Asus Zenfone 6 A600CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 6 A600CG (2014)

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  • AnonD-347394

Just an awesome phone.
It gave me everything I wanted.
Updated to Kitkat 4.4.2
Thank you ASUS!!!

  • camaross1220

Suresh, Tiruttani,, 01 Jan 2015Hiiiiiii dude..... Zenfone 6 single or dual sim???its a dual sim phone

  • AnonD-346739

min, 30 Dec 2014which are the better asus zenfone 5 or 6? Depends of what you need. Bigger screen and more power or smaller screen, but with lower cost.

  • AnonD-337619

harry, 04 Dec 2014Switch to music mode. If u on Power saving mode. Your voice outp... moreIn my phone the first mode displayed is not power saving mode but smart mode and there's different between smart mode and music mode sound pretty similar, low and i almost can't hear if someone's calling me :(

  • Weizz

DING DONG, 30 Dec 2014I'm used my zenfon 6 for 2 months. My problem is i'm cannot add ... moreJust Add in Nofications Folder On Internal Phone Memory

  • Mango

I just bough the phone 2 days ago. 1St choosen Zenfone 6 because of the battery capacity but my first changing its only last for about 10 hours, 2nd charged last for about 12 hours . But as I seen from previous comments, it's could be last for about 18 hours ..
May I know is you guys phone last for 12 hours only, or more than it ? Thanks..

  • marvin

I buy my phone 2days ago and today i update to kitkat 4.4.2 after the update i cant make massage any more even on sms mesage or viber even on fb the keyboard are not working anymore can some one help me to fix this? Thanks

  • Suresh, Tiruttani,

Hiiiiiii dude.....
Zenfone 6 single or dual sim???

  • kaplog

DING DONG, 30 Dec 2014I'm used my zenfon 6 for 2 months. My problem is i'm cannot add ... moreuse an app called tone picker

  • gopi

Is this model has single or dual sim ?

  • min

which are the better asus zenfone 5 or 6?

  • Pratik

Wow! What a great phone. Feature wise its worth the money. Intel processor is so smooth. No video lags also. The most important thing is the battery backup. I recharged it overnight upto 8am. From 8am to 9:30 pm the battery use was 90% on continuos 3G on. That too without a battery saver app. Thats 13.5 hrs of moderate use with watching videos, listening music, facebook and watsapp going on inbetween. Just awesome and worth 3300mAh. The magic of battery starts after reaching below 30% on indicator.

  • manu

Wow zenfone 6 is very nice.. i have read most of the review it is amazing... em planin to buy zenfone 6 in a couple of days...em sure this is gonna be an amazing experience... i suggest u too buy zenfone 6...

  • HiD3nZ

AnonD-346685, 30 Dec 2014Lg g3s or zenfone 6?You have to choose what you want to do with smartphone. For films, get Asus. And actually, I think asus is better for games too, even with that Asus has 2 cores less than G3s.
And yeah, i personally like Asus design and little things devs have done in that phone. :)

  • camaross1220

Naufal Rafi, 30 Dec 2014LG G3S or zenfone 6. Please a fan of lg g variant,i have both lg g2 and g3...basically i dont know about this lg g3s so far until you mention...lg g variant always good with their premium design especially lg g3 and some good features like knock on..This lg g3s is like mini version of lg g3 so i think you cant see much difference on appearance but more on far the spec of lg g3s lower than zenfone 6.....So its up to you but if you want more specs and features,just add little money and buy lg g2..totaly worth it..

  • camaross1220

AnonD-346711, 30 Dec 2014how about the batery? is it true its hard to recharge after upda... moredidnt have any difficulties like you mentioned after update...I have tested recenlty and it takes 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.....and lasts one day even full gaming and socials....

  • camaross1220

Ankit, 30 Dec 2014Asus Zenfone 6 or HTC Desrie 820 guys im confused plzz help mewell seriously it depends on you but i will give some suggestion...

design:htc desire more premium to me than zenfone
price:obviously zenfone 6 is cheaper than desire 820
processor:lower than zenfone 6(1 ghz,1.5)
display:zenfone(6 inch ips display),htc desire(5.5 lcd display)
gpu:little bad gpu on htc desire,might not work efficiently on some games.
ROM&RAM:both are same
camera:both have same rear camera but htc desire have 8mp front camera..Note:htc desire 820 offer 4 modes only but zenfone offers 18 modes like hdr,low light mode,depth of field etc...
Battery:htc desire(2600mah) may be having battery issue for some poeple due to its 5.5 lcd display...the battery on zenfone(3300 mah) might hold long enough..

Basically,these two phones are really good phone for their price.I have both of them and didnt regret until now.Both works good without any lag etc.

  • AnonD-346711

how about the batery? is it true its hard to recharge after update to kit kat 4.4?

  • AnonD-346685

Lg g3s or zenfone 6?

  • Naufal Rafi

LG G3S or zenfone 6. Please answer...