Asus Zenfone 7 Pro ZS671KS

Asus Zenfone 7 Pro ZS671KS

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OFX, 30 Aug 2020For a 865+ phone, particularly a brand outside the mainstre... moreSurely if the camera is such a big thing for you, can't you get an actual camera? With phones its not just the hardware, its software that helps towards picture quality for example look at apple and Google, they have 12MP sensors but brilliant image quality, and then look at the likes of OnePlus, they have really good high resolution sensors but crap image quality, i had a OnePlus 7 Pro which I replaced with a Samsung Galaxy Note9 and when I compared the cameras it was night and day, the OnePlus was terrible. And charging speeds, with the massive battery on the Zenfone, it'll last a rather long day with the 865+ being more power efficient compared to the 730G, its a bit strange how you're comparing your phone to this phone lol

  • Raz

No IPS - no buy

  • Quim Roscas

It is water proff ????

For a 865+ phone, particularly a brand outside the mainstream, it lacks somethings. Like charging speed. I use Xiaomi Mi Note 10, which has 7 series chip but same charging speed from a year ago and a better camera set up clearly. Probably the price is going to be triple the mi note 10. I don't think I can use a phone without a macro camera anymore.

CptPower, 27 Aug 2020No is not is litterary same the design of the camera mechan... moreAhahah sure man, exactly the same...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Lol, you'd actually have to be Jeff Bezos not to care if the info is accurate or not and just use a non updated database as an excuse. Poco F1 is also not stuck on pie, before switching to crdroid i updated mine from what ever it came with in late 2018 to the latest miui version (which was based on 10). I'm guessing you have an iphone like Jeff Bezos and are doing a bot run with a "verified account". I'm not sure about how well the development is going in the xda forums or on telegram, but i've noticed a lot of flagships from the past 2 years are getting less and less attention, but i'm guessing that's just because google is tightening it's grip on android (which is actually good for npcs, not so much for everyone else). Anyway, hope Asus will release the sources and have a bootloader unlock for their this years phones. I for one would actually like if phones could be like pcs - one kernel to rule them all and a ton of different UI choices, like linux and it's distros.

almost perfect. IP rating is the only missing.
dedicated memory card slot!
Triple camera Front and back!
and maxed Specs!
90hz screen refresh rate with 1ms response time is more than enough. rather than 144hz with ghosting response time.

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2020It's not nit picking where there are competitors. Look... moreThe extra weight comes from the flip cam which requires extra housing.
120hz is not that great. Google 'Note 20 Ultra green tint' and 'OnePlus 8 Pro green tint'.
If you really need that high refresh rate, Asus offers ROG Phone 3 with 144hz.

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Mobilemaster, 29 Aug 2020That is something else, when you have a good quality case n... morevictus, cg6 and cg3 are the best when it comes to scratch resistance. have a 7pro with cg5 and found the hard way.

Mobilemaster, 29 Aug 2020That is something else, when you have a good quality case n... moreGorilla glass 3 has best scratch resistance, and gorilla glass 6 has best break resistance (Not including the Gorilla Glass Victus in this comparison). Since there's a layer of metal underneath on the back side, it's already tough enough. So, it makes sense to use GG3 on the back side and GG6 in front. You'll see companies using GG5 both in front and back which is just marketing gimmick and only looks good on paper.
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TEtech, 29 Aug 2020It doesn't rly matter, i have a phone who doesn't... moreThat is something else, when you have a good quality case no problem. What I wanted to say is that Gorilla Glass 3 is old, there are better choices.

[deleted post]You are again trying to use my name? But everybody can know I am the original one, just check out how many comments I have. Glass is glass, but every generation is getting better. Have you seen how durable is the Note 20 Ultra's display for example? Phonebuff have made a video, you should check that out, and not pretend you are me, because our IP addresses are not the same, how old are you?? :))

Mobilemaster, 28 Aug 2020Glass back Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This sounds very very b... moreIt doesn't rly matter, i have a phone who doesn't even have gglass for a few years and I don't have a single scratch or a shatter, and I'm only using the case it comes with

  • Sid

joe nodden, 28 Aug 2020Take it up with gsmarena not me. I was simply going by the ... moreSo, you misguide the people who are reading this forum? Without even owning the phone, I am not sure how you can comment like this. It was released with Android 9 and that doesnt mean it stayed on that version forever.

What is touch sampling rate of this phone?

Sid, 28 Aug 2020Do you actually have zenfone 6 or did they sell you a toy ?... moreTake it up with gsmarena not me. I was simply going by the specs sheet that says it's still on Android 9.

CVonC, 28 Aug 2020LMAO! Please read Sid's reply.Even my Zenfone 5z was updated to Android 10.

joe nodden, 27 Aug 2020Started on Android 9, stayed on Android 9. Never got update... moreLMAO!

Please read Sid's reply.

Daniel Defiant, 28 Aug 2020Finally. Cant wait to get my hands on this phone. Thankfull... moreI'm also upgrading from an S10+ :D

Glass back Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This sounds very very bad, considering Corning is at Gorilla Glass 7(or Victus). They should have used Gorilla Glass 6 on the back as well.