Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL

Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL

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  • 15 Jan 2022

Had this phone since launch and I just love it! Never had a big problem (the camera sometimes won't turn but that happens in like 1 out of 100 cases and from time to time I have to turn on and off flight mode to receive connection, but really not a big issue).
Best phone I've ever had so far :)

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    • 02 Jan 2022

    nuckllhead, 11 Dec 2021My Zenfone 6 stopped working in less than 2 years. It just ... moreSo is my set, 02 Jan 2022. Same case: Out of sudden when woke up noticed the phone shut down and unable to turn on back when alarm clock failed to ring. Tried power charge up. No led light up. Vol down + power on for some time still no avail. Finished.

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      • JohnnyD
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      • 20 Dec 2021

      nuckllhead, 11 Dec 2021My Zenfone 6 stopped working in less than 2 years. It just ... moreYou've never ever ever dropped your phone in 2 years? Yeah, right

        My Zenfone 6 stopped working in less than 2 years. It just shutdown on its own and now won't turn on. Bought this brand new, didn't mod the firmware and has never been dropped.

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          • 09 Nov 2021

          Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020If it's on Android one project, you would get it. Usin... moreI know I might say something favor to manufacturer, but here is the facts, the updates are not just mere firmware, it is like upgrade from one different OS to a totally different OS, so the process is difficult and take time to optimize/stabilize the OS, also means need money to maintain or upgrade OS. That's why most manufacturer only promise 2 version of Android OS updates and no more. You can blame that this is part of the weakness of the Android OS where it doesn't automatically usable by simply install on a smartphone, it take many modification to be made. Then, ASUS also need to wait for the Android code released by Qualcomm, then have to do plenty of modification for ASUS specific model. Like it or not, if you really want stable software and hardware, the only option to go is Apple iPhone, where the expensive price is paid for the expensive maintenance of software, and expensive repair price for hardware too, but you have to deal with Apple ecosystem which no longer as exciting as Android, and also willing to go with premium paid price.
          Maybe one day Android OS can be unified like Windows, easy to install, but that is long way to go. Another option is to go with custom ROM, which has it's pros and cons too.
          All in all, if you favor to Android and like Android OS, you have to bear with it's weakness. There are plenty choice out there, such as Oneplus brand, or Google Pixel series.

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            • Leo
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            • 15 Oct 2021

            Yup, ASUS Support in the US is a complete disaster. I got my ZenFone 6 in Oct 2019. 10 days later I cracked the screen (spooked by a little white puppy in misty cobbled streets of Lake Como).
            Contacted ASUS and got kicked around for days trying to get them to email me a quote after sending photos of the cracked screen. I was so annoyed that I decided to get creative and found replacement screen on Amazon/eBay for $30~ . Ended up fixing it myself.
            Also, I had purchase protection from AMEX, so they refunded me my $500 - should’ve gotten the top tear $900 model had I known they’d be so generous.
            Anyway, the ZenFone 6 has been the easiest phone to fix that I’ve ever had (compared with iPhone 6/6s/7 & HTCs). Parts are widely available and cheap if you’re willing to do a little DIY.
            I’m down to my 4th screen, 3rd camera glass (been a little abusive), and 2nd google button (cut the wire accidentally). Apart from the camera flip module being wonky at times, you should be fine with keeping it alive for years to come!

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              • 26 Aug 2021

              Victim of Zenfone 6, 17 Jun 2021Asus support and service, during 2020 and 2021 after my pur... moreI totally agree my rog damaged only after 2days
              Asus laptop even more terrible

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                • Richardpapz
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                • 16 Aug 2021

                Richardpapz, 14 Oct 2020ZenFone 6 has no display problem. I turn it off & charg... moreI took this smartphone to the service center for repair while it was still under warranty, but bad things happened a few months later after being repaired. Suddenly the main camera's Auto focus can't work properly, even manual focus on the main camera can't work.

                Now this smartphone is out of warranty, and I have tried several ways to fix the auto focus problem on this smartphone, but the problem is still not resolved.

                Are any of you facing the same problem as me? If you can fix it, may I know how you do it?

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                  • 13 Aug 2021

                  Victim of Zenfone 6, 17 Jun 2021Asus support and service, during 2020 and 2021 after my pur... moreatleast explain what happened before making any negative comments about the product

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                    • 22 Jun 2021

                    Victim of Zenfone 6, 17 Jun 2021Asus support and service, during 2020 and 2021 after my pur... moreOmg. This is should viral on TIKTOK.

