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  • 11 Aug 2022

Ventsi, 10 Aug 2022Besides the rubber finish of the case, another thing which ... moresorry i forgot to to mention where to find it!
Battery > system modes > u can customize the one u've chosen > at the bottom under "miscellaneous" it is there: "Force lower touch sampling rate" (i got the naming completely false sorry)

    salarx, 02 Aug 2022Regarding apps closing in background, that usually happens ... moreWhen I checked, I had done pretty much everything you mentioned. But I also don't remember having that problem recently, maybe I only had it before tweaking those and haven't had it since.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

      LuayT, 28 Jul 2022i agree with you in most of the points! i too got a rubb... moreBesides the rubber finish of the case, another thing which goes a long way for stability in hand are the straight edges, really glad to see that the 9 has straight edges and a rubber back, but I'd be too scared to use the 9 without a case :D

      Along that line, I didn't think of removing my screen protector for more reliable fingerprint sensor detection, but it's not something I'm willing to do, especially given that I'm already used to typing in my PIN

      Now that you mention it, I tried reducing the touch rate (couldn't find a setting with that exact name, the 'pointer speed' setting is the only thing in that ball park I could find) and setting it to the minimal, feels better when I use the phone, but my problem is when the phone is in my pocket, with the screen facing my leg. If it is locked and the display is on, after walking 2 steps, it will think I am trying to unlock it. Never had such a problem with iPhones, butt-dialling was NEVER-EVER an issue. Also I am not using glove mode, and even have Pocket Mode enabled!

      But yes, just researched the ZenFone 9, and it seems like 90% of my concerns in the review seem to be addressed (obviously can't know for sure until I've daily driven it for a month or so). Might consider an upgrade down the line.

      Appreciate your comment, thanks for the discussion!

        Anonymous, 25 Jul 2022Phone that would be a 9/10 if not for the small annoyances.... moreRegarding apps closing in background, that usually happens when Ultra Durable mode is on or battery is low. Ultra durable mode automatically triggers during night I guess, but can be turned off. Also, you can try tweaking Background app management, Adaptive Battery, and disable detect & stop for Detect battery-draining apps. All these settings come under Battery settings. Also turn on OptiFlex.

        If you're worried about some particular app, disable battery optimisation for that particular app in that Apps' settings.

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          • 29 Jul 2022

          where can u buy the 6GB ram version? it does not exist at all!

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            • 28 Jul 2022

            Anonymous, 25 Jul 2022Phone that would be a 9/10 if not for the small annoyances.... morei agree with you in most of the points!

            i too got a rubber case which changed everything really!
            about the fingerprint sensor,i was so annoyed that i removed the screen protector (i tried both films and panzer) they were problematic for the sensor! but after removing them i am having not perfect but relatively reliable unlocking experience!

            as for the touch sensitivity! did u try to reduce the touch rate? i think that should help a bit. or maybe you activated the glove mode by mistake!
            maybe i am not realising the issue. I think i don't have this issue

            The zenfone 9 has much of ur cons covered ;) but it is more expensive and it would be a waste to sell the zenfone 8 rn imo

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              • 25 Jul 2022

              The touchscreen seems way too sensitive to me... anyone know of screen protectors which don't register the slightest touch of a feather? Thanks!

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                • 25 Jul 2022

                Phone that would be a 9/10 if not for the small annoyances. Overall, 7/10.

                Phone history: iPhone 4s -> iPhone SE (first one) -> iPhone 6s Plus -> ASUS Zenfone 8

                My priorities when choosing this phone (in order of priority):
                - Small enough to be usable with one hand
                - Fast enough for smooth everyday use without stuttering, or slow app loading
                - Android OS for... freedom :)
                - 120hz display refresh rate
                - Smooth Android build without much bloat

                First two iPhones were very small and I was happy with them. Then I got the 6s Plus, and I hated that I couldn't use it with one hand, but also realised that the keyboard experience on the previous two had been miserable, and I am never going back to a phone which is THAT small in width - the sweetspot for me is 70mm (which is the reach of my thumb), but in no case any wider, as most apps often utilise the left hand-side for buttons. For height, my ideal is 135 (again reach of my thumb), but it's not the worst thing in the world if it's taller, as it's easy to quickly adjust my grip to reach the top and go back to normal grip.

