Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • AnonD-289419

Hi frnds..i bought my asus zenfone 5..i am pretty much ipressed with the phone but i have a problem in sound..sound of speaker phone is too low that in some noice u just cant hear my set is defected or its a problem in zemfone 5?

  • maddy

AnonD-284722, 31 Jul 2014people who had problem with zenfone 5's low flashlight, be happy... moreHi.....I want to buy it...but 3 main proublm in this mobile...bettery, low flesh and sound...will it solve by update...please give me ur valueval feedback...

  • Aka

1. I have bought this phone -Zen 5 a fortnight age, as such no problem and over experience I found is good. Comparing with other models available in the market, I found this is the cheapest and best one available considering the features provided in Zenfone 5.
I have a question if some one can help me.
I have got two sim cards, one is post paid, which is sim one and 3g has been activated in it. In sim 2 I have got airtel sim which is always on roaming. I want to know whether I can have net connection in sim 2 also and is it possible to use data in both the sim simeatenously.
Kindly help
Anil (

  • AnonD-289394

i just bought this phone earlier and google play prompted me to download asus launcher once i did there is no option for me to open it and i cant even see it on my phone. how can i use it

  • jayjay

i just bought asus zenfone 5 today.. when i install wechat,whatsapp and facebook a notification saying "whatsapp try to read contact" ...
"wechat try to read contact"
"facebook try to read contact".. and down there there is two option saying that deny and allow.. no matter what whenever i select both.. the notification is keep on popping out.. can anyone help me out with this?

  • AnonD-288293

Should I buy 8gb or pay 3k more and buy the 16gb model?
Will 8gb be enough for apps?
Really confused.

  • caddac

please review this product after latest update ....gps problem solved in updates?????

  • AnonD-284722

people who had problem with zenfone 5's low flashlight, be happy now. system update number 2 makes zenfone's flash much much brighter almost like dual led.

  • ryan

MT13, 31 Jul 2014Please follow below steps: Setting-Apps-Movable-select App-Move... morethanks for the info...

  • prince

Can anyone tell me how much space is available for apps in 8gb model and 16gb model..

  • rishab

Kindly update the User interface before user stop using the phone. The icons and UI specially menu quick settings are so outdated. Company needs to retain its market. Asus care kindly update.

  • ryan

sixx, 31 Jul 2014I just bought a zenfone 5 why the flash when taking pictures is ... moreit is weak flash when you set it to auto mode and you take pictures in bright place

  • Anonymous

murlidhar, 31 Jul 2014Plz let me know does Asus 5 supports otg :-)

  • sixx

I just bought a zenfone 5 why the flash when taking pictures is so weak...while when using flashlight its strong

  • raj_u

can anyone revert on this ..i am using this phone since last 1 week and suddenly i have observed the camera flash is not operating ... can anyone help me ?

  • ss

SensibleTechBoss, 31 Jul 2014Outstanding. Brilliant marriage of the processor and UI. Almost ... moreseems flipk.... agent ....

  • ars

What about rom in 8gb varient ?

  • Babu Natesan

Phone is good there are 2 negative feedback i am going to give

1. phone is over heating - if you will do video calling that also up normal heat.

2. Battery backup is not good, with 2G or 3G if you are using fb, twitter gmail also it will come maximum by 3 hrs back up very bad backup

  • MT13

ryan villanueva, 31 Jul 2014i just want to ask can it move the apps to the sd card? i want t... morePlease follow below steps:
Setting-Apps-Movable-select App-Move to SD card.

Hope this will help you. :-)

  • AnonD-284722

murlidhar, 31 Jul 2014Plz let me know does Asus 5 supports otg not yet
but we hope that the kitkat update will bring otg in zenfone 5