Asus Zenfone 7 and ROG Phone III to debut in July

22 May 2020
They show us the 5x and 60x zoom capabilities of the upcoming device

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  • Anonymous

Exdeath, 23 Jun 2020I use 5z more than 1 year it great phone. But i skip 6. 7 s... moreGod I hope they don't go in screen with the fingerprint

  • Gaurav

Exdeath, 23 Jun 2020I use 5z more than 1 year it great phone. But i skip 6. 7 s... moreIts been more than 2 Years now and using Asus Zenfone 5z, A superb device with distinct feel and great performance.....

  • Exdeath

I use 5z more than 1 year it great phone. But i skip 6. 7 should least have 90hz display, amoled, underscreen fingerprint. please dont remove jack.

  • Uv

Zenfone 5z is great runs smoothly no issues regarding performance....lets see if it gets android 11 or not
M waiting for it though

  • Anonymous

Sai, 23 May 2020No complaints regarding the Asus phones. But the updates ar... moreI have a zenfone 5z I bought at launch and I have the may2020 update. Asus has been consistent on the updates so far for two years ive been using this. Not sure on the midrange and lowend models tho.

  • min

Big Battery Boi, 24 May 2020Yeah I got my Tencent version from one of the online websit... morebut as an iteration it will always outperform the last one right?

Anonymous, 25 May 2020You forget the fact that most mobile games are pure trash. ... moreWhat the... how narrow-minded can you be?

This isn't related to me, I am lucky enough to own a TV, major gaming console, gaming phone, and live life how I please. An insane number of people in the world can't afford a console + games + online subscription, as well as a wifi that supports a decent online experience and especially a TV that supports the graphics, even if stuff is getting cheaper. Some don't even have the space or electricity for that stuff. Clearly you're taking many things for granted.

And yes I agree, for now, exactly BECAUSE there's not much mobile gaming availability present, most games are pure trash. For now.
As for the personal question, I play emulated Smash Bros Brawl or COD Mobile sometimes even up to a couple hours at a time. It's fun, I can do it lying down, and I can afford to with my phone. And yes, many other times I play COD Black Ops 4 on my console because it's better and also fun, a different kind of fun. Not that I expect you to understand, since for you gaming seems to be just "all or nothing".

  • Anonymous

Big Battery Boi, 24 May 2020I am in said "parts of Europe", and I got myself a gaming p... moreYou forget the fact that most mobile games are pure trash. All popular flagships that have the same exact chipset as your "gaming smartphone" can run any and all mobile games without a hitch. And besides, how many hours do you spend playing on it for it to throttle and significantly affect performance? I don't know where you live but a video game console that plays advanced games with way better graphics and deeper gameplay is not only cheaper but substantially better than your so-called "gaming smartphone" will ever be. If you're serious about gaming at all then don't waste your time and money with these wannabe gimmicks.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 May 2020Same can be said as why would anyone want flagship phone? M... moreThe only mid-range Android smartphone that can take photos as well as the flagships is the Pixel 3a series. If you truly care about high-quality photos then you have to get a top-tier device, whereas if you care about simple mobile gaming then any modern-day Android smartphone will do. "Gaming smartphone" is nothing more than a hype term and a marketing gimmick.

AndroidMaster, 24 May 2020Did you get the ROG 2 from abroad? Coz last time I heard ... moreYeah I got my Tencent version from one of the online websites from China, way back in August. Total cost including taxes and shipping was about 600€. I don't know where you saw 600 for the Strix, I only ever saw 700, then again I didn't look too hard.

As for Gcam, it's good but only really necessary in certain moments, namely with low light. With enough light, the Gcam and stock cam are pretty much the same. With night mode, Gcam does wonders in comparison to stock, HOWEVER stock is more faithful towards the colours I see, so at times where I want to show what the true colours are like, I still use stock camera even with low light. Selfie camera is much better on Gcam though.

