Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL

Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL

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  • sunny

shiv, 01 Jan 2020anyone tell me.. should i buy this device in December 2019..?? i... moreYes, it is a very good cell, definitely you should by, avoid Redmi K20 , much much better, better than One Plus too

  • poncho9999

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2019 morethis bootloop crash appears after updating?

  • shiv

anyone tell me.. should i buy this device in December 2019..?? i have listened some motherboard crashed issues is it still have the same issues..??

  • SS

dual-band gps? super!

  • Vlad

GeeX, 23 Dec 2019A flagship device with LCD Display...??? NiceThat's actually quite nice, as it consumes MUCH less than oled. Plus it doesn't burn in as badly. I don't care much for an Amoled display myself.

  • Ruslan

This phone is a complete packages. Great camera and battery life and still equiped with headphone jack and fm radio

A flagship device with LCD Display...??? Nice

  • Smile Budi

foomy, 04 Dec 2019Is this phone support screen recording with internal audio?Yes

  • Anwar

My Asus 6s got Boot Loop after a update , So please don't choose this mobile

I am using Asus Zenfone Max pro2 : that's nice mobile , using for one year , But 6z : Is dissaster

  • Anonymous­in-asus-6z-automatically-shuts-down-wont-start-e­asily

Bootloop type issue that is bricking phones, and other users (i haven't tried yet as it just happened to me) are reporting that asus will not cover the repair. Unlike larger, more reputable brands Asus can afford to ignore a portion of their products being lemons because its not enough people (on an absolute scale, not proportional) to really get a lot of attention if they choose not to fix it. That alone is gonna make me think twice before buying from an off brand in the future.

Buyer beware.

  • Marcus

Love the camera and battery life

  • Nicks

1, 08 Dec 2019no news for Zenfone 7?In official page says it will be released in 2020, and there is no leaks yeat.

  • 1

no news for Zenfone 7?

Is this phone support screen recording with internal audio?

Still wondering why this model was not widely available in SEA countries? I want to switch from Huawei just like other users and I want to try this one.

  • Brad

Great phone !!

  • Patrik

Does the ambient display mode on the zenfone 6 function like an always-on display in other phones with OLED/AMOLED display..?

Mi fans, 29 Nov 2019The thing that i'm most curious about is audio quality from the ... moreAudio quality through headphones is very high with inbuilt amplifier by dts headphone x ... You will not be disappointed... Even android 10 have significantly increased the headphone volume loudness and quality... As a user Asus Zenfone 6 8 gb ram

  • Mi fans

The thing that i'm most curious about is audio quality from the headphone jack, is it good or great or perfect? can still be equated with s10 series? or even LG?

Previously I used Zenfone 6 ( 2014 ) for 5 Years now ZF6 ( 2019 ). Happy with quality i hope they make Android 10 Better & more stable for this phone.