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                      • k1P
                      • 17 Jun 2021

                      Asus support and service, during 2020 and 2021 after my purchase of a Zenfone 6, was the worst I have ever experienced, in any industry and for any product. I will never buy an Asus product again, of any kind. Timeline:
                      - Jan 2020: I buy a new Zenfone 6.
                      - Aug 2020: Phone no longer charges, on any charger including Zenfone’s supplied charger. The charging port in the phone is not working.
                      - Aug 2020: Still under warranty, I mail the Zenfone to the ASUS repair center in Grapevine, Texas. This is an unnecessarily complicated process. For example, Zenfone’s support keeps assuming I purchased a laptop, and tries to communicate with me about laptop repair.
                      - November 2020: I receive the Zenfone, apparently repaired. (But the data on my phone has been wiped out.)
                      - March 2021: My Zenfone stops working completely. No power, no blue screen, nothing.
                      - March 2021: ASUS assures me I will be charged only a diagnostic fee of $85, to have the phone assessed and then repaired.
                      - March 2021: ASUS then tells me I’m no longer under warranty, which ended in Jan 2021.
                      - March 2021: ASUS then tells me I am still under warranty, which was extended because of the previous problem with the Zenfone in 2020.
                      - April 2021: I again mail the Zenfone to the ASUS repair center in Grapevine, Texas.
                      - April 2021: ASUS then tells me I’m in fact not under warranty any more.
                      - April 2021: ASUS then tells me actually I am under warranty, which was extended for an additional 3 months.
                      - April 2021: ASUS then tells me I’m in fact not under warranty, which supposedly expired “2 December 2020”.
                      - April 2021: ASUS then tells me my warranty in fact expired on “8 March 2021”.
                      - April 2021: I ask to escalate the issue. (At this point, ASUS Customer Service is already the worst I have experienced, ever, for any product in any industry.)
                      - April 2021: ASUS maintains that my warranty is expired, but offers me a “20% discount” off their fee to repair the dead phone, which is $289. I ask to get a better deal, given what I’ve had to go through in owning this ASUS product. ASUS tells me they will check with their Corporate dept.
                      - April 2021: ASUS calls me back, telling me they can take 30% off the fee, to repair the dead phone.
                      - April 2021: ASUS then sends me an invoice for the full amount of $289, with no discount. Also, the invoice description of the problem is wrong, as it says “Hangs on ASUS logo” (instead the phone does not respond at all). I call ASUS and ask them to correct the invoice.
                      - April 2021: ASUS then sends me a new invoice for this repair, for an even higher fee of $362. The invoice also states a completely different problem: it includes a $97 item (plus tax) and a $243 item (plus tax) both for “abnormal appearance (deformation/scratches/damage/paint removal/dirt/rough edges)”. I call to tell ASUS it should be lower, as we had discussed. And to tell ASUS my phone was not physically abnormal or damaged in any way, when I had sent it to their repair center. And that this new invoice is completely different from their prior invoice. (At this point, it is becoming apparent to me that what is happening at ASUS here is not merely total incompetence, poor training and poor management, but possibly something worse.)
                      - April 2021: ASUS contacts me to say they erred, and should have sent me an invoice for $231. I then correct them again, saying no that would be only a 20% discount off the repair fee. ASUS had told me my discount was 30% off (for $216).
                      - April 2021: During these interactions, I keep having to tell ASUS that my phone is to be repaired at the discounted rate, but nevertheless ASUS keeps sending me e-mails stating that my phone will be sent back to me unless I pay the (undiscounted, incorrect) invoice amount within 5 days of the invoice date. Repeatedly ASUS assures me that my phone will not be sent back to me, that it is on track to be repaired at the rate they had agreed to, and that I will no longer receive these e-mails pressuring me to pay within 5 days. Yet, the e-mails are not stopped, they keep coming.
                      - May 2021: ASUS sends me another invoice for the incorrect, higher amount ($362) and the incorrect problem: “abnormal appearance (deformation/scratches/damage/paint removal/dirt/rough edges)”.
                      - May 2021: I contact ASUS, escalate the issue, and ASUS tells me they will have someone contact me in 24-48 hours. 24-48 hours pass by, with no call from ASUS. Meanwhile, ASUS continues to send me invoices, and a payment deadline, for the incorrect rate of $362.
                      - May 2021: I contact ASUS again, escalate the issue. ASUS assures me that they will stop sending me e-mails asking for payment of $362, and will contact me about correcting it.
                      - May 2021: ASUS “Proactive Care” sends me an e-mail stating that an internal failure to correct the invoice “has triggered the return of your device unrepaired”. The e-mail also states that once I receive my unrepaired Zenfone, I can re-create the return, ship the phone BACK to ASUS (at no shipping cost to me) and “continue this process”. (I’m thinking, Uh… no thanks.)
                      - May 2021: Sure enough, I then receive the Zenfone, returned to my home by ASUS. Unrepaired and dead.
                      To all: enjoy your ASUS experience.

