Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL

Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL

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  • Gordon

What are the video formats

  • Don

I like the camera very much

  • Maggie

very good gaming experience with this phone.super fast performance and amazing battery life

  • jtv

I am using zenfone 6 for last two months , the main problem of my device is that its heating.
at the charging time device temperature shows 46 degree , the phone cannot touch the hand because of the heat , and after charging its battery draining so fast . with out using my phone 25 percent battery goes on at night ,but the other phones only use 3 percentage battery at night . camera and sound quality is better and other performance is average

  • Anonymous

Seems that Asus is having big, big problems with this phone and production is extremely limited (meaning on hold) to limit the amount of returns and repairs. There are almost no units available from third parties (such as Amazon) and there is no available stock on the Asus store for almost 3 weeks.

Seems they rushed to get this new design out and there are a significant number of issues with the flip camera, firmware and motherboard.

Buyer beware.

  • AnoM

sjf, 21 Sep 2019seems like we have a big problem with the phone being brick... moreThe motherboard issue is being confirmed by ZenTalk admin, ASUS Zenfone official forum (you can Google for it).
However, it is not clear if the issue is plague for all region or just happen on region, which might have different batch of made.
It is advisable to go to the official ASUS service center to make the motherboard exchange rather than arguing who is owning the phone who made the complain. It is more like the issue happen on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the battery issue, but ASUS didn't make the recall like Samsung did.

  • Josh

Overall I'm okay with the phone. There have been issues I'd like to report though. The main and major one is that you can NOT restart the phone with the charger plugged in. If I do, I have to unplug it and hold the power button down for about 5 straight minutes before it will reboot to the start screen. I've haven't seen anything about this issue anywhere yet. Also the camera will sometimes say that it doesn't want to flip up right now.

  • sjf

seems like we have a big problem with the phone being bricked!!!! wondering if these actually owners are real or just trolls.

  • Jimmy

Very happy with this phone

  • Ashley

Greatest snapdragon 855 phone

  • Rocky

Super phone

  • Dead phone

Device died after latest update. Do not update at any cost. Phone does not hard reboot or power up. Waiting for replacement unit from Asus. Call issues were there from day 1 so this was only used as a multimedia tablet. Flip camera is a hit or miss experience.

  • Bad Gyro, Motherboad

Motherboard died within 6 days of purchase. Gyro was all over the place after first 2 days, i could not make it stabilize. Phone was updated to latest Aug'19 patch before it rebooted multiple times and went dead. Awaiting Asus service center for replacement.

  • Hellboy

Nice rotating camera

  • Kawabashi

headphone jack and fm radio are still present..what a nice phone it is

  • Henry

using this phone for 3 weeks,,overall great experience with it. amazing battery life and camera

  • Dead Motherboard

Zenfone 6 experienced multiple crashes over the last few days. No it is a bricked device. Asus service center refusing to take it. What to do?

  • Motherboard Crash

Phone crashed after 5 days of normal use. I updated to latest software update as prompted but then it rebooted continuously and then died completely. Battery is fine, local shop suggests well known motherboard issue. I am yet to take it to Asus Service Center which is far from my house.

  • Hwy

Motherboard crashed even on replacement unit within 5 days! What is going on, this is highly frustrating.

  • Glen

the phone works great,no issues,,the batery life is amazing