Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-74627, 13 Aug 2014Whats the diff between WW/TW/CN?mine is CNT..what does it stand for?I only know CHT, CN, TW and WW.

CHT is supposedly for Hong Kong.

Maybe someone else can confirm this…

CNT I do not know though.

  • AnonD-74627

its cht not cnt sorry..

  • AnonD-74627

AnonD-279813, 13 Aug 2014Not a dumb question at all :) If you look at the back of the ... moreWhats the diff between WW/TW/CN?mine is CNT..what does it stand for?

  • jom12

does it have gyroscope sensor

  • parv

asus zenfone is good fone in range of rs 10000, but battery back up is not good ,

  • ss

but yesterday, very great experience overall

  • cee

I have been using this phone for the last 2 months.this phone really sucks.the battery backup is below average and the cam is good for nothing.guys plz don't buy this

  • sebi

Zenfone5 always good overall performance very nice pls focus battery

  • Frank

Hi im from the Philippines

im planning to buy this phone , i check it out online by watching videos for antutu and game test camare is good and the performance is great ,, it was amazing and majority of those videos inspired audience to buy the product. here in the philippines it cost around 6k to 7k with this specs hyper threading which is the newest features of Intel it really makes me decide to buy it . :) i work for dell tech support and usually beside me is a laptop with hyperthreading capability no issue with the performance and also FYI if the core is 2 and it has hyper threading it is totally equal to 4 core . try to watch some videos that will show how the hyper threading works :).. remember that intel known as manufacturer for processor that is for multitasking not totally for gaming but take note that all processors once they have been used for intense gaming definitely there is a high chance of getting hot with the device, known negative reason they compare the intel to AMD is because of heating but if you know about the processor like AMD and Snapdragon they were designed for gaming purposes but they were also designed for overclocking and result of having that is higher chance of heating and faulty processor ., but AMD and snapdragon are amazing processors . just manage your task and take care of your phone in reality there is no perfect world when it comes to technology , one thing i like about this device is the 2gb ram . ram known as the processing memory if you have processor that has a hyper threading and 2gb ram for processing memory and with this price men it's just like u've got one of the hottest girls in town right :).. if you want to buy ths phone i advice you to visit ASUS store and check it out there , feel it .

  • AnonD-293866

can anybody please tell me about the punjabi font readability on zenfone.can we read punjabi fonts on zenfone?????

  • subhu

nice one

  • AnonD-279813

krikkrik, 12 Aug 2014Hi, anyone who's using Zenfone 5, can your help me to solve my p... moreI don't have that issue with WhatsApp, but then I did allow it to read my contacts when it first asked.

As for Kit Kat - you can't do it, because there is no KitKat release for ZenFones from Asus yet. It has been promised to be released soon, and from what rumours we hear, it is coming together with the whole PadFone family ZenUI updates. That's just a rumour.

Phone does support KitKat, and when it's ready it would get available for download from Asus site, and/or OTA updated to your phone.

But as of now, it's not available. Sorry.

  • AnonD-279813

krikkrik, 12 Aug 2014Sorry if this is dumb quest. But may i know, how can we know wha... moreNot a dumb question at all :)

If you look at the back of the box of your phone, on the sticker, there would be model and specifications. In my case it states (at the bottom of the sticker with several barcodes): A501CG,WHITE,WW-3G,D,8GB EMMC+2G RAM, INTEL CLT+Z2560,5/8M WWE-ANDROID,N/A,N/A

Now above see WW-3G. So this is a WW model.

When you go to Asus support site, you will see firmware downloads, and they would have versions, such as

Version V1.16.40.50(WW) or Version V1.16.40.7(TW)

The WW or TW or CN or... must match what your phone is. So if your phone is WW, you need to download the (WW) version of firmware.

Hope that makes it clearer :)

The firmware downloads are at:­oad/

Choose Android or Other in the OS selection, then Firmware.

  • AnonD-279813

zaroon, 12 Aug 2014Can anyone say me how to disable weather forecast from homescree... moreRemove the weather/time widget.

Download (if it's not in there, but I think there is) another widget that has only time and place it in its space.

  • rizone

hai I from Malaysia and I planning to buy this phone but before that I have a question for those who already use this phone especially people from Malaysia.

1- from what I read there are some apk app that does not suppot Intel atom processor can anyone tell me if this app that I listed will be OK or not

Facebook messages
ayakashi ghost guild
kritical chaos unleashed
reign of dragon
rage of bahamut
aldilko book reader
go launcher ex
million Arthur
quick pic
MX player

this is most frequently most used app that I used in my smartphone

2- can this phone play 3d app and game without lag like kritikal chaos,element,alsphat and next launcher

3- the internal memory is really 8gb or less I don't mind few mb less but when I buy lenovo a850 it say 4gb but inside is 2gb and when I ask they say 2gb is for system.

4- and this is most important part,about 3g connection and WiFi signal if anyone from Malaysia especially from melaka can you tell me about the signal and if the WiFi have a good reception without need to turn on/off every minute cause my lenovo have this problem

that all my question and I hope any one can help me with this question and u will post another reply when I buy this phone and tell anyone about good or bad

thank you

  • Aishath

Very good, fast browsing, worth to buy....

  • zaroon

Can anyone say me how to disable weather forecast from homescreen and lockscreen? I only need time on screen. Please reply me.

  • AnonD-291211

I checked In LG G3 Page and found people are complaining about Heating issue and Battery life(Of course people having less knowledge will always do blah blah... without understanding every aspect) for a phone which costs more than 45,000/-. what you think about it?

  • AnonD-279813

Alex14, 12 Aug 2014i bought this phone about a week ago and i using only 1 sim card... moreGo to settings and see Dual SIM Card settings.

There disable the second slot and it will stop asking.

If you have 2 SIMs, you have these options:

- for voice calls, always default to SIM 1, or always default to SIM 2, or always ask

- for internet, use SIM 1 or use SIM 2.

You can NOT use both SIMs at the same time for internet, and for calls you can only use dual stand-by, but not same time calls.

So try to disable SIM 2 and see if notice goes away. It should :)

  • AnonD-279813

suresh, 12 Aug 2014My zenfone 4 can't vibrating....plz how can I solve this....You can pull down the right side of the screen to get settings screen, then tap on icon to switch between sound, vibrate and mute.

Maybe you have it on mute?

If this does not work, go to and under support find your ZenFone 4, then click on Downloads and check if you have under Other any firmware that's newer than what you're using.

Beware there are different versions, like WW is worldwide model, CN is Chinese only, TW is Taiwanese...

The code is written on the sticker of the box phone came in, or in About Phone in settings.

Download the firmware to your desktop, for example, then unzip it. You'll see 1 file in that ZIP.

Now plug in your phone to computer, and it will probably ask you to enable USB Debug - enable it.

Now you should see the device under Computer/My Computer. Open it and you'll see Internal Memory disk drive.

Open it.

Now place the downloaded unzipped file into the ROOT of that internal memory drive.

When it's completely copied, eject it and unplug cable.

Phone will show notification that new version of firmware is available and ask you if you want to install it. Do that.

If it still does not work, it may be possible that the motor that provides vibration isn't working, in which case I'd recommend visit of shop you bought it at, or if it is beyond exchange period, the Asus service centre.