Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL

Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL

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  • Anonymous

mdurgeshtela, 16 Nov 2019Sorry mate but what it is ????????????? BATTERY Power b... moreIt means you can connect a USB-C cable to it and charge another device like a phone. It's not reverse >>>WIRELESS

  • Fatih

this phone finally release in indonesia..can't wait to grab this beast

Sorry mate but what it is ?????????????

BATTERY Power bank/Reverse charging 10W

please remove before I ask claim from ASUS :p

  • prathap

i wifi have 2.4g & 5g

  • Anonymous

Shan, 02 Nov 2019I also using zenfone 2 model (2015) recently my phone mothe... moreSorry about that. My condolences. (I'm a victim of ZF2 and ZF4)

  • Hi

ThatGuy, 11 Nov 2019Here in sweden it costs about 500€ is it worth the money?Yes

  • ThatGuy

Here in sweden it costs about 500€ is it worth the money?

  • q

Im waiting Zenfone 7. Hope they keep flip camera

  • Toms_Jones

Impressed with this phone. Downloading android 10 update at the moment. Asus seems to stepped up its game big time.

  • Nick

Android 10 software is awesome in Asus Zenfone 6 ... Buttery smooth now.... Best phone in the world.... Asus Zenfone 6 8gb

they sell this in romania with $700

I am happy with the Zenfone 6, what I have a month ago. Battery easily bear 2 days. Even if using long hours a day, at night still have 40-50% its amazing. Speakers very loud and produce quality sound, lots of options for sound settings, even pre set profiles for various headphones, etc.. After an LG G7 sadly the display quality is a thumb down, should be OLED or higher resolution QHD. Don't get it wrong, it's a very nice display just it's a step back for me. Updates coming regularly.. Android 10 just out, so can't complain for support.
From me -> [ 9/10 ]

Edit: I don't know where people get this nonsense, but the phone not getting hot at 4K60 videos or charging.. at least not mine. Maybe those are faulty phones.

  • Daniel

very good phone,glad to have it

  • Shan

I also using zenfone 2 model (2015) recently my phone motherboard is spoil. I bring to repairing shop they mention hard to get repair asus motherboard and also hard to get spare parts also. My personal files all gone ready. :(

  • GBI

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2019Asus will OTA an "update" that will destroy the motherboard... more'OTA ' ?

  • Anonymous

Asus will OTA an "update" that will destroy the motherboard and brick the phone.

Basel, 06 Oct 2019what is exactly the problem??Motherboard failure because of some update and still not solves till now. I still remember some dudes in here says Asus made a finest motherboard, finest my foot

  • ludek

Hi all. I would like to replace my Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) and this is one of the candidates. But there is one thing I hate on my Max Pro - heating. After several minutes of using the phone or charging it becomes really hot. Has anybody experience with the heating of the new Zenfone 6? My second candidate is Xiaomi's Redmi Note 8 Pro. Again - has anybody experience with this phone and its heat dissipation? Thank you so much.

  • Casie

nice complaint