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  • Hht

Perfii, 01 Oct 2021I have a Zenfone 8 with no problems so far (and very happy ... moreHow about haptic motor?i like to type with haptic feedback

  • Sean

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2021Everyone facing issues with Asus phones, please tweet about... moreThat's an excellent idea! Everyone should do that. Mrwhostheboss being the prime person, his Zenfone 8 video has over 3 million views on YouTube and probably convinced many people to buy this shoddy product. Me included but I returned before I opened it thankfully after seeing all the issues online. Such a shame because it really is the perfect phone in so many ways, yet so flawed. This should become a major controversy on twitter, Mrwhostheboss should address this.

  • Anonymous

Everyone facing issues with Asus phones, please tweet about it tagging tech YouTubers who praised it during its launch.

  • Hanz

Please, how is it possible that you list here the 12GB/256GB variant of the phone when this variant according to the official statement of the manufacturer is not produced?

Thank you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2021It's a chunky phone but battery is only 4000mah? I pro... moreActually it's a very small phone, so the 4,000mah battery is considered huge for the phone size.

  • Sepe

I hadn't seen any Asus comments on this ramdump case.

That's why I made direct but polite inquiry to Asus abut this. It took actually 10 days before they answered to me by email. I had already forgotten this case. But now I have it in my email: they do not know anything about Asus Zenfone 8 and ramdump.

It would be really catastrofic for them if the case would turn out to be so that they lied to users.

Atleast I am now relieved.

  • Anonymous

AverageIndianUser, 30 Sep 2021is it just me or does anyone else also noticed these qualit... moreIt's a legit issue and I'm one of the victims of the ramdump issue, if you don't believe me I can even send you photos and receipt of the RMA.

All I can say is Asus customer service is terrible, if you go to the zentalk forums they won't even issue a statement and just keeps things hush hush.

If you already own the phone I would suggest backing up regularly, don't be like alot of us who have lost all our data.

If you still insist on buying the phone there is no judgement but atleast know that you have been warned.

  • Anonymous

It's a chunky phone but battery is only 4000mah? I probably would've kept it if not for the mediocre battery life. They should've gone with SD870 or even 865, something less power-hungry.

I'm looking for info on model number ZS590KS-2A031HK. How does this differ from the EU version? I'm wondering if it's just the FM Radio.

  • Anonymous

TwistedVegan, 01 Oct 2021Device is ruined by a terrible firmware decision. Unfort... moreThat's an Android 11 thing that Google did. Even OnePlus has a chin now. Only way to get rid of it is root. There is a module in Magisk that lets you hide the navigation pill.

It drives me nuts too, but don't blame ASUS, it's not their fault. All companies have it now.

  • Yess

Nice phone 👋

Device is ruined by a terrible firmware decision.

Unfortunately they have removed the option to turn off navigation hints from the settings. This means that the phone will always have a 10mm chin at the bottom from the thick bar with a bright white line in dark mode or a thick white bar in light mode which will cause screen burn within a few months of using the phone.

After multiple emails the response from developers is that they don't care and have no intention of fixing it.

I will never buy another Asus device as I have lost all confidence in their customer support.

  • Anonymous

AverageIndianUser, 30 Sep 2021is it just me or does anyone else also noticed these qualit... moreI don't know, but if you go on the actual zentalk forums of people complaining about the issues they're having it seems pretty real to me. Which is just so sad because this phone is literally perfect otherwise. Its a real bummer.

AverageIndianUser, 30 Sep 2021is it just me or does anyone else also noticed these qualit... moreI have a Zenfone 8 with no problems so far (and very happy with it). However, the ramdump issue does seem a real problem (there is an extensive thread in the Zenfone forum). The fact that it is being reported by anonymous accounts is because probably the people that had the problem didn't have an account in GSMarena (and didn't bother creating one), but it was suggested in the forums to "spread the message in popular platforms like GSMarena".

Personally, I am a bit scared for this to occur to me at some point, but I didn't return the phone (even though I could) because there is nothing else in the US that I like (at this price range).

is it just me or does anyone else also noticed these quality issue comments from spam unknown bot accounts. who are you? reveal urself. are u getting paid for this?

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2021The Zenfone 8 seems to be almost perfect for me, as if it&#... moreBesides the headphone jack, the 13 mini is pretty good.

  • Sepe

I mean if there is a real problem case and Asus says nothing, this would be not acceptable.

Asus, please Asus, reassure us and be frank.

  • Sepe

I have had this phone two months now. No problems - I am just happy with it.

But is this ramdump case a real case and how common is it? If it is real what does Asus say?

  • Anonymous

BingO, 16 Sep 2021Wanted to buy it but i changed my mind. Screen dark, big be... moreCamera is good enough 120 score in dxomark
Please don't spread lies, this smartphone deserves more
It has almost every thing that a flagship needed

  • Anonymous

Really good phone but the ramdump issue is making me nervous. Seems like it happens only to phones built april and earlier though from what it seems, atleast that's what the people in the forum seem to think. Mine is from may, so hopefully fine, if not I'll add another comment here.

PS: The battery is only okay unfortunately and the cameras aren't amazing at night, but in bright conditions the pictures are very good :)