Asus Zenfone 7 and ROG Phone III to debut in July

22 May 2020
They show us the 5x and 60x zoom capabilities of the upcoming device

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Why would anyone need a gaming phone? I mean most of them are garbage and just pay to win. Others run fine on just about any device. Great specs but nothing to play on it.

  • Pika

It's rather odd that specs & design of Asus ROG3 haven't leaked so far !!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 May 2020Asus is one of the companies that keeps the jack, right ?Yes. Could be due to them also selling gaming gear like wired headphones and an audience that knew wired sets being way better than wireless sets.

  • Anonymous

I agree. The Zenfone 6 was a good design. They don't need to do anything revolutionary.

Keep the basics: big battery, big screeen with no notch, audio jack. Incremental upgrades to the chipset and camera is all I expect.

Increase the number of LTE bands. It was the main reason I didn't buy it - i couldn't use it with my carrier.

  • Dometalican

All the Zenfone needs is (while keeping the same design as the 6):

OIS on the main cam (could be 48MP or 64MP; don't care)
Added Telephoto cam
90Hz Refresh rate at least
8GB RAM LDDPR4X/128 ROM UFS 3.0 with another version that doubles the storage while retaining the microSD slot

MORE LTE BANDS and, for God's sake, don't waste time with A version, B version, and C version. Just 1 for China and 1 for the REST of the world would suffice. We're talking 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/14/17/20/25/26/28/29/30/34/38/39/40/41/46/66/71 for the Global version with 5G bands of 1/2/3/5/8/41/66/71/77/78 with the 2 mmWave bands so that EVERYONE can use it.

Keep the flip-forward camera, LCD display doesn't bother me, 5,000 mAH battery is plenty of juice, stereo speakers are fantastic and headphone jack is icing on the cake.

As for the ROG 3, all I want is expandable memory to be added. That's literally it. They could keep the same battery, throw in Macros (gamers don't usually care about the camera), same design with the 2 type C ports and headphone jack, front-facing stereo speakers, and just improve the in-display fingerprint reader while adding the above LTE/5G bands.

I can see them just upping the refresh and touch sampling to 144Hz/270Hz respectively, adding 5G of course, IP53/55, 64MP main cam, adding a Macros, and upping the RAM and ROM to LDDPR5 and UFS 3.1 respectively which are all good to me. Can't wait to see what's coming!

  • Anonymous

So this is it ? Has Asus given up on mid-range segment for good ? Well, then it is what it is...

Finally! I was getting worried we'd never hear about the zf7!

  • Anonymous

Asus is one of the companies that keeps the jack, right ?

  • Anonymous

ooooh.. I hope zenfone 7 got similar design like sony xpreia 1 II comes with rectangular/boxy design with flat frames and no curvy side or whatever

  • Anonymous

Zenfone 6i. Same phone as zenfone 6 only more memory (not needed but just to distinguish) and 1 extra android upgrade. ANYTIME above any zenfone 7 shit

  • Anonymous

Will they release it in PH? Bec Zenfone 6 didn't arrived in PH stores

MagicMonkeyBoy, 22 May 2020Supposedly the RoG phone 3 will have a 240hz refresh rate. ... moreHonestly, I don't think so. If you were to take the ROG 2, and only update its specs (144Hz, Sd865, UFS3.1 etc.), it would already crush Lenovo Legion, assuming the phones are at the same price point.

So if Asus really plans to outdo themselves again, and do more than just update the ROG 2, they won't have competition at all, at least not within the same price range. Even though the Legion looks awesome!

  • Hogtiskoa

I really hope it retains or increases the 6000mah battery, that was a big deal.

  • Brandon

I really wish I would've got one of those anniversary Zenfone 6 models.

  • Anonymous

M, 22 May 2020Hope the Rogphone 3 will have better camera with OIS and st... moreIf You are a buying a phone dedicated to gaming, who the hell cares about the camera?

  • oh oh

Zenfone 7:
No swivel camera; two puncholes :(
Under display fingerprint reader :(

Seems that the zenfone 6 is going to be a classic

  • Anonymous

MagicMonkeyBoy, 22 May 2020Supposedly the RoG phone 3 will have a 240hz refresh rate. ... moreyo! lonovo is on fire (:

  • Antony

zenfone 7 needs:
oled + front fingerprint
64mp + ois
same mechanism, design, size

  • Anonymous

114hz/240hz and 16gb ram version make sense

  • Anonymous

There is ampost on one social network that says zen7 will be two models.
865 and 765 .....