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Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL

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  • david

Android 11 update is full of bugs. First, the native Asus launcher constantly regains Home definition, stealing the configuration from third party launchers. Constantly, I go home only to face Asus launcher instead of Action (happens with Nova as well). Second, I constantly have to wait two seconds or so after choosing a recent application for it to come to foreground, while before it was instantaneous. The battery is also lasting way less than before, even after many days now. Also, Asus does not respect the icons of applications in the recents panel, choosing a very weird thick white border with its own icon theme, creating a jarring inconsistent appearance to the overall Android looks. It is hideous and completely in bad taste, tacky and reminds me of an ugly skin from 2010. Stop messing with the appearance of Android if you are a layman creating tacky appearances with bad taste. I regret not buying a Pixel, but then again all my previous 4 Pixel/Nexus devices failed very early (Pixel mic, 5X bootloop, 5 power button, Nexus S front camera), so at this point I'm just full of this BS. I'm waiting next month to buy an IPhone. I'm full of Android BS.

Is it just me or the screen is not so bright? To compare i use my old htc u11 and it looks like htc is easily brighter .50% looks good on htc but not on Z6 . I have to adjust the light to almost full on asus to get a decent bright screen. I just bought the phone secondhand .It's barely used and 2months old from the shop.

At least i think the phone can match my u11 when it comes to sound. I mean i do listen to music more than i pretend to be a "photographer" .

Also is there a tap to wakeup function? like htc :)

Should i update the phone to android 11?

  • Anonymous

Sam, 23 Dec 2020Hello fellow 6z enthusiasts! Now that the phone is out of w... moreHi you must do it from pc with an specific adb remover app

  • Sam

Hello fellow 6z enthusiasts! Now that the phone is out of warranty, how to safely remove useless Google apps, facebook messenger, etc.? I still do not want to compromise security of my 6z. Thanks.

  • Zack A.

Asus 6z, 18 Dec 2020This happened with me once. Restarting the phone fixed it f... moreColor changes on display in latest version of chrome.

  • Asus 6z

Kosh, 15 Dec 2020Hello, sometimes my Zenfone 6 is "losing" incomin... moreThis happened with me once. Restarting the phone fixed it for me.

While scrolling sometimes the display changes color arbitarily, from normal white tone to warm tone. I have turned off all automatic display settings but still happens sometimes. Does anyone have a fix to this? Thanks.

  • Kosh

Hello, sometimes my Zenfone 6 is "losing" incoming sms messages. They just do not appear. I made tests and I am sure there were messages sent to me. Anybody else experiences similar issues?

Hello guys. After last update my phone is stuck in a boot loop. I can only reach ASUS logo screen or sometimes when I plug it in I can see a lightning logo but without percentage. I tried volume + button and power button together to reach safe mode but it doesn't work at all. Only power button or power button and volume - button together works to reach the only screens I can see. Please help.

  • Richardpapz

ZenFone 6 has no display problem. I turn it off & charge it at night. when i wake up, i see something is wrong, my alarm is ringing but the screen is black. Do you guys have issue like my ZenFone 6?

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2020Lol, comparing this 2019 phone to that so-called "vast... moreIt's not weird when they're priced almost exactly the same m8. Not my problem if that's what the market is like. I'm comparing a slightly below $500 phone to a slightly below $500 phone.

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 09 Sep 2020No it's not "overpriced in my country". It&#... moreLol, comparing this 2019 phone to that so-called "vastly superior" 2020 phone. Weird flex, but ok.

Sid, 08 Sep 2020Maybe it's overpriced in your country. It's absol... moreNo it's not "overpriced in my country". It's overpriced in every country. Tell me a single country where it doesn't go for around $500. For less than that you can get the vastly superior Poco F2 Pro.

And ok so tell me, what on the spec sheet is wrong outside of the outdated Android version. How am I "spreading misinformation all the time". Tell me. Don't just add a reply to the already closed discussion, requiring my reply, without adding anything at all. That's halfwitted.

  • Sid

joe nodden, 15 Apr 2020Nope it very much is very expensive for what it offers.Maybe it's overpriced in your country. It's absolute value for money everywhere else. You have no clue what this device brings to the table and keep spreading misinformation all the time. You even said the device stayed on Android pie and never got updates. Clearly shows that you have some agenda in spreading wrong info about Asus. 6z got Android 10 in Nov 2019 and got 25+ updates ever since. So , stfu and leave the forum . If you don't know or own the device, stop spreading lies.

Supi, 22 Aug 2020The worst phone o ever had!!!This is a simply midrange phon... moreLol, Snapdragon 855 is NOT a midrange chipset. It's a flagship-tier chipset, which means this Asus IS indeed a flagship phone. Please get your facts right!

  • Anonymous

Supi, 22 Aug 2020The worst phone o ever had!!!This is a simply midrange phon... moreWhy?

Supi, 22 Aug 2020This is not a flashgip!If this is flashgip for you..this me... moreHow is this not a flagship? You didn't touch a flagship

awesome, 22 Aug 2020believe me, this is the most complete flagship smartphoneThis is not a flashgip!If this is flashgip for you..this mean you never had one flashgip !!!

The worst phone o ever had!!!This is a simply midrange phone,if I knew in time..:(!

  • awesome

believe me, this is the most complete flagship smartphone

  • 6Z fan

Siva, 18 Aug 2020When will this 6z be available in India. 7 series is set ... moreThe issue I gather is because of International flights being suspended.. Wouldn't you rather wait for the 7 to be launched. If you dont go for it. Atleast it'll drive 6z price down