Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL

Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL

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  • rams

They reduced the price of 128GB model for Rs.4000, from 31k to 27k. Then are the guys who brought it for 31k fools? If this is the case, what is the profit there guys are getting from each and every product.?

  • Anonymous

abhishek, 22 Jan 2020Two words - DONT BUY coz i own one :( The phone has an awesome ... moreThey will upgrade the OS of this beast

  • RakaDoank

The silver is f****ng beautiful. I barely never turn back the phone too see the beautiful backdoor before i actually use the phone

  • Anonymous

my requirements for a phone is to have ips lcd (full hd or higher), pop up or flip out selfie (no notch, no punch holes), flagship chipset........ this is the only one that qualifies so far. i don't like amoled becuase those give me eye strain

i also like the huawei m6 tablet (as a phone) but will not buy due to playstore issues

  • Anonymous

Another 2 words: DO BUY - cos I own one and it's been almost flawless since I bought it last October. Yes there have been a couple of sound glitches but most phones have that - including my Sony phones. Nothing has come close to the mighty 5000mAh battery. I saw someone saying of the earlier Zenfone Max which also had a 5000mAh that it didn't feel like one and didn't hold power, but this one DEFINITELY does. I generally only need to charge it once a day and often even less frequently than that. Camera also copes brilliantly in low light and night time.

  • Riko

oh, 16 Jan 2020Can you record slomo while on selfie mode? I can't find any vide... moreYes you can

  • sourav

it's full packed smartphone and after recent update i can turn on hotspot and wifi at the same time

  • Abishek

This phone powerfull

  • abhishek

Two words - DONT BUY coz i own one :(
The phone has an awesome hardware, but the issue is with its software. WIth Asus working with google one OS for the first time, the updates have been devastating. Few i have been facing below
- crashing issue - performance -random touch
- reboot issue - GPS issue

  • Tom

this phone have great camera inovation..enjoy it a lot

So are the silver verisons discontinued now? I'm relieved I bought one via gearbest rather than wait for the UK to sort themselves out.
I'd happily get the same exact one again in 2-3 years time. Perfect phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2019Is the zenfone 6 gonna launch in the UAE?­pDesk_BIOS/

  • oh

Can you record slomo while on selfie mode? I can't find any video showing that

  • Gabi

Android 10 update for someone ?

  • asabrigulec

sd 855, 6/8 gb of ram,large screen with no notch, good camera performance and the same for selfies, dual speakers, 3,5mm jack, micro sd slot, fm radio and 5000mh battery..
for me it has everthing that i need..
i hope they come back again to Turkey market, i want to buy it with no doubt.

  • Silence

ASUS fans here! Not sure why this hasn't been launched in Malaysia, anyone know about this? Expecting Zenfone 7 if this doesn't launch! :)

  • KK

Andrew Bananas, 07 Jan 2020I was searching for a new Android phone that met 4 criteria, lon... morehow long have you had the phone for? what are your positives and negatives about the phone so far?

I was searching for a new Android phone that met 4 criteria, long battery life, SD card slot, removable battery, and latest WiFi technology. This fone delivers all, except removable battery. I was worried about doing the update because that's when things go crap. Since I owned the Zenfone 2, the latest software update killed my battery life. But not on this fone. Everything runs great. The Antutu benchmark tests show it beats the latest iPhone tests. All this for half the price of apple. The flip up camera is lots of fun. And if it ever sags by a millimeter, there's a button in settings that will retract the camera when it's closed to pick up the slack.

  • Joy

This phone is really an underdog phone of 2019 . Very capable phone and value for money one too . Splendid hardware running . Only thing lacks is the great support of bug free software which I believe Asus is trying really hard to come all guns blazing . I see lesser bugs not sure how .

Everything is splendid about this phone . The screen compared to amoled is a bit dull which is the only drawback I see on this phone .

  • Phillip

Great phone. One of the best phone on 2019