                The Zenfone is 68mm width, and 148mm tall; among the best dimensions among reasonably fast Android phones - I'd say the S22 is a better shape (2mm shorter, 2mm wider), and is faster but is slightly more expensive (if it was released when I bought the ZenFone, I'd probably have gone with it). Another consideration was the Google Pixel 4a 5G, but I decided against it as it was slower and not much cheaper (UK) for its specs.

                iOS vs Android:
                iOS is undeniably the better performance and smoother experience of the two, but the fact that it is so restrictive on the user means I will go with Andoird for my fuuture phones.

                So now that you know my reasoning for choosing it, after 6 months of use, onto Pros and Cons:

                - Good hardware, good performance
                - Like the 120hz display
                - Love the android freedom, coming from iOS
                - Double tap the lock button to do something feature is useful
                - Basically everything else besides the cons

                - Fingerprint sensor was very unreliable for me, to the point where it's faster to use PIN to unlock (maybe I'm doing something wrong?). I would love if we went back to having a physical home button (like on old iPhones) on phones, would be especially useful for consistent fingerprint scanning.
                - Touch screen WAY too sensitive (maybe there are screen protectors that can help with that?)
                - Sometimes minimize an app, and when I re-open it later, whole app reloads from scratch (notably would lose a loaded YouTube video)
                - Sometimes when sliding to close something (i.e. notification), it feels like I need to drag it way further than usual

                I bought a good, rubber case for the phone (this is the case, but you have to spend a good 10 minutes removing the neckstrap that comes attached to the case, for god-knows what reason, otherwise it's a 10/10), which eliminated the following cons I had before using this case:

                - Phone was way too slippery in my hand, both without case and with the default case that came in the box. Much of that has to do with the curved edge frame, much prefer the classic iPhone (and Nothing Phone (1)) build with flat edges, gives much better grip, though it seems that 99% of andoird phones' are like that. Grip with the case is good though.
                - Side buttons were way too sensitive, not an issue with the case
                - When writing on keyboard, my (left) palm would unintentionally make contact with the back button in the bottom left, not an issues with the case.

                What phone would I get today:
                Really want to say Nothing Phone (1), but it's just too big. If there is ever a smaller iteration, then definitely that!

                For now probably Samsung S22.

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                  • 21 Jul 2022

                  Anonymous, 20 Jul 2022look up ramdump or sudden death issue of the zenfone 8 befo... morei know it sounds terrible. However it was about the devices which were manufactured in the 4th and 5th 2021 i think und yet they got replacements. Even the people with unlocked bootloader and custom Roms got their replacement(it was not that easy for them of course)
                  i forgot to say that the speakers do really sound amazing and extreme loud if you activate the out-door mode in the settings. I do not know if that will affect their lifespan still it's worth it

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                    • ajZ
                    • 20 Jul 2022

                    look up ramdump or sudden death issue of the zenfone 8 before thinking of buying this

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                      • p37
                      • 14 Jul 2022

                      LuayT, 12 Jul 2022I hate and love this "fone" at the same time! ... moreI think this is related to poor energy consumption of the SD 888. Had the same issue with an Oppo Find X3 pro. Sold it recently

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                        • 12 Jul 2022

                        I hate and love this "fone" at the same time!

                        The size is great(i wish it was shorter and had more width)
                        The speakers are great
                        Is blazing fast!

                        I **** hate that fingerprint sensor! With/without screenprotector! I will always have problems with it. It is just hit or miss! Dont know what Asus was thinking using an optical sensor instead of the ultrasonic one!

                        Ram-Management is a catastrophy. Sometimes i switch between three apps and then a reload!

                        Battery life is not really great! I have dual sim but still. I use the "fone" rarely during the day! And still will lose a lot of the battery juice faster than it should be. I do not use Instagram/Tiktok/Facebook snapshat .....

                        The tiles in the notification at top are after the android 12 update plain dumb! Two per row!!!!!! WTF!

                        I use the phone just for occasional browsing and whatsapp.

