Asus Zenfone 7 and ROG Phone III to debut in July

Ro, 22 May 2020

According to Taiwanese media Commercial Times, Asus is going to release two flagship phones in July or even earlier - sometime towards the end of the second quarter. The two phones in question are the Zenfone 7 and the upcoming gaming ROG Phone III.

Asus Zenfone 7 and ROG Phone III to debut sometime in July

This goes well in line with the recent Wi-Fi certification that the upcoming ROG Phone III received. This means that the phone is in the final stages of the development phase and it should be ready to launch pretty soon. Now according to the new report, the Zenfone 7 will tag along.

When you think of it, both phones, the Zenfone 6 and the ROG Phone II are due for an update.

Those wanting an all-round flagship will get the Zenfone 7 while gaming enthusiasts will shoot for the way more expensive ROG Phone III. The Taiwanese company expects 30-50% growth in ROG Phone sales after the release of the 2020 version so we might be in for some big surprise.

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  • min

but as an iteration it will always outperform the last one right?

What the... how narrow-minded can you be? This isn't related to me, I am lucky enough to own a TV, major gaming console, gaming phone, and live life how I please. An insane number of people in the world can't afford a console + games + online su...

  • Anonymous

You forget the fact that most mobile games are pure trash. All popular flagships that have the same exact chipset as your "gaming smartphone" can run any and all mobile games without a hitch. And besides, how many hours do you spend playing on it for...

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