Asus Zenfone 7 Pro

Asus Zenfone 7 Pro

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  • Paul

I am thinking about buying it after seeing Zenfone 8 flip since nothing much has changed..... Recommend?

  • Anonymous

I'm lucky to have tried a lot of high-end phones.

My first impression of the Zenfone 7 Pro is bad. I kind of hate it. Firstly, it comes littered with Facebook apps, including some weird background service that you have to disable. It also comes with Netflix preinstalled. So there's bloat. That's bad. I spent some time trying to clean out the junk. Since it's possible to clean out most of it, that part is passable.

This phone does not support multiple user accounts, something that is part of the Android OS (and Linux, naturally). It seems they took extra effort to *strip out* this feature, which has a lot of very valid use cases. Yet they claim that it's "close to stock Android," which must be a lie. And I don't appreciate lies.

The camera is good. The flip or popup camera is a no-brainer, I don't know why you would buy a phone that doesn't have one. But my first impression of this phone is that I hate it, and I wish that I had spent more time researching.

My last phone was a OnePlus 7 Pro. This time I should have gotten a OnePlus 7T Pro International Version, and I'm upset with myself for choosing the Zenfone 7 Pro.

Anri Okita, 29 Apr 2021I hope Asus Zenfone 8 Pro manage to get 3.5mm jack, gorilla... moreOh how disappointed have you been since zenfone 8 flip was announced?

Yeah I'm utterly disappointed too

Why do people complain so much about the headphone jack, just buy wireless headphones bruh


The best smartphone ever. I really love them.

  • Anonymous

Why the fun asus removed 3.5mm, what the hell was the point.

  • gqx

fukn brilliant idea with this flipper camera, but why YYYYYYYYY so longphone!? It should be called Zenfone 7 Pro +, without plus should be 160 mm sth long, ehhhhh, and next problem of almost all nowadays's phones: NOT RECTANGULAR display! When this idiotic fashion ends?

  • Lukemo

notafanofthisphone, 05 May 2021not gonna lie i shud never have bought this phone Why?

  • notafanofthisphone

not gonna lie i shud never have bought this phone

  • notafanofthisphone

notafanboy, 04 May 2021who cares though?me cuz i cant show off da looks of my phone. the samsungs and google pixels are much better for this. it can take gud selfies but selfies arent everything

ishreal, 29 Apr 2021Just because you have sympathy for people who have it, does... morewho cares though?

  • notafanofthisphone

no offence but the flip up camera looks aquite ugly

  • Anri Okita

I hope Asus Zenfone 8 Pro manage to get 3.5mm jack, gorilla victus protection & 4K Super AMOLED 144Hz display. They should continue motorized flip up camera module but this time it should be a quad camera set up. Keeping the dedicated SD card option is a must.

salarx, 25 Apr 2021Definitely. I have utmost sympathy for those really going t... moreJust because you have sympathy for people who have it, doesn't mean you should use it as a derogatory slur against people for dumb reasons. It isn't something that should be used as an insult.

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2021Should be IP ratingHaving an IP rating on a smartphone with a moving part inside the body is not that simple even though it is possible to do so. That is why you never see any smartphones with a pop-up camera that has an IP rating. Only LG dares enough to do it with the Wing 5G, but even that phone's IP rating is no higher than IP54 which is only good enough for water splashes or indoor showers. IP68? Forget it, absolutely no chance.

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2021If the vanilla 7 has OIS, nobody will buy the Pro version lol Maybe ASUS can keep the OIS on the vanilla variant but downgrade the chipset to SD 700 Series while increasing the price gap between the vanilla and the Pro to €200 or €250. That would make much more sense to me. €100 difference between the vanilla 7 and the Pro 7 doesn't really make much sense to me when they both have exactly the same chipset and camera sensor.

ishreal, 25 Apr 2021Are you using the word autistic as a slur?Definitely. I have utmost sympathy for those really going through the disorder.

salarx, 24 Feb 2021Exactly this. I never understood the hype around wireless c... moreAre you using the word autistic as a slur?

  • Anonymous

Should be IP rating

  • Anonymous

heth, 10 Apr 2021I love everything on this phone it doesn't miss on mos... moreIf the vanilla 7 has OIS, nobody will buy the Pro version lol