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  • Ramzaj
  • LTp
  • 27 May 2024

Today unexpectedly the device was switched off, after a short time "Waiting for flashing full ramdump" came up, oh no, reboot more times, not. The device is dead.
Very annoying, I didn't expect it from ASUS.
I'll probably never buy an ASUS, it's a shame, I just bought an ASUS laptop 3 days ago.
Luckily I had prepared old Samsung A71, it's already running.
For a total of 3 years, not quite, but almost, I was satisfied with Zenfone.

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    • Charles
    • 3g5
    • 14 Apr 2024

    li, 27 Mar 2024Recommended to buy. I am using it now and have been using i... moreThanks you for that informative post. I am sending this message from thé excellent ZonFone 6 Flip. It IS still working 4 years later but it's Time to go 5G, but with Flip only. Otherwise, if I dont find a brandi New ZenFone 8 Flip, I will go Samsung or even iPhone.

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      • li
      • pwb
      • 27 Mar 2024

      Recommended to buy. I am using it now and have been using it for more than two years without any problems. Advantages: Selfie 8K video 4K video 60-pin battery life is similar to other mobile phones with 5000 mAh battery.I think battery problems are a common problem with mobile phones nowadays. If you want to live stream video for several hours, shoot 8K video for several hours, or play large-scale games for several hours, then I suggest you buy a mobile phone with at least a 7000 mAh battery.

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        • Anonymous
        • 7jZ
        • 17 Feb 2024

        Pritam Roy, 14 Sep 2023I'm waiting to purchase form India. But unfortunately... moreI also waited so long, and still in 2024 but can't find any trustworthy source.

          The SDM 888 chipsets are known to overheat and have poor battery life. Don't buy it. Maybe chipsets with 865/865+/870/8+g1/8g2 chips might be better.

            Does anyone think this phone is still worth it in 2024?

            Been tempted to consider one after seeing one go on sale.

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              • 0ppaiHunter69
              • tui
              • 06 Feb 2024

              Futoman, 03 Feb 2024Any idea rumour of this flip style ever coming back? In my ... moreClearly they abandoned it ever since the Zenfone 9 so unfortunately they will not come back

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                • Futoman
                • n7k
                • 03 Feb 2024

                Any idea rumour of this flip style ever coming back? In my opinion people under estimate the privacy a flip camera gives.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • X3u
                  • 31 Jan 2024

                  NeverPayOver1000eur, 08 Jan 2024I don't understand why they don't make this phone... moreAgreed dude the flip camera is so good and was made it stand out from the crowd.

                    I don't understand why they don't make this phone anymore? First phone in 2020 to have 8K video flip etc. and even 4K 120fps which only Sony was able to do. It has one of the sharpest and clearest cameras ever made.

                    Why did they just make generic garbage for the Zenfone 9 and Zenfone 10? The world doesn't need more of these candy bar phones that look like garbage.

                    Asus patented this flip camera and then basically abandoned it after only 48 months... Now they just make garbage overpriced "gaming" phones.

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                      • Lakikeanu
                      • UFx
                      • 22 Sep 2023

                      I'm using the phone for 10 months now.
                      Absolutely love it. It's fast it's cool and it has everything you need even expandable memory option.
                      There were couple of concerns at the beginning related to battery life and phone heating up during gaming & video calls. But I think the software updated somehow fixed it.
                      And you will be surprised how long the last 1% of battery life can can last. It last more than 30min while using the google maps during the day where higher brightness is required.
                      But I think you better use battery care options and only charge it up to 90%.

                      And The flip camera is awesome. and the plastic case comes with the package is very useful too.
                      overall the best phone I had so far.

                        I'm waiting to purchase form India.
                        But unfortunately there is no seller's available in India.
                        I love this phone cus it has Micro SD Slot

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                          • 0ppaiHunter69
                          • bxd
                          • 29 Aug 2023

                          happytux, 09 May 2022I have been using it for 1 month now, and I really like it.... moreYeah, I've been searching for a custom ROM for this phone and surprisingly there's still not a single custom ROM yet for this phone I wonder why. It's already been 2 years since the phone released though.

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                            • mexicanparrot
                            • YhY
                            • 29 May 2023

                            Sin, 23 Sep 2022Just look on spec sheet ASU ROG same specs But higher pri... moreAgain, this is about Zenfone 8 Flip, not ROG phones. You're obviously paid to troll here by Samsung, a company known to actually hire people to troll competitors.