                        I can not believe i am going to say this and recommend a samsung: but i wish i have bought the normal Samsung S22
                        It has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
                        It is even a bit shorter!
                        The battery is smaller though. But still has the same battery life
                        The tiles in the notification center are at least small! And it had an Android 12 too.

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                          • 11 Jul 2022

                          Anonymous, 08 Jul 2022If only the battery was 5000Mah -_-" Huufftt Other... moreWatch a video on the phone on YouTube by a guy named Mrwhosetheboss titled The most boring incredible phone ever

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                            • 11 Jul 2022

                            Anonymous, 09 Jul 2022It has a FM radio , why?y not? do you have a radio?

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                              • 09 Jul 2022

                              It has a FM radio , why?

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                                • 08 Jul 2022

                                If only the battery was 5000Mah -_-" Huufftt

                                Other that that, still good/nice

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                                  • 08 Jul 2022

                                  FirstLast, 05 Jul 2022My Zenfone 8 produces weird sound at max volume, particular... moresell it on ebay

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                                    • 06 Jul 2022

                                    Anonymous, 05 Jul 2022Oh noo! Please explain why you regret?? Im sitting on a Xp... moreThese are my opinions:
                                    Over priced. I would've happily paid less for something with less ram, etc. If more like xz1c
                                    One handed operation is not easy. Even though smaller than most other phones, this phone is still too big. I really hate big phones.
                                    It's heavy. Heavy in my hand, in my pocket. Heavier than xz1c
                                    Multi tasking was so fast with the xz1c, not as much here.
                                    Even though I'm getting more use to navigation, I had to tweak the navigation, etc. to get it remotely comfortable.
                                    Reaching the top of the phone is a literal pain, requiring either holding the phone completely differently now (uncomfortable, more prone to dropping, etc.) or things take 3-5 swipe / button presses that use to take only 1 or 2.
                                    With the "one handed mode" the keyboard/input area annoyingly jumps around at times.
                                    The one handed mode is sensitive and gets triggered when not wanting it to be.
                                    The on screen fingerprint reader isn't as reliable / consistent as my xz1c.
                                    I just don't like large phone/screen. Xz1c was perfect size.
                                    Battery doesn't last as long as xz1c.
                                    The phone design itself doesn''t look anywhere near as good as my silver xz1c or even my black xc phones do. Looks like every other generic phone out there.
                                    Back to using that stupid pin to pop out the SIM tray.
                                    For now, has decent storage space but no expendable memory.

                                    I wanted silver color but only black was available for US model.
                                    Nice that it comes with a case, but basic/ugly.
                                    I'm getting use to the camera which seems good enough for me. I've always wanted 24fps, so that's been fun (though it's only in 8k mode which can bog apps down if wanting to edit, etc.)
                                    Xperia 5iii has 24fps in more resolution as I understand it.
                                    Call quality is much much better than xz1c
                                    Not a lot of bloatware so that's nice
                                    Has the 3.5 earphones jack so that's good.
                                    Does have good performance
                                    Lower light / dark mode for night reading is welcome

                                    I'm glad Asus is at least making a good "smaller" phone, but still not there yet.

                                    Pushed into a corner by the 3g shutdown and this or the Xperia 5 iii were the closest things I could find as a replacement for xz1c. Since writing this I discovered unihertz phones which don't look perfect but could have an alternative or two.

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                                      • 05 Jul 2022

                                      Anonymous, 02 Jul 2022I just bought this coming from a Sony Xperia xz1 compact (b... moreOh noo! Please explain why you regret??
                                      Im sitting on a Xperia ZX1 compact (Agree its the best) looking for an upgrade, that isnt a brick in the pocket. See this Zenfone as one of the only alternatives (if not the only) availible... - if only they relaunched zx1 compact, even with just 64gb internal storage, newer android version and 5g all my needs would be fullfilled - im unable to find a phone that beats zx1 c on these point without downgrading heavily on both camera, battery and size.. (I dislike the trend with bigger phones and find a single-hand-use phone handy)

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                                        • Ki7
                                        • 05 Jul 2022

                                        My Zenfone 8 produces weird sound at max volume, particularly the bottom speaker. Kind of pumping effect. How can I get rid of it?