Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE601KL

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE601KL

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  • Divyansh

Please give volte update

  • AnonD-675780

The phone basically good. But features are not upto date. It does not support Volte. Asus has never heeded the voice of customers who have bought this phone. They are not interested in rolling out the patch for Volte, but rather push laser 3 models.
Price is also very high, and this model is not worth its price. If Asus does not provide updates atleast for a year or two, it will lose its customer base.

  • Anonymous

Worst phone i ever had. I'm so disappointed 😞

  • AnonD-636319

AnonD-636319, 21 Jan 2017Yes I am currently using itYes I am using it, pathetic experiences with the service center, they are just there to empty your pockets, as I have a issue with battery drains very quickly, also it's automatically charges the phone once unplugged the charger, when to service center in Mumbai, they quote me for battery, sub charging board and the earpiece, the time I was at service center, they haven't done the replacement, as I agree to pay the charges they quote me, but at last they said me the motherboard need to be replaced. This all happen after visiting multiple times, also over waiting at the center more than 5 hours. The last quote of is 12,000 rupees. Are they don't have well qualified engineers. Please asus check for it. Thanks

  • kabir

Vinodkumar, 25 Mar 2017How to support voltno volte

  • blatak

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2017Disappointed to this phone. The camera and touchscreen have... moreno, you wrong about this phone, because this phone has high benchmarking and quality of resolution is 2k but your phone is trash

  • Jack

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2017Disappointed to this phone. The camera and touchscreen have... moremaybe your phone quality HDC/imitation

  • Anonymous

it can support 5000mah battery replace with 3000mah bateery?

  • Anonymous

Disappointed to this phone. The camera and touchscreen have a low quality

  • Vinodkumar

Myself, 14 Mar 2017If there is any update on ASUS zenfone ze 601kl. I want vol... moreHow to support volt

  • Myself

If there is any update on ASUS zenfone ze 601kl. I want volte update

  • Indro

If it dose not supporting volte then what the coulmn VOLTE in settings wants to show..

  • Mbt

j, 01 Mar 2017Does it have 'glove mode' or ultra-sensitive mode or is the... moreYes it's

  • j

Does it have 'glove mode' or ultra-sensitive mode or is there an option to adjust screen sensitivity in this model?

  • Sai

alokeb, 01 Dec 2016Anyone tried Reliance Jio SIM with this 601kl phone?Yes I am using Jio 4g sim for internet it doesn't support VOLTE

  • Nishant

Good things about it
1. Size of device is comfotable but not for small hands.
2. Processing is good but not for heavy gamers. quality and network reception is very good.

Bad things
1.battery backup is very poor. With such a large display It shoud be equipped with at least 4000 mah.
2. Doesn't support VolTe and that is very disappointing. Also no update regarding this so far.
3. Display quality is very poor. In the day light it is worst, i will say.
5. Camera is not very impressive for Rs.15000 as there are much better phones with much better camera.
6. No finger print sensor.
7. Loud speaker is not very good.
8. Display attacts finger print and smudge.
Overall, not worth buying for 15000.

  • AnonD-636319

Naresh, 18 Dec 2016YesYes I am currently using it

  • AnonD-609836

Asus z2L 6inch user, 07 Jan 2017its unusual big dimension does not fit in all the vr heads... moreHi there friend, it happened to me aswell but I did found a solution, at least for me that is, usually every vr headset has a kind of sliding slot piece to insert into the phone right? if you have one like that dont use the sliding piece at all, just put your phone in the vr headset and fill the gap with something that may secure the phone inside it, Ive used some kind of foam and the phone wouldnt budge at all, it was perfect! and voila! thats how Ive managed to use my Asus in a vr headset otherwise it is simply a nightmare to insert with that sliding piece almost damaging my screen with so mutch pressure to it, I hope this will help you and others, dont judge me hehe, this was the simplest way to resolve this issue, it was like a Macgyver thought in the moment, Cheers!

  • Asus z2L 6inch user

Navjot Singh, 22 Apr 2016Does Asus zenfone 2 laser ZE601KL support Virtual reality g... moreits unusual big dimension does not fit in all the vr headsets who claims to support 4 to 6 inch mobile phones......... i had to return many vr headsets back to online sellers. finally dropped idea to get vr headset......... so its gyroscope sensor is completely useless....
also even 5.5 inch phones are useless for vr headset.... bcuz no google play store is not providing any app to support vr mode all the time such in settings-launcher-utube-app drawer-contacts etc.........its irritating to taking out mobile out of vr box after every few minutes.............. google daydream works only with snapdragon 821 processor series.........wait for one year to get price of 821 processor goes down, then go for 821 processor mobiles.

  • Asus z2L 6inch user

Naresh, 18 Dec 2016YesNo VR virtual reality headset supports this phone.
Reliance 4g jio sim needs VOLTE for voip internet call to eliminate any more talk purchasing. But his asus mobile supports only LTE no VO(voice over) LTE.......... so 4g internet will work but still on single sim only. U cant have even 3g set on both sim together.