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Asus Zenfone 8

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Got myself one after all, now that my old phone finally died...wish me luck for no ramdump issue :D

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    • 02 Jul 2022

    I just bought this coming from a Sony Xperia xz1 compact (best phones ever). Only reason was because of 3g shutdown and volte doesn't work for some reason. I regret buying this phone already. Even though this is smaller than most phones these days, it's still too big. I wish I would've bought the Sony Xperia 5iii instead. That's too big too but at least it has multi-tasking.

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      • 24 Jun 2022

      Sohrab, 21 Jun 2022How do you rate its ergonomics when its in ur hand? can it ... moreI've been using the Zenfone 8 for almost 3 months. The ergonomics are pretty good, the back is curved and although on the thicker side, it fits very nicely in the hand and in the pocket. That being said, I still find it hard to reach the entire screen one-handed without dropping it. It's certainly doable with the one hand mode which allows you to pull the top of the screen down with a gesture. That's good enough for me personally, and it's certainly much more usable than all the 6.4+ inch phones that have been flooding the market. If that's gonna be an issue for you, I guess you might have to go for an iPhone mini, because this is as good as it gets on the Android side.

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        • 23 Jun 2022

        I want to buy this but it's out of my budget.

          Sohrab, 21 Jun 2022How do you rate its ergonomics when its in ur hand? can it ... moreFor me, the form factor was great. I've small hands, and, as a woman: small pockets. Putting it in the back pocket is fine, but front pocket, for me at least, it's not always possible (specially when headphone plugged in).
          One-handed use is possible, but I don't get to the top of the screen with one hand. But there is a dedicated one-handed mode that pulls the screen down to the middle. My only complaint was I found the phone slippery in hand. Without a case (or with the provided one), I was afraid to let go of it (p.s: I'm clumsy). I bought a sturdy case and no more problem

            kimchi989, 16 Jun 2022I bought the phone when it was released a little over a yea... moreHow do you rate its ergonomics when its in ur hand? can it be easily used one handed, compact enough? pocket friendly?

              Anonymous, 18 Jun 2022I did a factory reset right after upgrading to Android 12 a... moreI'm thinking about doing a factory reset.
              Lately, some apps (sometimes the OS itself) have become laggy. I saw somewhere they recommand disabling the optiflex option. My screen also started randomly flickering when I turn it on or off.
              Let's hope my phone isn't dying on me, since it's part of the first batches produced, which seemed to be affected by a problem where the phone suddenly dies.

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                • 18 Jun 2022

                kimchi989, 16 Jun 2022I bought the phone when it was released a little over a yea... moreI did a factory reset right after upgrading to Android 12 and so far, I haven't experienced any of these issues. Front camera isn't very good but that's a hardware issue.

                  I bought the phone when it was released a little over a year ago. I loved it, until android 12.
                  Hardware speaking, it's a good phone for the price paid (I mean, headphone jack... The lack of SD slot was a little of a bummer, but I could live with that, I only have used 32% of 128 Go). The battery is OK. I charge it until 80%, and at the end of a workday, where I use my phone only to open the door at work, the battery is between 10 to 20% (the door app is seen as a battery draining app, but I need it to work, so I didn't optimize it).
                  The camera is average. Not the best, but it does its job. For more or less the same price, I find my sister's iPhone SE 2020 takes better pictures. The selfie camera looks like you've a face filter on all the time (and you can make it worse by using the beauty filter).
                  But, software speaking... It's another story.
                  Everything was fine until android 12. My auto-brightness started acting weird (for example, putting brightness to the minimum in the sun, making the screen impossible to read), so I had to deactivate it. It sometimes acts like the auto-brightness is still on, while it's not, by changing the brightness without me touching anything.
                  Call quality dropped, all my notifications were disabled (had to manually enable them again. It explained why I didn't get the notification for an important text I was waiting to receive, which I saw one day later by going through the text app), many tweaks I'd done (like what apps are authorized to run in the background and what apps aren't, had been put back to their default value), my screen started flickering randomly when I open my phone.
                  They already tried to update and correct some software bugs, but I find they correct one and bring two or three more.
                  Very sad, because on paper it was a good phone, and it was until recently, but I'm thinking about changing my phone, less than two years after buying it.

                    New update , i've bought the phone , it was getting hot only by adding some apps and accounts ! with my thermal laser it was about 36C° , just few minutes after i've got a new firmware , i've installed it and magically the phone is colder know thanks god 350€ wont go trash :D the phone is AMAZING i'm just complaining about something , WTF and WTF and WTF is android 12 staff doing !!! why changing the notification pannel and obligate people to use it without putting the possibility to get the old one , seriously WTF !!!! so if anyone know how to get rid of that without flashing , tell me !

                      Hi guys ,i'm from Algeria and i really want this phone , a brand new one will cost me 600€ , an used one ( very good shape ) will cost me about 350€ , i'm very afraid to buy this phone because i've read that there is heating issues even with small tasks :s , i've also read about lineage OS , i really want this phone because it's compact and very powerful , i will just do regular tasks like viber, wtsapp , messenger, some light games ( not pubg or fortnite ) , i need this phone because of it 120hz and sd 888 ! and amoled , 3.5mm jack and of course the COMPACT :D , so please guys advise me what should i do ? also , the one of 350€ is without the original case and without the charging , the guy is using samsung 25w charge , does oppo or oneplus dart charge 30w will work too or not ?? so please guys answer me , im using xiaomi mi A3 with lcd screen ( amoled broke :s ) and i hate lcd too much ... i wanna a better phone , that's all, don't know if i should wait for the pixel 6a or go for this phone... , thanks for reading ! ( i don't like apple phone )

                        This phone looks amazing for such a small device, very rare to see such good specs in a tiny phone!

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                          • 07 Jun 2022

                          Milko Georgiev, 06 Jun 2022This phone software is a crap. At least Android 12, which I... moreTrue! Good thing there's official LineageOS image and that works like a charm. About 30% better battery life too. I strongly recommend it.

                          Good thing ASUS seems to be relatively easy to flash (unlike certain Exynos phones).

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                            • 07 Jun 2022

                            Has the latest update throttling setting fixed the overheating issue?

                              Please note that this phone is not as thin as producent describes it. It has bevel shape, and it actually has 10,65mm. Quite a lot, it doesn't look/feel as light as pixel5 nor Samsung Galaxy S22, but I still like this phone.

                                This phone software is a crap. At least Android 12, which I'm using. So many bugs and malfunctions. And this phone is kind of expensive one. Never Asus again!

                                  Dexus, 24 May 2022Doesn't stand against s20 .The missing SD card slot ma... moreS10e won't last forever. Anyways, why would you need micro sd card when you could get 256gb model

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                                    • 26 May 2022

                                    best thing on this phone, i know is everything, JACK !!!

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                                      • Dexus
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                                      • 24 May 2022

                                      Doesn't stand against s20 .The missing SD card slot makes this promising phone not interesting...The same mistake Samsung did with s21 and s22...Even s10e Snapdragon (8gb/256gb) can be a bette choice.

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                                        • 24 May 2022

                                        Anonymous, 23 May 2022Not really, there's also the problem with the lens for... moreThanks for your input. Sad to hear. Otherwise this seems to be a really nice one. The size + the specs looks really good :)