Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • sasi

Aju, 11 Sep 2014I can't connect my Zenfone 5 to PC/laptop. Also the PC link app ... moreBoss just download PC link.exe and instal it in ur pc then try it....

  • DD

I own Asus Zenfone 5 T00J. It works perfectly. The battery lasts for 6 hours when I'm using it but when not, it lasts for more than 10 hours. :) I can say that I love my phone, waiting now for KitKat update.. :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-306569, 12 Sep 2014yes... it wil launch... and its awesomeits awesome guys no bet fort this phone is just 10

  • ryan

I am currently using this phone and it is great. It can play heavy games, browse the web and the ui is fantastic. Battery is mediocre

  • AnonD-306569

AnonD-296182, 09 Sep 2014heard asus will be launching its gear like samsung it will be c... moreyes... it wil launch... and its awesome

  • AnonD-36424

Tisha, 12 Sep 2014I hav been waiting fr asus zenfone 5 8 gb since like ages... Tey... moreHii Tisha !
Why so worried , When d time come it will be in your hands....
There is a good newz for you , It is available on flipkart at 9999 for white color in 8 gb model.
Problem is that only white color is available, here is the link...­01cg/p/itmdxza4u4bhuvzq?pid=MOBDXZ9WWECDH6FB&­;otracker=from-search&srno=t_1&query=asu­s+zenfone+5&ref=8dbfe53d-cff2-4e8b-aa3f-7cb4­735f1a97

If you are responding , don't forget to say thank you
I am waiting ?????

  • kk

This is awesome phone..its first time m using android after so long use of apple and BB ..n this phone is best to get experience of android..2 GB ram is proving itself at its best!!!just one suggestion use memory card of 10c to experience super fast matter how hard i try to check if it hangs but it doent..n look is 10/10..battery is not at its best but more than average ..

  • nunsha


There is a new kernel update­en&m=ASUS%20ZenFone%205&p=39&s=1&­;os=32&hashedid=96nqlxHp1VKV4Rdz

But no change log.

Does anyone try this new kernel and know what s new?
How does I upgrade ? Adb Sideload or other method

  • robindelmarre

Hi guys
I got the zenfone 5 this week-end, and when i turn on an app it says "........" accepte or deny and tick if u want to dont show it again , i thick dont show again, and still apear...someone can help me pls

  • shubham

AnonD-291211, 12 Sep 2014Why don't you decide your self. You can decide better because yo... moreplease ask me i not be decided my self

  • AnonD-302525

Zenfone is available on flipkart. Book it fast

  • AnonD-291211

ruhi, 11 Sep 2014heyy guyss plz help me wch mobile i have to take...which... moreWhy don't you decide your self. You can decide better because you know what you need.

  • aulia


This is my 4th time i reset my phone. I still can't update my zenfone. I download the latest firmware, extract it, connect to my pc but nothing happen..can some of u help me to solve my problem.

  • AnonD-291211

AnonD-303138, 12 Sep 2014My one week old zenfone5 16gb suddenly stopped charging. I tried... moreyes , you should go for replacement instead of going to service center.

  • AnonD-291211

AnonD-287756, 12 Sep 2014in ASUS ZENFONE 5 there has no video calling plugin,u have to us... moreUse Share Link. Share Link is the app provided by asus to use wifi direct. In other phones other than asus, you can Use SHAREit app, which is compatible with asus sharelink. So when you want to share anything through wifi direct , then choose ShareLink logo in drop down option.

  • AnonD-291211

snprasad, 12 Sep 2014Yes.. i have one more doubt prasad.. when i am going to scroll t... moreit shouldn't happen. Can you mention on which type of pages it happens.

  • john

AnonD-291211, 11 Sep 2014Anything else left? U r probably still in the early stage of using this phone...those updates I had received weeks back..there is no difference in the settings before and aftr updates..the speaker near ear made irritating noises first..later it stopped working...u Wil realise later,may regret also..

  • AnonD-291211

[deleted post]Do factory reset. if problem not solved, then go for replacement.

  • zingadesantosh

[deleted post]I think it may be virus prob just restore or format the phone buddy

  • Anonymous

rose, 10 Sep 2014I bought this fone for a week ago.. the problem occured when i ... moreGo 2 setting extract data limit