Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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This phone is great, almost a week usage and yes the battery is not that good but it last a day for me since I'm busy with school.

But I have some question guys do your Zenfone 5 can read and write Korean? And is it normal when my ZF5 is rooted already.. Mine is 1.13.40 can't do OTA eventhough it is T00J ver.

If you guys didn't face those problems then I'm out of my luck since I bought it with distributor warranty :/

Please help me to answer so I can ask help from the distributor.. thank you..

  • jojo

please say me how can chang color of mobail opereter on top of at screen.

  • Manoj

No doubt Asus Zenfone5 is amazing phone. I got this on 15th July14 and i loaded double extra apps then required. Still it performed without hanging device. But one thing I could not cleared that how to make video calls by this device ? Can somebody clear the problem, becoz rarely but sometimes i desperately need video calling.

  • Abinash

Hi Tomazz,

I just want to know, is it dangerous to use phone during charging...

  • AnonD-303255

hi there, i've seen zenfone 5 and i'm very disappointed regarding its brightness levels and the speaker sound of it. i've also watched a video in youtube comparision of brightness levels of moto g and zenfone 5 and i got really shocked looking the brightness difference of these. moto g's brightness was 25 comparable to zenfone's 40. And at highest brightness zenfone will definitely go lost somewhere. so , is there any solution for this brightness of zenfone ? if so , please help me out. thanks

  • Anonymous

AnonD-296182, 04 Sep 2014yes it does. buy the phone and install latest firmware provided... moreHello all, I am facing problem with mobile data, as I am not able to use internet through mobile data. please help guys. I followed all the procedure which I should do but please let me know if I am missing anything ? and one more thing as well when i start to use playstore through mobile data, i am not able to use. please help guys

  • AnonD-303217

i was purchase asus zenfone 5 in last week. when the many application running then face the lagging problem.
another major problem i found in battery, when i start the charging, the sign of charging not appeared on the display and the same time power button not working properly and also drain the battery continuesly more time.
so i hope company will be replace or solve the problem.....

  • Anonymous

I have this Asus Zenfone5
Good smartphone at low buget so.
And it has some problem app not responding sometime..

  • Anonymous

How to pause download from browser in asus earphone 5?

  • madi pbb

hms, 06 Sep 2014hey guys am planning to purchase asus zenfone 5 but i heard some... moreBattery is normal like other android phone...just use powerbank....

  • Al

AnonD-279813, 06 Sep 2014KitKat has optimisation for the CPU included. This means that it... moreThat's great! It would help save significant power when the device's in idle mode. The problem is the battery drain during use. For example, if I browse through the internet on JB for about 10 mins and it takes 3% on the battery life, does it mean kitkat can reduce this time to a much slower value? Plus, will RAM usage also affects the battery life? I think it could. Thank you for the answers! They're sincerely appreciated.

  • AnonD-279813

Al, 06 Sep 2014Thanks for the answer! I get what you're saying but is it really... moreKitKat has optimisation for the CPU included. This means that it can throttle the speed of the CPU, and put it in idle when it's not using it. JellyBean doesn't do that.

Atom is never idle on JellyBean. It's always running at at least 800 MHz. It's burning power whether it's doing anything or not.

KitKat should improve on that, and be able to throttle it down whenever it doesn't need it temporarily, thus saving energy.

Then there's RAM use. JellyBean is a real memory hog, and it's using far more memory than it should. Imagine Windows Vista.

KitKat on the other hand manages and releases memory far better, using less of it, allowing more apps to run at the same time, run smoother and faster.

So a firmware can make some difference, and on the other phones that upgraded I have seen a pretty significant difference in performance, but of course I can't say how much of an impact it would have on ZenFone, having not seen it run on KitKat yet.

So remaining cautiously optimistic.

  • AnonD-279813

hms, 06 Sep 2014hey guys am planning to purchase asus zenfone 5 but i heard some... moreSpeaker could be louder, but I just used it in a fairly… read that very bloody noisy place… and had a conversation with another person also using ZF5, and while I won't say it was very loud, it was clear.

There's an app I used to use on HTC before, a free one, to increase volume, the logo was equaliser… try searching for it. I've never used it on Zen but it did make big difference on HTC which was also on the quiet side.

As for outside speaker - it's OK in quiet or mildly noisy place, but it's not going to replace your company conference phone.

So I'd say it's reasonable, but much quieter than Sony Z2 and Oppo Find 7, which could replace a stereo.

As for battery - it's comparable to many other smartphones out there, many of them costing a lot more, so I think it's far more excusable on ZenFone for 200$ than it is on 1000$ iPhone 5s. If you're worried, get a small power bank, if you're planning to use it a lot or go somewhere for a few days.

Last bit - 2.5A chargers (like that of Samsung Galaxy Note II - 10$ on eBay for original one, incl. shipping) charge the phone at about double the speed of the original charger. I've actually never even removed original charger or cable from the box. Use Samsung's one all the time.

  • AnonD-279813

Pooja, 06 Sep 2014So finally ive got my Zeonfone 5 8GB, haven't used much, but App... moreOn 1.14 firmware which was the original firmware on the phone when I got it, the Whats Next was crashing constantly. But not anything else, that I remember.

However from 1.16 I believe, I have not seen a crash on my phone. Or hang. Or any other issue.

Try to do a factory reset which should reload firmware from recovery partition.

See if that fixes it. Or load 1.18 from Asus or from my server (the full near 700 MB file) and manually update it.

That's the firmware I am using and have 0 problems with the phone.

  • AnonD-303138

hms, 06 Sep 2014hey guys am planning to purchase asus zenfone 5 but i heard some... moreI got the zenfone 5 16gb yesterday. Updated to latest firmware. So far no trouble and battery seems fine compared to the iPhone 4s I was using. Pl remember this has 5 inch display and also dual Sim. So there is nothing wrong with the battery of this capacity - can't expect it to last longer than this.

  • Mayank

hms, 06 Sep 2014hey guys am planning to purchase asus zenfone 5 but i heard some... moreBattery backup of dis phone is 12-15 when using regularly
But it will not a big issue ,Moto g have also same battery backup
zenfone 5 complete a whole day or even more while for a Normal day use

  • jade13

Just bought it today. The build quality is good. The battery drains so fast. Hopes this gets fixed very soon.

  • Madhu

I heard that the battery life is not great in zenfone could anyone tell the usage hours of the phone after full charge

  • smileylove

hi i just bought zenfone 5 and it drains quickly.. is there any way to enhance it?? its dual sim but why i cant open 2 sims at the same time?? pls help me on this.. i really love this phone .. qhen it qill upgrade to kitkat version?? pls reply

  • Al

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2014Hard to say. The only phones that I've updated from JB to KK wer... moreThanks for the answer! I get what you're saying but is it really sure that battery lifespan will somehow improve with the upcoming update? It's actually quite unimaginable that the battery itself will improve with just a firmware update but I'm really looking forward to the smooth operation + adequate battery life of Zenfone 5 once Kitkat comes around.