  • Anonymous

min, 24 May 2020well i hope the new rog 3 will delivered the best gaming ex... moreRog 2 is the best gaming phone out there

kgf, 23 May 2020Another 108MP smartphone with slow focusing and tiny pixels... moreOnly the S20U had autofocus issues with 108mp sensor.
Mi 10 and others sporting the same sensor didn't have any issues.

About the slow autofocus? Look at the focusing times on a chart comparing all flagships.
It might be slower compared to IMX 689 But not too far behind.
Take your Hatorade somewhere else.

Big Battery Boi, 24 May 2020I am in said "parts of Europe", and I got myself a gaming p... moreDid you get the ROG 2 from abroad?
Coz last time I heard they launched strix variant 128 gb in Europe at 600 Euros.

Also the camera is great with a fully functional gcam mod on both lenses.
Day and night difference in camera quality after gcam mod compared to stock.

  • Lukemo

oh oh, 22 May 2020Zenfone 7: No swivel camera; two puncholes :( Under disp... moreHow would you even know? There are no renders!

Bogdan, 24 May 2020Their not completely useless, but the majority of people ar... moreI am in said "parts of Europe", and I got myself a gaming phone from abroad. Cheaper than if I bought a midrange here, more powerful than any phone of its generation. And the mediocre camera it has is still better than the high-end iPhones my family has that are 3 years older than it. In the end, everything is relative. If you have the money, buy the latest best all-rounder flagship, and buy an upcoming XBOX or PS5, and maybe a Switch lite because why not. If you don't, a gaming phone even imported from China, is definitely the way to go.

Also, not sure why you didn't read my previous comment properly, but I explained that almost any non-gaming midrange/flagship phone will start to throttle and overheat pretty early on with those intense games. So sure, if you're a "2 games of Fortnite/PUBG/CODMobile a day" kind of person, even midrangers will do the trick. Otherwise, not so much.

Then again, casual gamers don't have a say in the existence of gaming phones because they are not made for them, and neither are consoles. Simple.

  • Bogdan

Big Battery Boi, 23 May 2020I get your point, but there's many things you aren't consid... moreTheir not completely useless, but the majority of people are not willing to buy them. They are good at gaming, but pretty much average at everything else (camera, weight, design).
People don't want a PS Vita in their pocket, unless that somebody is an avid gamer. But how many people are? If you look at the sales and especially the availability, not so many. In parts of Europe you can't even buy this kind of gaming phones. Unless you order directly from abroad.

And like the other person said, nowadays many mid-range phones can handle games without any problem, even more demanding games. So, no need to pay the extra price for a gaming phone, just for some added gimmicks each and there.

  • min

well i hope the new rog 3 will delivered the best gaming experience ever cuz i gonna get it

  • kgf

Anonymous, 23 May 2020Yes that swivel camera was unique great for panorama and ot... moreAnother 108MP smartphone with slow focusing and tiny pixels.
They should go for the IMX689(Oneplus 8 Pro) or IMX555(Galaxy S20, S20+)

Universe, 23 May 2020gaming phones are the most useless innovation ever happened... moreI get your point, but there's many things you aren't considering. For starters, most if not all non-gaming phones start to throttle very early on, meaning their performance becomes subpar after not even an hour of gaming.

Second, you need to understand that all around the world, not many people have financial access to: home wifi, a decent TV, a console/laptop, the yearly online subscription and the games, compared to a single gaming phone with a 4G connection.

Third, gaming "on the go" is really convenient and fun. A quick game on the toilet, on the train to work, in the backseat of a car, in the bed, or even at your desk (in 15 minutes you can start the game and play 2-3 rounds of a game, compared to barely managing 1 round of a similar console game in the same amount of time).

They're anything but useless innovations. Not to mention, certain perks of gaming phones can push regular users to buy those instead (like big batteries, latest SOCs, alternative designs, higher screen refresh rates, headphone jacks, etc.)

Styko, 23 May 2020They need to make sure that their screen is durable. Especi... moreWait, what did I miss? Has there been an outcry for poor screen resistance on the Strix/Tencent versions? Because I have the ROG 2, Tencent version from china, and granted I didn't drop it on anything harder than hard wood, always with a case, nothing ever happened to mine in the slightest