                              GSM arena, help us to address our problems on our devices, make this platform to be the key on how ASUS will address our problems. It was all started when we receive recent update on Android 13, and suddenly wifi/hotspot and our camera stop functioning. The wifi/hotspot unable to turn on or won't function, our flip camera won't flip and retract. It's been 2 months since ASUS not addressing these problems and we been frustrated, hopefully you help us to address these issue to ASUS since you are a device platform that has always works with credibility reviews, please help up.

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                                • AnoM
                                • K1y
                                • 20 Feb 2023

                                Ianox, 10 Feb 2023Hi. The screen does not respond to touch commands. (opin... moreSound more like the ribbon cable that connect the screen touch to the board is disconnected. You can try OTG with a mouse and backup all your file to a Micro SD card.

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                                  • Ianox
                                  • 6rw
                                  • 10 Feb 2023


                                  The screen does not respond to touch commands. (opinion about Asus Zenfone 8 Flip)

                                  The phone has not suffered any physical shock. This morning, out of the blue, for no reason, it suddenly froze and became unusable.

                                  If someone calls me, the phone rings, but I can't answer.

                                  I can't even save the files on my computer because I have to give access from the phone...

                                  I regret the choice I made...

                                    Sin, 18 Jan 2023I do think faster changers are a genuine problems as there ... moreI don't know about the zenphone but Asus gaming phones atleast stop powering the battery when full and plugged in, I believe it just runs from the mains (xbox controllers do this at 100% while plugged in so it doesn't damage the battery).

                                    BTW the higher watt chargers usually have to have an integrated chip in the actual plug and phone that manage the voltage and amps while also managing the temps (will lower charge if too hot etc), you can also buy/companies ship GaN chargers that handle heat far far better and charge way more efficiently than whatever apple and samsung charger you can buy. Also most very fast charging phones use dual batteries like my Oppo Find X5, it has like 2 2300mah batteries, this helps reduce strain when charging the phone.

                                    Bigger batteries actually degrade much faster, generally, when holding a full charge/almost full discharge (overall a 7000mah battery will constantly hold more charge than a 5000mah battery for more prolonged times), you should have your phones battery about 20% lowest point and 85% highest at any point, avoiding 100% charges and letting it get below 10% (generally best for long lasting battery health, any sized battery), past those points prolonged charge will damage the battery more than 100w GaN charging with dual cells.

                                    Also its actually healthier for your battery to have short little burst charges than leaving your phone on charge for an hour or more, less heat build up and probably won't make the batteries swell from holding charge for long periods of time.

                                    Also some companies have developed far better materials/parts for their batteries to deal with the faster charging speeds (I'm sure Xiaomi did for the mi 10 ultra but not any phone after that, not sure if that's 100% correct though).

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                                      • Sin
                                      • HCk
                                      • 18 Jan 2023

                                      AnoM, 28 Dec 2022It is because the ROG line use cheap material, ASUS might b... moreI do think faster changers are a genuine problems as there getting faster and faster 65w then 165w then 220w

                                      Going past 65w I think is of diminishing returns and overheating and damage from the power supply the changer in the case of the gaming phone is so worries some

                                      I think it would be better too just put a bigger battery in the gaming phone increasing battery size too 7000mah or 8000mah and improve power management so the battery life is dubbed and going through less change cycles be best

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                                        • Sin
                                        • HCk
                                        • 18 Jan 2023

                                        AnoM, 28 Dec 2022It is because the ROG line use cheap material, ASUS might b... moreI don't think Asus is lagging behind the black shark phones are behind there competition especially in the gaming space

                                        The reason for this with black shark is poor cooling system bloatware also a reason to not like them along many sneaky downgrades or problems with them from Xiaomi
                                        If any brand definitely bad it is Xiaomi they let there phone get too dangerous temperature and lock out temperature monitoring and stuff I have heard

                                        I have heard Asus makes quality build laptop
                                        I don't know of what quality there monitors are some problems I heard with there GPUs

                                        The reliably of a product is very important and sign of good brand for example I know the Nubia red magic phone are built well and last

                                        Lenovo as is called the Chinese dell for being reliable only durability a weakness on there Lenovo legion dual 2 phones this problem was fixed on the Lenovo legion 90

                                        Am unsure about the Asus brand as some of there products seen too be just fine we'll others such as there ROG line of phone really nice design with screen on back might not be built well phones ?

                                        The Asus ROG phone do have some of the best processor of each year a overclocked processor at that just am worry if this brand is good or not as for reliably sake
                                        Some of there products I heard are faultly

                                        A smartphone with good cooling system and build quality made too be reliable and durable not overheat either should be able last for many years even with heavy gaming every day