Asus Zenfone 4 (2014)

Asus Zenfone 4 (2014)

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  • Mailu

asus zenfone available in the stors or only via online....please teel me friends............

  • khan

Sanu, 12 Nov 2014I took this phone from 20 days back It'z good from the budget po... moreits sim problem, my problem is also....

  • Anonymous

Very unhappy with the phone heats ups very fast

  • Ian

Nice one,,soft touch!very fast...

  • pawan

ASUS User, 13 Nov 2014ASUS Zenfone 4 provides great performance, many features, and a ... moreBut, hands free is not coming, is not good.

  • me

so far so good. nothing to complain

  • ram

Not so GUD There no battery life and also noo head set with these mobile...

  • AnonD-324442

Anyone tell me the upgrade sequence for ASUS Zenfone 4..

I just purchased one and will be getting it delivered tomorrow for sure.. It will have JB by default...
Won't be doing upgrade via OTA as the sequence gets broken, I've experienced it in my Zenfone 5..
Eg. Firmware was mandatory for ZF5 before upgrading to KK 2.20.x
So any such mandates here?
Help appreciated.. Thx in advance...

  • ASUS User

ASUS Zenfone 4 provides great performance, many features, and a very good design..
Zen UI makes the phone more attractive..
The phone has 1.2Ghz dual-core processor which is powered by Intel Atom chipset, which makes the phone run smoothly and without any kind of lags..
Gaming experience is superb, it also supports HD games without any lags..
ASUS zenfone 4 has corning gorilla glass 3, and the back cover of the phone is also very hard therefore the durability of the phone is also up to the mark..
Kitkat version of android is also supported by this phone, i was notified about its update at the time of completing the starting wizard..
It has 5mega pixels camera in which autofocus works fine, HD capturing is also possible..
Internet lovers will be definitely satisfied with the high speed access to internet..
I've been using this phone from previous month and i'm completely satisfied with the overall performance of ASUS Zenfone 4..

Thank you.

  • Barath

manikanta, 11 Nov 2014the battery is in built or not? if battery complaint comes is th... moreThis phone is not an uni body phone, so the battery will be of removable type! Which can be bought near a retailer.

  • Sanu

pervz, 06 Nov 2014To those who are criticizing Asus Zenfone4 for its functionality... moreHello my friend that i know but the thing is whenever you play the games for 10 to 15 mins the mobile gets heated up so soon is it fine for you.. i had my nokia mobile by which i have broughted in same rate ok the battery back up around 2 days even if you play games and call also the mobile will not get heated up like this

  • Sanu

I took this phone from 20 days back It'z good from the budget point of view and in features also but the thing is as my friends mentioned whenever we use to play games or to watch videos and sometimes calling to other friends it's get heated up and battery back up is very less not more than 6 hours wanna charge 2 times a day.. sad :(

friends how to get settings change for the mobile internet because i have tata docomo sim for that purpose and if i active the mobile data it will automatically takes my vodafone sittings and uses that'z y my currency was emptied within a hour help me to change sittings. :(

  • manikanta

the battery is in built or not? if battery complaint comes is there any chance of changing battery

  • AnonD-329594

i have been using this model since 3 months no issues at all i am happy with it till now

  • bang

basab , 09 Nov 2014I am using this latest ZF 4 from last 2 months.facing lots of is... phone also getting hot (heating when using apps more than 15 Mins..) any help?

  • basab

I am using this latest ZF 4 from last 2 months.facing lots of issues.First of all just after 10 days use phones normal speaker got defunct!!! I used to on loudspeakers while making or receiving any voice call, after some discussion with the customer care,which is soo pathetic I have visited customer service center and they repaired it . But this time it works only with a very mild volume increase!!. Other problems like, battery draining, phone getting hot, hangs up all sort of problems are there and customer service is also not that helpful

  • AnonD-329122

Aira, 30 Oct 2014Is this good for gaming?Yes it's good for gaming..i've proved it by my self playing HD games such as GT racing 2
It's much more better than samsung ace 3

  • rat wellwisher

What i would expect from lolipop update next year !!!
1.Need Themes app for zenfones or user can customise the icons ans display.
2.Lock screen should be customised by user. widget can be diabled, weather app at lock screen is no use for me in india.
4.multi tasking of app by touch screen and without need for capcitive buttons.

No more expectations. U rock asus, i started building trust in your products at India.In future want to buy 15 inch laptop with hd screen hope u again make it reachable at 20000 to 30000 Rs.

  • rat wellwisher

I have read complaint of "sound low" !!!
guys using smart phones how can you say that , use audio widzard setting and put phone on speech mode thats it !!!
battery update is improved after update also would buy high capacity battery if available in future for this phone

  • Anonymous

ashu.., 28 Oct 2014is android 4.4 working good in this phone.No. I would wait a while. My phone switches itself off randomly since upgrading and I see little improvement in battery life it may in fact be worse. I have the latest ZF4 version 1 week old for reference.