Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • p

AnonD-204192, 18 Jul 2014signal reception are normal not face any call drop my ar... moreDear Kirti,
Thank you very much for the reply...
So you suggest that definitely one could go for it.

  • arun

AnonD-284722, 18 Jul 2014No There's no problem of heating at all Redmi has mediatek ... moresir,pls reply me,I bought Asus zenphone5 yesterday,it has heat problem...what can I do?shall I return it or continue to use it??..please mail me @ you

  • arun

AnonD-284904, 18 Jul 2014Hi. I want to buy the new Asus Zenfone 5 16GB. Can anyone tell m... moreya,it has mild heat problem,

  • Anonymous

i read the review of this phone the gps is not working properly and the battery back up is very poor it can take only 2-3 hours in heavy usage.

  • AnonD-189957

Mike, 18 Jul 20142MP is front camera and 8MP is back camYes. That i know.. but.. i open the camera.. and i try to change the resolution of camera.. use back camera and i go to setting and there only show 2mp and 1.4mp.. change to front camera still like that.. hmm.. i think.. that phone broken... and thats why he put the phone at outside and for testing... hahaha..

  • AnonD-204192

AnonD-284904, 18 Jul 2014Will u support in buying the zenfone 5 or not?i have one and really support it better than moto g buy a 32gb class 10 memory card and play as much game as you can best phone in 10k but if you can buy xiaomi mi3 then go for it. xiaomi have power to beat zenfone.

  • AnonD-284904

Will u support in buying the zenfone 5 or not?

  • AnonD-204192

yes yes get the second update today optimize all wifi,audio quality, 8 of them stability update,ultra saving mode flipcover flash light. total 14 things updated lets see now phone perform.

  • zaroon

I'm desperately waiting to purchase this mobile from Flipkart, but still the status is out of stock from 2 days yet. Guys any idea when Flipkart can get them?

  • Anonymous

What type of sim you used a original microsim or cutted regular sim in the form of microsim ? ....

  • AnonD-284904

AnonD-204192, 18 Jul 2014yes clash of clan is perfectly working every thing looks great b... moreThanks for the reply kirtiazad. :) I'm the leader of Clan Of Loyals and i'm level 70. if u want u can join. And again thanks for your help. :)

  • AnonD-284722

All the zenfone 5 users, i just watched a video by geeky ranjit on youtube regarding zenfone 4, not 5 , supporting otg out of the box. It is not mentioned on asus website or gsmaeena, still it is supporting otg.

Anyone here tried otg on zenfone 5
Is it working???? Are u able to browse and use pen drive on zenfone 5????

  • AnonD-204192

[deleted post]yes clash of clan is perfectly working every thing looks great better than my one x+ .every thing in zenfone 5 looks bigger the depth of graphic is great also color looks more vibrant .i am is india clan with 44 other member and total points are 14833 with name of kirti at level 54.

  • wewegombel

better to update the latest firmware 1.15 WW version. best improvement is led flash has brighten than before. go get them.

  • Mike

AnonD-189957, 18 Jul 2014I have question.. i survey this phone at dealer.. and i try the ... more2MP is front camera and 8MP is back cam

  • phonomanic

Will i buy this phone or not please suggest me ?

  • AnonD-284904

thanks kirtiazad for your reply. :) can u tell me whether all apps and games especially CLASH OF CLANS in google play store is supported by this device?

  • AnonD-204192

Gigad, 18 Jul 2014Queries 1.Every time I pull down the notification window,I want... more1.drag the notification panel from extreme left so you never get the quick setting any time

2.Difference of the Battery window and Power consumption table?
both are same battery windows is default android feature.
but power consumption table is zen ui feature or say asus added so battery windows look good.both are same and work same.

  • AnonD-204192

AnonD-284920, 18 Jul 2014go for lenovo p780 4000 mah battery appx 2 days battery backupyes great suggestion but after buying lenovo just get battery backup not get android update in future and phone lag very much specially the media-tech processor 1.3ghz cortex a7.