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Asus Zenfone 7 Pro

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  • heth

I love everything on this phone it doesn't miss on most of the things.Please Asus in your next zenfone series please add wireless charging,ip rating and usb type c 3.1,quad hd display with high refresh rate(120Hz or 144Hz) and put OIS in both primary camera and telephoto lens of the pro smartphone and the normal smartphone.This had awesome cameras.

Dometalican, 20 Jan 2021I'd love to see this for the Zenfone 8/8 Pro: Zenfo... moreNo 2k 120hz like samsung or even a crazy 2k 144hz because the chip is capablr of that.

  • Shalexa

I got my Asus Zenfone 7 last january 18,.. its already 2 months I've been using it. Just want to ask is anyone got a ro lem on the flip cam.just like me.i wonder why it didn't move. I tryto use the front cam and it turn out like" Please Make sure, there's nothing obstructing the camera and then try again...i'm so worried and stress with it.since the phone was on postpaid. What will i anyone know what should i do. Please help me.

How is the camera on this phone?

Greenaldo, 14 Mar 2021Special to Chizzy : This smartphone is excellent for video ... moreThanks greenaldo more bless

  • Demetrious Johnson

Great phone. Could have been better if it had 3.5mm jack considering its not IP68, ASUS should have included it. Max brightness & refresh rate should have been 1500nits & 144Hz respectively.

  • Greenaldo

Special to Chizzy : This smartphone is excellent for video calls on all chat apps Plus it's suitable for Indoors & Outdoors ! So don't Worry & Be Happy !!! ..

  • Holm

Chizzy, 08 Mar 2021Please guys can this phone good for video call for indoor ... moreCheck the dxo review. Seems very good to me.

  • Anonymous

The only think that is annoying me are the speakers the sound is very unbalanced the upper speaker is a jock the tiny sound that comes from there is disgusting and the main speaker is much louder and with also bad sound quality. Everything else I can digest. I think also that the phone is overpriced.

Please guys can this phone good for video call for indoor I need reply

Could someone explain this battery dilemma:

Zenfone 7 Pro
Display Type: Super Amoled.
Display Size: 6.67 inches.
Refresh rate: 60 or 90Hz.
Battery capacity: 5000 mAh.
Type: Li-Po.
Endurance: 99h for 90Hz, 110h for 60Hz.

Mi 9
Display Type: Super Amoled.
Display Size: 6.39 inches.
Refresh rate: 60Hz.
Battery capacity: 3300 mAh.
Type: Li-Po.
Endurance: 95h for 60Hz.

Mi 9 battery capacity is 66% of Zenfone 7 Pro's battery capacity.
Mi 9 display size is 96% of Zenfone 7 Pro's display size.
Mi 9 battery endurance rating is 86% of Zenfone 7 Pro's battery endurance (for same 60hz).

  • Anonymous

uzu, 22 Feb 2021does it support OTG?OTG was used for the "dumb" USB iterations. USB C is "smart" because it now has a handshake protocol and dedicated controller. So theoretically, any device that supports true USB C should work like it as OTG.

Evan7, 21 Feb 2021Wireless charging is like the stupid spinner wheels people ... moreExactly this. I never understood the hype around wireless charging when it's obviously downgrade in each aspect. First of all it's still wired, unlike you see with TWS. You can't use the phone while it's charging, it degrades battery life, is slow. Unless you're autistic and cannot plug the charger in the port, there's literally no benefit of wireless charging. Same with IP Rating. It's not even covered in warranty. Just buy a phone with water proofing, it's as good. The certification only increases the prices. Though it's obvious Zenfone cannot have IP rating anyway due to moving parts.

  • uzu

does it support OTG?

  • Evan7

heth, 15 Nov 2020This is a great value for money smartphone with great specs... moreWireless charging is like the stupid spinner wheels people were putting on their cars, yeah looks cool (kinda) but unpractical to your batteries performance. SMH please don't do this ASUS. I will tell people you fund child kidnappings.

  • AnonD-973296

NeonHD, 03 Feb 2021Yeah exactly!!!! I appreciate this too. I don't lik... moreits genius!

No metalic sound.
I don't heard about hidden desktop mode, just at oneplus7/oneplus7 pro.

  • therock

Fast charging 30W. 100% in 93min ?!? PD 3.0 ....
R u f kiddin!

Hello everyone, would anybody (that really knows this phone technically well and possibly have used it) tell me if it does have video output? Also, I heard about this hidden Android Desktop Mode. Is really working?
I am making a decision for a future 4 years smartphone and with all the international ban for Huawei and now probably Xiaomi and many others, it seems to me that this is a good choice. Especially, since it still comes with microsd. Too bed no headphone jack, but the world of smartphones is going towards that anyway.
Finally, I have a technical question for you: my brother bought the Asus Zenfone 6 and his absolutely happy with it, but one thing I notices every time I speak with him is that unless he uses a microphone I always receive a very noisy Metallic sound the whole time. Anybody experienced this with the Asus Zenfone 6 or with this new Asus Zenfone 7 pro?
Thank you people

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021I like how Asus names their phones, like ZS671KS. So much ... moreHave you heard about SM-G998B? It's not Asus' fault that gsmarena chose add the version code in front of the model. There's no other variant of Zenfone 7 Pro and hence no need to mention the code.