anonymous

I have a problem..My phone's front camera is not working at the same time...Its sutter is slow...How can I solve it?? Please anyone help me...

  • Hiren Surati

anonymous, 20 Aug 2016facing same problem bro..Same here
anyone found any solution???

  • anonymous

AnonD-572242, 14 Aug 2016Recently bought this phone..battery issue with marshmallow..unab... morefacing same problem bro..

  • Anonymous

Hi. My zenfone 2 laser battery indicator has shown question mark. What should i do? :'''''''(((((((

  • AnonD-541180

Has this phone support VR?

  • jason

This is phone is expensive and has a very guaranteed specs that can run many large files of games

  • Achit

my vibration was not working from the start and after updating to mashmellow the network just go blank in the middle of call....

  • sebax

AnonD-456974, 16 Aug 2016Yes same problem in my mobile different times im download system... moresame here bro...after error i cant download it ... i tried many times but i cant

  • Premasish

my asus zenfone 2 laser ze550kl is not being recognized in my pc..dont know why.. I recently updated it to marshmallow, though before updating it( when it was lolliop) ,it was working smoothly..plz suggest a solution ASAP

  • achu

This phone using is very fast and not hang in this device.but battery has very bad perormed.because the battery charging is too slow.almost this device is really good in android mobiles.

  • marvz

AnonD-573695, 18 Aug 2016There ia a new update make sure after update restart and factory... moreOk, thanks

  • Anonymous

AnonD-494664, 18 Aug 2016gps is different from the wifi wifi wil work only , when ... moreyou need to on wifi too in order to get gps signal always on, provided there's wifi signal nearby but not really connected. OR under location tab, put wifi scanning to ON.