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                        • 3ogdy
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                        • 14 Jun 2021

                        maspandu, 19 Apr 2021This phone is full package. Great cam, front cam, great bat... moreWhat screen size do you consider normal? 6.4" is a big screen to me. The biggest phones out there are basically tablets: 7".

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                          • 14 Jun 2021

                          Samar , 29 May 2021Amazing phone. Period. Unfortunately Asus messed up with it... moreIt's one of the reasons I chose not to update to Android 11 on it. I saw they at least specified it in the change log.

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                            • 14 Jun 2021

                            Varun, 30 May 2021I'm using this phone since October 2019. Everything wa... moreWhat's your Android version and build number? I'm on Android 10 and my battery lasts between 10 - 13 days. I don't use the phone much,but still...7h?! Something is draining the battery fast on your device. Is power saving on?
                            Have you checked the battery usage graph to see the list of apps that use most battery?
                            I had this issue at first on Android 9 and I was very disappointed with the phone but ASUS fixed it with an update.
                            I'm probably not going to update to Android 11 since they removed quite a few features for no good reason.

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                              • Aglarele
                              • gX8
                              • 07 Jun 2021

                              Varun, 30 May 2021I'm using this phone since October 2019. Everything wa... moreSame issue here. At the start the phone would last for 3 days or so. Now I'm lucky if I manage more than 24 hours. Ok, I do have a couple of hours screentime every day and using it dual sim, but still...

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                                • Varun
                                • DkP
                                • 30 May 2021

                                I'm using this phone since October 2019. Everything was smooth and fully satisfied with the performance. But for last two days battery is draining fast. 100% get trained in 7 hrs. Even though Wifi, mobile network are not connected, battery is getting drain very fast. What might be the reason?

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                                  • Samar
                                  • rKd
                                  • 29 May 2021

                                  Amazing phone. Period. Unfortunately Asus messed up with its default launcher on Android 11. There is no option to select icon packs anymore.

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                                    • maspandu
                                    • tEZ
                                    • 19 Apr 2021

                                    This phone is full package. Great cam, front cam, great battery life, great performance. But yet so boring sometimes, idk maybe it has small screen or the UI is not so good. Smaller screen means less immersive for me. But when I switch to $200 xiaomi, i'm so grateful using zenfone 6.

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                                      • bolle
                                      • pcy
                                      • 10 Apr 2021

                                      Dont know what to call it. Task text? is hanging like way too long and is taking space. Like if a try to upload a picutre directly from phone to the net i get like "picture could not be uploaded" that text info is haning like annoyingly long time. How do i fix this? startig to off alot. Android 11 issue? or just my phone.

                                      To answer myself:
                                      I just figured how lol :)

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                                        • david
                                        • J@1
                                        • 19 Feb 2021

                                        Android 11 update is full of bugs. First, the native Asus launcher constantly regains Home definition, stealing the configuration from third party launchers. Constantly, I go home only to face Asus launcher instead of Action (happens with Nova as well). Second, I constantly have to wait two seconds or so after choosing a recent application for it to come to foreground, while before it was instantaneous. The battery is also lasting way less than before, even after many days now. Also, Asus does not respect the icons of applications in the recents panel, choosing a very weird thick white border with its own icon theme, creating a jarring inconsistent appearance to the overall Android looks. It is hideous and completely in bad taste, tacky and reminds me of an ugly skin from 2010. Stop messing with the appearance of Android if you are a layman creating tacky appearances with bad taste. I regret not buying a Pixel, but then again all my previous 4 Pixel/Nexus devices failed very early (Pixel mic, 5X bootloop, 5 power button, Nexus S front camera), so at this point I'm just full of this BS. I'm waiting next month to buy an IPhone. I'm full of Android BS.