Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • Anonymous

I hope thìs phone runs just like my k900 as it has the same cpu and gpu. If it does, this is a great buy. With my k900, i can play the latest games with medium to high settings. It also has high antutu benchmark score, around 23000. This phone almost has identical specs as k900. I hope it will be available in the philippines right away. GSMARENA, reviews please!! Thanks.

  • AnonD-34132

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2014why all zen phone battery very pooor capacity? the main iss... moreactually you who didnt learn..Asus use Intel processor which consume very less it doesnt matter if zenfone 5 only 2050mah battery..

  • Anonymous

The battery isn't bad people... Li-po is a more powerful battery, and more expensive. The 2050 mAh Li-po will be a lot better than other Li-ion batteries in that power range.

  • ReignLeeohra

i Will buy one..

  • Anonymous

why all zen phone battery very pooor capacity? the main issue of current smartphone is dumb battery. why asus didnt learn about this?

  • Anonymous

why all zen phone battery very pooor capacity?

  • Anonymous

I hope to find one here in Tanzania. and the gold color back cover is the bang i hope they will make sure there's enough of them

  • debdebi

does it have OTG support ?

  • iyan

Ricki, 08 Jan 2014Does it have Gorilla Glass?can't wait for, hopefully really $149 in indonesia

  • AnonD-217482

Hmm, I hoped for a 4 inch model with at least 8Mpx camera, but it seems there will be no such phones for my budget. Well then, let's wait for Zenfone 5.

  • bollineni

I want. Thisin Indian market

  • The techninja

Apparently it is going to cost:
Zenfone 4,5,6 for $99,$149,$199

  • Anonymous

Honestly this is the fone I was looking for. Can't wait. Anyone knows when is the release date?

  • MAHI

wating 4 that

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2014seriously 4gb internal storage??? with an sd card slot

  • AnonD-223341

is also comes in 8gb and 16 gb models :)

I really love this phone! I wanna buy it once it is launched here in the Philippines! This and the premium Lumia 1520 will be my new babies! :)

  • Anonymous

seriously 4gb internal storage???

  • Anonymous

It looks like the HTC One.

  • wushu

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