Asus Zenfone 4 ZE554KL

Asus Zenfone 4 ZE554KL

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  • Anonymous

Billy, 14 Feb 2019Switch to Power Saver in Settings>Battery>Battery Saveryou must to flash it to the rom before you use it without battery draining so fast

  • Billy

Babe, 01 Feb 2019Same problem with the battery after update from Asus. F**ki... moreSwitch to Power Saver in Settings>Battery>Battery Saver

  • Babe

Joy, 05 Jun 2018Latest update for ze554kl 4gb ram version has f****d up the... moreSame problem with the battery after update from Asus. F**king annoying...

  • Fabrício

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2018Will not work more than a year. I never drop it and it stop... moreI hope you're unduly generalizing things, 'cause I just bought one haha

Undone, 29 Oct 2018If you refer to lg g5 se, you just cant compare... this pho... moreHi Undone. No, I wasn't talking about the LG G5 SE, I had the "real" G5, with the SD820.And yes, definitely this phone is better in plenty of ways. Only issue I have is that Asus has more thatn 2 months without any security updates... Besides from that, I'm in love with this phone. So much that, now that the wife needs to replace her Zenfone 2, I'm getting her the Zenfone 5. I don't think that I will move from Asus for a long time.

  • Anonymous

Will not work more than a year. I never drop it and it stop working after a year.
Do not worst the money which I paid. It was cheap though and has a good battery life. but you get what you pay for. I wish I have bought a higher quality phone and at least last more.

  • Undone

Joy, 05 Jun 2018Latest update for ze554kl 4gb ram version has f****d up the... moreMost probably, Android isnt getting a good bat calibrating from Asus, but you can try a trick that it almost always work.

Turn off your Ze554kl. With the phone turned off press:
-Volume down + Power (might take up to 5 seconds to turn it on).

In recovery mode select:
-Wipe cache partition (BEWARE: This option ONLY, not the others...)...
Once you choose and the wipe is done, reboot your phone.

It may take up to 2 days to calibrate you battery... Just use the phone normally and Android will figure out how to do it, in one or two or three charges.

If not... then it might be a firmware problem, and thats up to Asus to resolve... of course, you aint gonna be the only one with that problem...


  • Undone

francsal, 13 Jun 2018I ordered the Zenfone 4 (SD660, 6GB RAM) because I definite... moreIf you refer to lg g5 se, you just cant compare... this phone is way better... if you refer to moto g5 plus, then it is a little bit closer...

Asus is known for its fine tunning, "huge" RAM... although sometimes that hardware tunning isnt that fine.

I always recommend Asus as a brand if you cant pay a flagship phone... think as the brand as the Oneplus... half step behind it.
Always ´bout the best Asus´models, that is.
It isnt cheap, but a little bit more affordable than any flagship.

  • Random

Applications runs fast, you can boost your choice of apps
Has Multi window mode for multi tasking
When doing video call, you can minimize your call window and open other apps
good volume for loud speaker and earpiece which is useful when making calls
good mic, other end of call hears you clearly
aptx, CD-like quality audio over Bluetooth
battery lasts all day(LTE turned on, frequent web browsing, emails, office apps)
Back Camera is very good
Front camera is ok in good lighting,
and on dark lighting, it is similar or bit better to oneplus 5t
front fingerprint sensor, practical when phone is always in your desk, no need to lift to scan
USB type C

  • Cristian

Hi,i bought this phone and when using it's camera i noticed a whining noise, coming from the back of the phone,from the area of the 2 cameras.
The whine appears only when using the main camera,the wide and the front one don't make the noise.
I talked with Asus and they told me it's not normal,so i got the phone replaced and the new one has the same issue.
Has anyone else noticed this problem?

  • francsal

I ordered the Zenfone 4 (SD660, 6GB RAM) because I definitely needed a dual sim phone, but didn't have the money for a flagship device. I have tried to always use flagship devices, this being the first time that I tried a midrange phone. Coming from an LG G5, I was a bit anxious about what to expect from the Zenfone 4 regarding performance, camera, responsiveness, etc., but have been extremely surprised and amazed by this device. The camera is really good (although the wide camera of the G5 was wider), the performance seems even faster than the G5 (pretty sure that it can be attributed to both the cpu and the 6GB of RAM), the design of the phone is amazing, the battery seems to last a lot more than on the G5, and it's already upgraded to Oreo, something LG has been having problems with. All in all, I'm extremely pleased with the phone, it gives flagship performance (except probably in games due to somewhat slow GPU, but I'm not a gamer so, for me, that's a moot point), has really good back cameras (not a selfie fan, so I have no problem if the front camera is not the greatest), has an amazing design and it seems that will receive updates in a timely fashion.

  • thymios

Got my new Asus Zen. After the Zen 5" and the Zen 3 (520), it is a great improvements on all aspects BUT
the IPS refreshes in such way, that wearing polarized sunglasses and operate your phone simply don't match.
I live in Greece and with so much sunlight, I just have to decide that I don't have a cell phone when I walk on the street.

  • Joy

Latest update for ze554kl 4gb ram version has f****d up the battery. Aps like instagram and utube, android system are draining the battery. Battery optimization isnt working. I used to get onscreen time of 8-10 hours per full charge, now with the same usage I get 5-6 hours. I hope Asus fixes the issue.

  • Zahin M.

Anonymous, 14 May 2018ZF3 camera was destroyed by the "updates" pushed out by Asu... moreYes, I agree with that. Asus updates mostly crashed the software until it affects the camera performance. But at the first, ZF3 was absolutely great. I used this regular ZF4 and Oreo update doesn't affect any at all (so far).

  • Anonymous

Zahin M., 18 Mar 2018Don't ever believed reviewer out there. I don't know why so... moreZF3 camera was destroyed by the "updates" pushed out by Asus, just look on their forum for the number of broken cameras on phones that are now out of warranty. Best of all, even their own service centres said it is a software problem, so they cannot fix it.

  • Zahin M.

Updated to Oreo, battery feels little bit better, camera is somewhat has been improved at particular things. Recommended Oreo for everyone.

  • Frank

Zahin M., 28 Jan 2018Got this phone 3 weeks ago, so far this is superb phone! I ... moreMine front camera isn't working anymore 😢😢😢

  • Frank

Zahin M., 18 Mar 2018Don't ever believed reviewer out there. I don't know why so... moreMine works fine but am having problem with my front camera stop working after a month of purchase

  • Frank

AnonD-748904, 02 Apr 2018I'm thinking about buying this phone. Are there any pro... moreEverything works fine on my Asus zenfone 4 ze554kl but unfortunately the front camera is not working anymore after a month of purchase

  • Anonymous

sar value?