Asus Zenfone 6z and 5z get discounts on all models

Ivan, 12 November 2019

Asus has slashed the Indian prices of its Zenfone 6z and Zenfone 5z flagships for all memory configurations. Due to trademark issues those are known as 6z and 5z in the country.

The current flagship 6z is now INR 4,000 less for the 6GB+64GB and 6GB+128GB models and INR 5,000 less for the top of the line 8GB+256GB configuration.

The Asus Zenfone 5z is more substantially discounted at around 22%. The 6GB+64GB model is down INR 5,000, the 6GB+128GB costs INR 6,000 less and the 8GB+256GB is down by INR 7,000.

The Asus Zenfone 6z just recently received Android 10, making it an even hotter proposition. It still packs impressive specs for late 2019 with a Snapdragon 855, a notch-less 6.4-inch 1080p IPS LCD and a 5,000mAh battery.


Reader comments

Yeah I have been looking at switching back to iOS. I haven't used an iPhone since iOS 6, so there's a certain appeal to try something different and get back into the jailbreaking scene. The newest models with IPS panels all have ugly notches wh...

Thanks for sharing my view! Can't think of any other flagship aside from this and getting an iPhone with an LCD display. LG used to be adamant with LCD until they turned to OLED about not long ago.

Totally agree. I used to have the ZTE Axon 7 and the sharpness was clearly not as good as any IPS phones I have used despite being higher in resolution. OLED is also intolerable to me due to the flickering which causes headaches and eyestrain. I...

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