Asus Zenfone 6 A600CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 6 A600CG (2014)

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  • zfone 6 prob

i've rooted my ap tw set after 1.17 update which disabled the usb pc i can't update via ota for 1.18. can any sifu kindly show me what other options can we install the ota? or do i have to flash rom with rom installer? i've dl 1.18tw from asus website 1.6gb...put in root folder and it won't auto detect for update. confused....please help. thank you.

  • zekJ

Awesome device with affordable price.

  • csphyton

cowcow5694, 08 Sep 2014just charge overnight.....phones these days will auto shut when ... moreYes.. but it is still safe to unplug the charger while going to sleep because we don't know it might cause fire.

  • csphyton

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2014Should I use Kingston or sandisk SD cards?wch s safe for mobile ... moreI am using Sandisk Class 10 64Gig MicroSD card with no problem at all.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Why my bttn home , right side bttn wont work..and noti scroll cant scroll

  • AnonD-304296

hello...i bought and used Asus Zenfone 6 for 2weeks was an awesome regret...i'm buying ap taiwan problems and no lags at all....

  • avi

Ram, 09 Sep 2014Can anybody tell me the settings to connect 3G in zenfone 6,why ... moreyou have to manually do the APN settings. just call your network provider and ask for the relevant apn setting.

  • Ram

Can anybody tell me the settings to connect 3G in zenfone 6,why bcos iam facing problem to connect 3G.Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

awie, 07 Sep 2014Dual core only?? better buy mi 3It works 64 bits processors,,but mini 3 works on. 32 bits processors,,asus contains intel atom 2GHz dual core processor due to hyper threatening it works (1000+1000+1000+1000)ghz intel processer,,,,

  • Brij

I had bought the phone since 5 days, But i am facing problem of charging time & the worst is when battery drops to 40% phone goes off and takes around 15min to reboot. Further the phone lags while selecting options at right of screen. Is any one facing such problem ?

  • Anonymous

Should I use Kingston or sandisk SD cards?wch s safe for mobile as well as data.?

  • avi

csphyton, 08 Sep 2014I have this fone 1 month already and have to say it's one of the... moresame here bro. its an awsm device.

  • Dinesh

I am facing a problem , during calling only the loud speaker is working , when i turn off the loud speaker i am not getting the callers voice what is this problem any body can help me

  • cowcow5695

AnonD-303604, 07 Sep 2014Guy I think to buy zenfone 6 .. how is the overall ?? The phone ... moremy ap asus fone 6 seldom original fone5. get heat up very easy

  • cowcow5694

AnonD-56735, 06 Sep 2014Guys, i needed help here. I just bought the phone today. The sel... morejust charge overnight.....phones these days will auto shut when fully charge

  • nia

Does the gps work well?

  • bikram

I want to buy this set how is it frnds

  • csphyton

I have this fone 1 month already and have to say it's one of the best although the Zen UI is not fully optimized yet but I don't have any problems on heating like others said,no hang/lag it's actually fast,Games play smooth like NFS most wanted,Asphalt 8.

Battery life is Good, the problem is the charging took 3.5 ~ 4 hrs. of charging from 0~100% (phone is off) maybe because of the high capacity battery and the wall charger is only 1 amp. But still the battery is superb. 1st charge 5~6hrs.. 2nd charge normal. just let the battery drain and turn off phone while charging for best battery performance and life span.Do it for at least once a week like battery exercise (let the battery drain power off phone while charging).

Always keep updating for better performance My Zen6 is now v1.18 and it's getting better every update (still waiting for the kitkat update).

I also brought ASUS Flip cover and it's actually nice Matte Black. the problem of the cover is when you are on call then finished talking you have to manually open the cover or The unlocked button just to END the call.(cause the screen is turn off on the circle window)

GPS is also working fine been using it almost every day.

13M Camera is also Good. It took better pictures than my Xperia Z specially on darker places.

  • awie

Dual core only?? better buy mi 3