Asus Zenfone 7 and ROG Phone III to debut in July

22 May 2020
They show us the 5x and 60x zoom capabilities of the upcoming device

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Sai, 23 May 2020No complaints regarding the Asus phones. But the updates ar... moreYes. I have ZenFone 6 with May security patch

  • Dishonored

Anonymous, 23 May 2020They have alot of hype but the build quality and materials ... moreYou sûre about what saying you Can be what you want in internet ??
M'y whole gaming PC IS a Asus Mobo
Psu and GPU custom
Had the ZenFone 5z
Never had any issue

  • AZUZ

Anonymous, 23 May 2020Stick to phone manufacturers people. Asus manufactures their phones here where I live, in Batam. probably also on other places.
I do not understand what's so bad about that? I have Asus phone (3rd phone in 7 years) and Asus laptop (not made in Batam). Very much in love with everything Asus!

  • Guru

Currently using the Zenfone 6 and it is just awesome. That tilting camera is great, for selfies as well. Hope Zenfone 7 will pack the same camera mechanism.

  • ssa

rog phone 2 is an epic phone
i wish if they could keep the phone cooler and introduce indevice cooler same as red magic
phone gets hot af in games

  • Anonymous

Stick to phone manufacturers people.

  • Anonymous

uk7866, 22 May 2020Looking forward to these. Asus laptops are superb! A great ... moreThey have alot of hype but the build quality and materials not so much. I worked in an Asus service center btw, would not buy one for myself.

  • Toms_Jones

It seems that anyone who wishes that ASUS keeps that flip camera hasnt really used the zenfone 6. I have had it since August 2019 and My only wish is that this flip camera was something else than what it is now. When you keep this phone on your pocket The camera comes somehow loose and flaps as you walk. And it happens a lot of other times too. You need to constantly open the camera and use flip kotiin to fix it. I contacted ASUS about it and their answer was that it doesnt belong to warranty. And The stereo speaker system is a big joke. Its basicly bottom firing speaker as any other phone. If you block the sound from the bottom, you hear only some mumbled noise. I had Xperia XZ3 before this and i wouldnt even consider to compare the sound on these.

  • Josh

So excited. Hopefully they keep the 6000mah of the ROG 2, and the full screen LCD of the Asus 6 (no notch, no tear drop), snap dragon 865, and a reasonable cost. Zoom lens, high mp big main sensor.
They've got big shoes to fill this year :)

ROG 2 was almost perfect, except for the camera.

If they leave everything the same and just put the latest Snapdragon and a better camera it will be the best phone this year.

  • Anonymous

oh oh, 22 May 2020Zenfone 7: No swivel camera; two puncholes :( Under disp... moreYes that swivel camera was unique great for panorama and other things.
But I guess Asus wants to produce a no compromise flagship complete with waterproofing, hence ditching the moving parts.
Also if rumors are true, we will get the 108mp HMX sensor as the MI 10 Pro.

  • Sai

No complaints regarding the Asus phones. But the updates are almost nonexistent . Are zenfone 6 and Rog 2 getting any updates ?

  • Dishonored

Guys stupid suggestions
But what if Rog 3 came with a 180hz screen with 6000mha ?? I know even that battery size is hard to take on a 180hz
What if they like..
Lets say they offer free Cooling system like Always and a free 6000mha battery expandable powerbrick wich connects from the normal USB type c not to charge but to ACT like the second battery ?
What do you think ?

  • Anonymous

Add telephoto and use amoled on zenfone 6 design and it's great already. Even better raise the battery to 6000mah

  • Styko

Big Battery Boi, 22 May 2020Honestly, I don't think so. If you were to take the ROG 2, ... moreThey need to make sure that their screen is durable. Especially their strix version. 1 drop and it breaks already.

  • Anonymous

XCIV, 23 May 2020Why would anyone need a gaming phone? I mean most of them a... moreSame can be said as why would anyone want flagship phone? Midrange can do things good enough, can take pictures good enough
Because it's what people want
People want speed
People want best picture
People want to game on their phone

So let people be people..

  • Universe

gaming phones are the most useless innovation ever happened. even a semi flagship can run almost all android high end games, then why the hell we need a gaming phone. better buy a console instead of buying these gimmicky devices.

  • Droid

Can't wait for asus rog 3 ❤️ i hope they retain the 6000mah battery 🙌🏻

  • Daniel

Rog3 must have better camera unlike rog2

  • Anonymous

XCIV, 23 May 2020Why would anyone need a gaming phone? I mean most of them a... moreDifferent folks, different strokes. Also, these seem to be the last ones to keep the headphone jack and have not yet bandwagon into casual user spaces.