Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • jhem

i don't have alot of money. i dont have 7k. but i only have 5600 .. asus zenfone 5 is better than asus zenfone 5 lite.. i only need 5600 that can buy a z'5 lite.. it is good enough for me ?? thank u.. pls be answer ..

  • abhi

haiii...asus zenfone is very gud performances problems its gud phone and luking so beauty .... phone is very fast ..2gb ram&16 GB internal available this phone Asus pleas buy this phone..

  • AnonD-357722

alamin, 02 Apr 2015is it OTG or OTA supported? Yes, both are supported...

  • Rikky

I found an issue at music that as "Unfortunately music has sropped". Frequently it shows this issue. Can anyone tell why it shows like this and how to correct this???

  • AnonD-382188

Good phone..excellent performance...Better buy the original dont buy the LTE

  • AnonD-300572

Can someone tell When is the lollipop update coming for zenfone 5 ????

  • AnonD-382165

I have been using this mobile for last 5 months.The performance of the mobile is really awesome.I didn't notice any lagging while running heavy apps also.The customisation of apps is really wonderful.It is really better than any other mobile.I have played heavy graphics games like asphalt8,mc5,mc4,vice city,etc. the phone runs well in all these games.There is no lag in all these games even if you play for a long time.When it comes to heating,the phone does not gets heated in normal usage like browsing and others.But when you play heavy games for more than 20 minutes the temperature goes upto 44˚c.If you keep the phone in updated condition it does not goes to that much heating.The battery backup of this mobile is average,when you play games it drains fastly but in normal usage the battery is good.The camera quality is also really good.In this mobile you are also getting magnetic compass. So for 8k you can surely go for this mobile.

  • san

guys, what abt its camera?

  • sajin

I have experienced the asus zenfone.To be frank its good phone i have used the moto g and sony as well as micromax.comparing all those stuff my zenfone stands out.Seriously guyz take it now itself it officially announced that it will be updated to lollipop by the may month. Before i was taking the phone i was also worried everyone told me that it has poor gorilla glass f*ck to all those who told me like that because my phone will get daily dropped from my bed when i woke up early in morning. i dont even use any case.good performance. its going to be 7 months when since i took the phone and i think it got stuck only 2 or three times.But battery really suckz still i am happy with that.coz everyone uses power bank nowadys.go for it.I have used I phone also IPHONE is best and next preference goes to asus zenfone 5

  • AnonD-291211

Lollipop update may be delayed. Check out this link.­read&tid=5702&extra=page%3D1

  • alamin

is it OTG or OTA supported?

  • akki

i m angry with its camera its too cheap otherwise its amezing awesome.

  • zenfone

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2015Should i buy asus zenfone 5 because i am little bit confuseIts an awesome phone :)
Just adjust to its battery life.
Take 16gb if i were u.. Then put class 10 SD card.

  • Diya

I m planning to buy zenfone 5. But its two models 8gb and 16 gb.. I confused to select..Which is better to buy?????

  • Anonymous

zenphone, 01 Apr 2015i use zenfone 5 month ago.. i will say it is a superb phone.. th... moreShould i buy asus zenfone 5 because i am little bit confuse

  • Alki 13

When will be available the lollipop update for Asus zenfone 5 T00j?
Thank you

  • AnonD-288093

Antr, 01 Apr 2015today when i used fb messenger along with some other apps, ifoun... morecheck for app update , FOTA update and factory reset

  • AnonD-288093

Varma, 01 Apr 2015We can upgrade anroid version ?i came 2 know that its 4.3 and ha... moreyes 4.3 is jellybean and kitkat version is available now, go to settingaboutsystem updatecheck update.
You will get notification on top if update available , download it and install.

  • AnonD-288093

bappi, 31 Mar 2015Hi Kishor, how many useble internal space in 8gb?around 4.7 GB

  • AnonD-288093

Kishor, 30 Mar 2015hi I'm use 6 month ago zenfone 5 .8GB. mobile is very good but h... moreevery smartfone with this configuration heats which also depends upon environment , check with cpu temp app , mine max. temp is 65 degree