Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE601KL

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE601KL

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  • AnonD-999151

why are there like four of these (they're neat but lol)

Got my unit 2nd hand. Phone reboots constantly, then during the startup of the phone, it's . Owner put in an extended battery. I'm getting the message: Android is starting; Optimizing App 1 of 1 after the phone suddenly reboots.

Want to know if this is a known issue and would rooting then flashing a custom ROM will resolve it. If no, would you recommend to factory reset the phone only? Also, what is the best custom rom for the ZE601KL?


i ve been using 5 years long

  • Viyu

To be honest now I'm using zenfone 5z and Zenfone 2 laser 6 was my first asus phone. First of all, I have read all the comments saying that this phone has some annoying problem which I had never encountered when I'm using this phone. I changed my phone to 5z not because it's slow nor lagging but I changed because 5z is beautiful. Plus, my old phone still opens all apps faster without any delay. Asus will be my choice because there's only mini problems could occur in this phone compared to samsung. So have a good day..

  • DroidR227

AnonD-675780, 09 Jun 2017The phone basically good. But features are not upto date. I... moreRemember, this was launched in 2015 december.the features were up to date for that time.
I have been using this phone for 2.5+ years, running xenonHD Oreo 8.1.0 ROM, and it's butter smooth. far better than that heavy ZenUI.
🤣Also, I don't understand why people are asking questions about this when this is old and discontinued.

  • Q

Heating up and multi touch problem

  • Anonymous

To be honest i have been using this phone since 2016..and almost all problems that i heard before are not happening to phone rarely encounter any lagging problem...when i open a particular app it will respond i feel astonished when i see all the opinions here where mostly said this phone is useless and third class phone..Btw i played various types of games and guess it....this phone run smoothly for games.

  • Adi

Bullshit phone.always hang n sometimes my phones always restat itself.too much apps running in one times n your phone will hang.not recommended for games.not recommended.

  • Eddie

Anybody met this limit of 500MB space in their cell phone? (You have to delete apps in your phone to update other apps) How do you increase this 500MB further or is this the maximum limit set by Asus for this model?

  • Mahyar

AnonD-717522, 22 Nov 2017When I try to take a photo of my laptop or computer that g... moreYou know this happens cos cameras lenses are very perfect and sensetive!In fact the vertical lines on some old displays like laptops can not be seen by our eyes cos eyes are not as powerful as camera many things that you may not see by your eyes are easily seen by cameras.but to disappear these lines while taking photos you can change the angles of your camera towards the diplays or lessen the distance from camera to displays or vice versa.hope it will help.

  • Manoj Bagul

It is very much third class mobile i had ever used. No customer satisfaction from customer care.

  • AnonD-718460

benz, 07 Nov 2016Just reset your phone to factory setting after upgrading to... morei love using this fone..its not perfect but aint no fone is perfect at all..

  • AnonD-717522

When I try to take a photo of my laptop or computer that got screen, my camera shows some vertical black blurred lines moving left to right. can someone help me why this lines are there.

  • AnonD-652672

Das, Tvpm, Kerala, 14 Oct 2017When the phone is inactive for hours, and when you activate... moreIf u hve applied any screen protector remove it.if you are using any hard case remove it if problem still exist try to factory reset the phone if the problem still not solved then it maybe a software issue so you should take it to a service center

  • AnonD-652672

divyansh khandelwal, 13 Oct 2017does the phone support volte.I m using this phone now it does not support volte,to support volte asus should send update and asus is not doing that.even the selfie models and 551kl got volte update but I guess asus is not interested in this model anymore.

  • Das, Tvpm, Kerala

When the phone is inactive for hours, and when you activate it by double tapping on the screen, it will not respond and you will have to shake and tap on different parts of the screen to wake the phone. During this process the phone will restart automatically. This happens frequently. Any body using this phone has such experience. Please tell me how to resolve this issue. Usually this happen when we try to attend an incoming call and the screen will not respond to attend the call.

  • divyansh khandelwal

does the phone support volte.

  • Anonymous

Sai, 01 Feb 2017Yes I am using Jio 4g sim for internet it doesn't support VOLTE Very upset for not getting the VOLTE update for ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser ZE601 KL till date. It doesn't support Video calling too.

  • Anonymous

Good value phone
battery life is good than Asus ZenFone3 Max which has standby only 2 days

  • Anonymous

Divyansh, 21 Jul 2017Please give volte updateAsus is not evem considering zenfone 2 Laser models. They have released volte for All versions of selfie models. But not considering 601 kl which is higher version in terms of spec & price