Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • MIS

Dear Mr. Tomazz
1. Zen 5 is how good in signal reception i mean in poor signal areas and hard to reach places;
2.Whether Intel is a power hungry processor than Snapdragon, the dual-core and quad-core is more obvious or not much observed.
3. How is the call clarity of the mobile in poor signal areas,
4. What about the Camera clarity of the mobile during night and snapping during low light.

I would like to buy a new Android set, Whether you suggest me to go for this. I am confused with this model and Moto G2 and also with LTE version Zen 5 A500KL since it will come with Snapdragon.

  • naks

Should I buy Asus zenfone 5(8gb)?plz rpy

  • ace

My phone is not reading my sd card. is anyone else the same issue? suggestion pls. thankyou.

  • Anonymous

sri, 14 Sep 2014my zenfone5 is also not connecting to PC/laptops via. usb cable,... moresame experience with my unit. =(

  • AnonD-279813

Adarsh, 14 Sep 2014My phone got restarted with no reason.Why would it be.Somebody p... moreThis can be hardware or software fault.

Hardware fault would mean an issue with the RAM modules, or an overheating CPU.

Software issue would be the corrupt OS partition or a mess caused by badly written app.

First do a factory reset, and upgrade to last firmware. Do not install apps yet.

If the system is working fine, start adding apps one by one. If same issues happen after installing a particular app, then you would know that app is an issue.

However it is likely that you install all apps and don't get the issue, then it was likely the corrupt OS partition.

If even without any apps installed the phone is still restarting, contact Asus for options on repair/replacement as it's likely a hardware fault on RAM module.

  • AnonD-279813

sri, 14 Sep 2014my zenfone5 is also not connecting to PC/laptops via. usb cable,... moreMake sure the phone is set to MTP.

Use a different USB cable and/or different USB port.

Your computer's OS must support MTP.

If your computer is a Mac, download Android File Transfer.

If your computer is Windows 7 (which supports MTP), and you tried different cable and different USB port, then open Control Panel, System, Device Manager, and remove a Multimedia Device (your phone) from the list by deleting it.

Plug the phone in again and it should reinstall the drivers.

On my server ( you will find a folder Tools, where you can download the ASUS Android USB drivers for your computer from. The USB drivers should allow you to replace the Windows built-in MTP drivers for Android multimedia device.

I hope this helps.

  • AnonD-279813

Andy, 14 Sep 2014Since battery is not removable, what to do if its not working pr... moreHold power button for 10 seconds.

  • Gerard

I bought my Zenfone 5 yesterday and it was recognized on the pc when I transferred all my files from my other device. This morning, it's no long recognized via USB. Please help! Any advised what to do with the phone to get USB connected aside from trickle charge? Thanks.

  • Andy

Since battery is not removable, what to do if its not working properly ?

  • sri

my zenfone5 is also not connecting to PC/laptops via. usb cable, on idle it automatically restarts.

  • Adarsh

My phone got restarted with no reason.Why would it be.Somebody please reply.Tomazz ...;expecting a soon reply from you.

  • eazee

Hai.. how to i use font style in yg zenfone 5.. can u tel me??

  • Jason

Ashok, 13 Sep 2014I am using Asus Zenfone5 since 15 days. But unable to connect PC... moreNothing is wrong with the phone... buy a new computer

  • Jason

don buy, 13 Sep 2014dont buy this phone,battery backup is the worst.. juz last onl... moreI agree I also have the same issue. It happened to my phone after I went online it automatically upgraded the firmware to version and everything went sour it wont even last a day even when im not using it. I read that you can download battery extender apps to correct the bug from the firmware upgrade. I hope it helps. mine was 2 days old so I got it replaced and turned off the auto update

  • Jason

don buy, 13 Sep 2014@Tomazz is dis normal?or it's juz only me?battery cannot even la... moreDon't sell your phone. I have the same issue it happened when the phone was connected to the internet and upgraded to the latest version I read that you can correct the bug by downloading an app that extends battery life. I hope this helps

  • Jason

saddy expert, 14 Sep 2014are have battery drain problm" then check this out you want... moreI have battery issue that drains fast after the phone automatically upgraded the firmware to version and the phone is just 2 days shy. what can you suggest as a solution

  • vicky

AnonD-289214, 13 Sep 2014i want to buy this phone. so i am very confused to about moreBro this phone is super....It has 2 GB of Ram..& 8 GB of internal storage..Asphalt 8,dead trigger 2 can my suggestion is...don't wait...ur time is running out...go for it..

  • AnonD-279813

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2014(facepalm) apps to sd is an android feature. read the descriptio... moreThat depends on the app. If it is written so it can only work from Linux partition, then it can't run off SD card.

Some apps are written properly, so they can run and store data on SD card.

But there are some that can't be copied off the internal storage, or cannot write data onto SD card, even though they can run off SD card themselves.

It really completely depends on the app itself.

Both the phone and the OS support it, though. In Jelly Bean and in KitKat version.

  • aulia

AnonD-279813, 13 Sep 2014Can you open the Settings, then tap on STORAGE. In it, there'... moreMy phone already set to mtp Tomazz. I hv used my brother pc & my sisters pc, the result still same. I hv view some video at youtube..i'll review more videos to get some info. BTW, thanks for ur replied

  • AnonD-279813

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2014How can i upgrade Android version to kitkat 4.4.2 in this phoneYou can wait until it's available, then it will update it by itself.