Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL

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  • Fenriz

ravi, 23 Nov 2015please.........tell me it has 720p or 1080p display avilable in ... more1080 P

  • AnonD-469434

i think it is a very good phone....every configuration of this phone is perfect. isn't it?...... i want to buy this phone, can you please give me a information- is it available in Bangladesh?

  • ravi

please.........tell me it has 720p or 1080p display avilable in INDIA...

  • Chief Keef

P2P, 04 Nov 2015For me, these are good specifications but I am not sure if the p... moreDo you already have the phone? If so, you should get rid of as much bloatware as you can, here's the tutorial . By doing this all disabled apps will not take up any ram, and the remaining 5 or so apps, you can just hide and they don't really use up that much ram anyway. You should be able to see improvements

  • Chief Keef

Getting this phone on 11/19. I have done some INTENSE research and what I've found for the pros and cons are...
Pros-Feels great in hand, High quality pics for price range, runs very smoothly, has good battery life. Removable battery
Cons-Lots of bloatware(but you can uninstall/disable most of it),battery life is being held back by the outdated android(the os can drain up to about 40% of the battery, but asus is working on an update, release tbd), and there are a few bugs, but no phone is perfect

Overall, this phone is an amazing work of art for 200-250 bucks and I hope asus, like oneplus, will "Never stop improving"

  • prayash

plz give me some idea when vl it b release

  • Eugene

Hi Asus

waiting for this in phone in 2 weeks now. When will it be available in Philippines ??

  • AnonD-397717

When will this phone be available? I really want to buy this phone.

  • AnonD-462708

most wanted sanjai, 08 Nov 2015I am waiting for this phone I am now using k3 note. FRIENDZZZ... moreThe latest reviews claim certain image settings result in grainy pictures.

  • Eugene

When we will have this phone in the Philippines still waiting over a week now.. :-)

  • jb odisha

i think this the latest handset form all are asus hand set...

  • khurshid-banaripara

nice phone but where i wanted to buy in bangladesh?

  • most wanted sanjai

I am waiting for this phone I am now using k3 note.

Any one know about the camera quality?????

  • AnonD-463778

Buy it today and started to use this afternoon, the phone just fine, and you will feel very warm on the upper position on it after few mins with intensive use.

  • leo from Colombia

I am wating for this phone, have been buy in pre-sell, and must be sending to me 18 Nov, here in Colombia!!, nice phone.

  • P2P

For me, these are good specifications but I am not sure if the phone seems good when i use it. I also do not know if there is laser technique indeed on which the camera depends.

  • AnonD-462708

I've gotta get this PHONE! Excellent specs, and a fabulously unbeatable low price. Hopefully the slightly lower-than premium screen resolution allows for longer battery life while enjoying games and movies. Asus is now my favorite!

  • Sytijinx

I. Want. This. Phone! Asus has now become my favorite for making this. Great specs, and an unbeatable low price. I've been waiting for this forever. Finally I can replace my ancient Samsung Galaxy S II, SGH-T989.

  • Eugene

I'm waiting for this phone.. Good specs for midrange phone..

  • Anonymous

impressive specs ..costs usa $249.. make available worldwide ..why not ? love to have ths phone as spare ..